Christmas Day swimming has been a popular holiday activity in the United States. Swimmers and their pets have made the most of the frigid waters, while wearing festive hats. 

On Christmas Day, many swimmers congregated at Portobello Beach near Edinburgh in full Elf costumes and tutus so they could jump into the sea.

Tynemouth Beach, North East was also where people gathered. Swimmers wore similar Christmas costumes.

Around 450 people took part in Weymouth’s festive swim, many of them dressed up in holiday attire for the icy plunge. 

Happy Christmas from the sea! Two women with Santa hats ready for their festive dip at Crooklets Beach in Bude, Cornwall

From the ocean, happy Christmas Two Santa-hat-wearing women are ready to take a festive swim at Crooklets beach in Bude (Cornwall).

Revellers at Crooklets Beach in Bude, Cornwall, head into the chilly water for the occasion, wearing their swim gear as well as festive additions like Santa hats

Crooklets beach in Bude (Cornwall): Revellers head to the freezing water wearing both their swimwear and festive accessories like Santa hats.

Disappointed swimmers dressed as turkeys and a penguin stand on the beach in Felixstowe, Suffolk, where the Christmas Day dip was called off due to adverse weather

The Christmas Day swim was cancelled due to bad weather at Felixstowe in Suffolk.

Swimmers in Felixstowe, Suffolk were sad to hear the news that the Christmas Day dip was cancelled because of bad weather

The bad weather caused the Christmas Day Swim to be cancelled in Felixstowe.

Swimmers wading in the shallow sea water to avoid getting completely drenched, with all three in red and white striped leggings, one in a red tutu and two in blue and white Santa hats

Swimming in shallow water is a great way to keep from getting too soaked. Swimmers can wear red and white stripes leggings and a tutu, while two others are wearing Santa hats and one has a blue tutu.

A group made up of several women braved the cold waters together and held hands as they entered.

Bad weather meant that the swim at Felixstowe in Suffolk had to be canceled at the last minute. It disappointed many swimmers and spectators.

St Elizabeth’s Hospice was the host of this event and tweeted that their Christmas Day Dip had been delayed due to winds.

They tweeted that they had been advised by the organisation that safety in the water was not possible due to adverse weather conditions.

Over 750 people turned out to Bournemouth's Boscombe Pier, Dorset, to raise funds for charity Macmillan Caring Locally who hope to make £50,000 on their 13th Christmas Day dip

Over 750 people turned out to Bournemouth’s Boscombe Pier, Dorset, to raise funds for charity Macmillan Caring Locally who hope to make £50,000 on their 13th Christmas Day dip

Swimmers at Portobello Beach in Edinburgh smile and wave as they don matching Christmas jumpers after their cold swim

After a cold swim, Portobello Beach swimmers in Edinburgh wave and smile as they put on matching Christmas jumpers.

This festive pup wearing a Christmas elf jumper runs along the sand during the Christmas day dip at Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland

A Christmas jumper-wearing pup runs on the sand at Portobello Beach, Edinburgh, Scotland during the Christmas Day dip

Warming themselves up with a campfire, Christmas Day swimmers at Portobello Beach in Edinburgh wrap themselves in towels after taking part in the festive tradition

After taking part in this festive tradition, Christmas Day swimmers from Portobello Beach, Edinburgh warm themselves with a campfire and wrap up in towels.

One woman running out of the water at Portobello Beach in Edinburgh, after braving the cold water for Christmas Day

After enduring the freezing water of Christmas Day, one woman ran out of the water at Portobello Beach.

Grin and bare it: Swimmers with red and white hats, wrapped with tinsel on their heads, take part in the annual Christmas morning swim in the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park

Glint and bear it: Participants in the annual Christmas Morning Swim in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake are dressed in red-and-white hats and have tinsel wrapped around their heads.

One swimmer wore a elf-themed Christmas swimsuit, with green and red details, a Christmas tree hat and finished off with some reindeer sunglasses

One swimmer was dressed in a festive Christmas swimsuit with red and green details. He was also equipped with a Christmas tree cap and reindeer sunglasses.

Braving the cold: Swimmers, some wearing Christmas hats, swam through the chilly Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, London

You can brave the cold! Swimmers donned Christmas hats braved the freezing waters of the Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park.

Drink to that: Those who took part in the Christmas morning swim in the Serpentine Lake were greeted on land with cups of red wine


Cheers: Swimmers enjoying a glass of red wine following the Peter Pan Cup annual Christmas Day swim at the Serpentine Swim Club in London

Following the Peter Pan Cup Christmas Day Swim at London’s Serpentine Swim Club, Swimmers enjoy a glass wine and cheers.

Drenched! Two women dressed as Mrs Claus, one complete with tinsel wrapped around her waist, leave the water after a swim in Exmouth, Devon

Drenched! After a dip in Exmouth (Devon), two women dress up as Mrs Claus and one with tinsel around her waist leave the water.

Swimmers posing for a photo before they take part in a Christmas Day dip in Exmouth, Devon, dressed in festive gear

Before they go for their Christmas Day dip, Exmouth swimmers pose for a picture in festive attire.

It posted: “We are so disappointed that it is necessary to make such a drastic change so close to the event date.

“It’s not an easy decision and safety will always be our top priority.”

The couple stated that the delay would have been a huge disappointment for many and that attending the event was a family tradition. Many people braved the elements to remember their loved ones.

The charity apologized for any delay in the “iconic Christmas Day Challenge”. It confirmed that all registered participants will be automatically transferred to the new date after confirmation.

Later, they posted that Felixstowe’s volunteer coast patrol rescue team gave them the information.

Prior to the cancellation, swimmers dressed in complete clown costumes made the splash.

People dressed up as penguins, turkeys, and elves were among those who attended the Felixstowe Swim. 

One man dressed as a Christmas tree, with a star on his triangular green hat to act as the top of the tree, complete with tinsel and pretend ornaments

A man is dressed up as a Christmas tree. He has a star attached to his triangular-green hat that acts as the top. The tree also includes tinsel, pretend ornaments, and tinsel.

Thousands of people lined Weymouth Harbour to see the swimmers take part in the swim, which has become a landmark event for the town

The swim has been a major event in Weymouth Harbour and attracted thousands of spectators.

We did it! Cheers from these three participants who wear medals around their necks as a prize for completing Weymouth's Christmas Day dip

We did it! We did it!

Celebrating the finish to their swim, these participants share a hug to say Merry Christmas after a chilly dip in Weymouth Harbour

These swimmers celebrate the end of their swim by hugging one another to wish Merry Christmas.

Wearing red swimsuits, red and white striped socks and a Santa hat, two women take part in Weymouth's festive swim today

Two women participate in Weymouth’s Christmas Swim today, wearing red swimsuits and red-and-white striped socks, as well as a Santa Hat.

Arek Czajka and Lidia Smelz, from Poland, share a festive kiss during a Christmas Day dip at Sandycove beach, near Dublin, Ireland

Lidia and Arek Smelz from Poland share a Christmas Day swim at Sandycove, Ireland, during which they exchange a playful kiss.

Patrick Corkery wears a Santa hat and beard as waves crash over him at Forty Foot, near Dublin, Ireland, during his Christmas Day dip

Patrick Corkery is wearing a Santa beard and Santa hat as the waves crash above him at Forty Foot near Dublin, Ireland during his Christmas Day dip

Over 750 people turned out, with many in fancy dress, for the festive dip at Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth, Dorset, for Macmillan Caring Locally charity hoping to raise £50,000 today.

After raising £250,000 on the swim in 2019, and with last years’ being cancelled due to the pandemic, lifeguards kept the hundreds safe as they braved the cold water down south.

Temperatures in the sea were at 9-10 degrees today but it didn’t stop swimmers taking part.

The funds will be used by organizers to support Macmillian’s appeal ‘Brick by Brick. Caring Locally will build a hospice in Christchurch, Dorset to replace Macmillan Unit. 

The swim has been a major event in Weymouth Harbour and attracted thousands of spectators.

Swimmers taking part in the Peter Pan Cup Christmas Day Swim at London’s Serpentine Swim Club enjoyed a glass red wine as a reward for their efforts.