Filly-o-fish? Filly-o-fish? Horse rider seen ordering her meal from McDonald’s drive-thru.

  • A woman riding a horse seen at McDonald’s in Caerphilly, Wales 
  • After waiting on the white horse, alongside other vehicles, she paid for food and rode off 
  • Simon White (46), father-of-three, snapped photos on his smartphone of a bizarre incident 

The photo of a horse-back woman ordering at McDonald’s Wales has surfaced.  

This bizarre incident took place at a Caerphilly fast-food outlet, Blackwood. 

Simon White (46), said that he couldn’t believe what he saw as he took a series photos of the woman in line. He also photographed the women paying at the first window, and then picking up their order at the collection point. 

Father-of-three claimed that his children ran outside to smile and get photos, and that it made his son’s birthday.  

An unknown rider, in a mustard puffer jacket with riding boots, was able to stay on the white horse throughout. 

With her purse in hand, she was seen waiting in the queue between cars.  

Mr White later said that the woman was eating her hamburger after she’d left her plate. 

Six Mc-neigh-gets, please: Woman orders at a McDonald's drive-thru on horseback in Wales

Please, six Mc-neighs: A woman orders from a McDonald’s drive through on horseback in Wales

Want fries with your mane meal? Woman on horseback places her McDonald's order while queuing among cars

You want fries to go with your meat meal? Horseback woman places order at McDonald’s while waiting in line among other cars 

Simon White (pictured), 46, snapped a series of photos which showed the woman waiting in line, paying at the first window and picking up her order at the collection point

Simon White, 46 (pictured), snapped photos showing the woman standing in line and paying at the first window before picking up her order from the collection point.

He shared the images on Twitter Thursday with the caption: “Well, I’ve already seen it all… Only in the valleys.”

Today, he spoke out saying that he was returning from school to collect his little boy when a stop by the restaurant for some food.

“We were just waiting for our food, when she appeared.

“I was stunned by the behavior of my horse, she was calm and obedient. She then rode off without any problems.

“A few children who had been sitting in the dark came out and took pictures of her, cheering her on as she thought it was amazing.

She was served and then rode away. She was still eating her burger when I passed her.

“It was a great gift for my son. It made him smile and made his day.

Woman on horseback in McDonald's queue

Woman on horseback in McDonald's queue

Horseback horsing around: A woman riding a horse waited in a queue at the Caerphilly drive-thru intersection alongside other cars on Thursday

Hoof it! The woman rides off on her horse before being seen eating her burger on the roadside

You can hoof it! Hoof it! 

“I found it really funny, and it is something that you can only imagine seeing in Wales valleys.

He has been retweeted hundreds of times online.    

One replied, “I wonder what brake power that has!”Another laughed and said, “I wonder what the brake power is on that!”: ‘Neigh gherkins.’ 

One said, “Probably wants a chicken McN-neigh-get dinner”, while another added: Simply added: “Wow! I love this.