Casinos and hotels are semi-underwater in flash flooding in Las Vegas while children are feared dead in Kentucky after the state was hit with its worst deluge in history. 

The US is being hit by unpredictable weather, with severe thunderstorms and torrential flooding in Kentucky, Missouri and Nevada. 

St Louis was submerged by an intense storm, which drenched it. It wiped out a century-old rainfall record. 

This comes just a week after 85million Americans were exposed to record-breaking heatwaves of 13F higher than the average, killing two New Yorkers and one Pennsylvanian. 

Here’s a list of the most severe weather conditions facing Americans in various states.  

LAS VEGAS: The bright lights of the city illuminate the intense downpours and flash flooding

LA VEGAS: Flash flooding and intense downpours are illuminated by the bright lights in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS: A road crew blocks the flooded Charleston Blvd. at South Spencer Street as a powerful storm moves through the area on Thursday, July 28

LAS VEGAS: The road crew stops the flooding of Charleston Boulevard. South Spencer Street is flooded by a strong storm on Thursday, July 28,

Driver Miguel Reyes checks out his vehicle stuck in a construction hole due to flooding along Charleston Blvd. adjacent to Tacos El Gordon as a powerful storm moves through the area on Thursday, July 28, in Las Vegas

Miguel Reyes, driver inspects his car stuck in a hole caused by flooding on Charleston Boulevard. Nearby Tacos El Gordon, as strong storms move through the area Thursday, July 28th in Las Vegas

Nevada DOT workers work to clear flood waters from West Washington Ave. near North Main St. on Friday

Nevada DOT crews work with flood water removal from West Washington Ave. and North Main St. Friday

Water is shown pouring through the roofs of a casino and soaking the carpet while and people were filmed drenched by the torrential rain

Casinos and hotels are semi-underwater as flooding in Las Vegas forces punters to seek shelter from a rare thunderstorm

LAS VEGAS: It was filmed that water poured through casino roofs, soaking carpets. People were also soaked in the torrential rain.

LAS VEGAS: Rainwater could be seen pouring though casinos after the torrential rain in Sin City

LAS VEGAS, Rainwater can be seen pouring into casinos following torrential rainfall in Sin City

Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada’s capital was flooded by intense floodwaters, burying many buildings and parking lots as well as the famous Strip.

After flash flooding caused by thunderstorms in Las Vegas, some of the most famous hotels and casinos were submerged. 

The city was flooded by heavy rains, which made it impossible to travel. 

As the storm continues, authorities warned that flooding could increase.

The iconic Caesar’s Palace was flooded, online video showed.

The rainwater infiltrating casino roofs was captured and soak carpet while the people were film getting soaked by torrential downpours.

Another video shows cars wading through floodwaters at the Strat Hotel downtown Las Vegas, while a woman gasps for breath.

‘Electric surges set the fire alarms of several buildings off, causing fire responders to have to head out into the storm to respond to them,’ Las Vegas resident Alexander Wolf told  The New York Post.

The footage revealed that some vehicles were nearly submerged by the floods.

The building was submerged in water from the Las Vegas Strip.

Cars wade through floodwaters near the Strat Hotel in downtown Las Vegas in another video while a woman gasps in shock

The footage came as flashfloods hit downtown Vegas on Thursday night

In another video, cars navigate through floodwaters close to the Strat hotel in downtown Las Vegas. A woman is shocked and gasps.

Hotel residents filmed their yards filling up with water as rain battered the doors and windows through the night

The monsoon season in Nevada happens between July and September, although flashfloods in Vegas itself are rare

Residents of hotels recorded their yards becoming flooded as the rain battered windows and doors throughout the night. Although flash floods are not common in Vegas, Nevada’s monsoon season is between July and September.

The storm caused water to cascade down the roof, as shown in footage taken by punters.

A second panel steps in, prompting cheers from the crowd. 

Residents of hotels recorded their yards being filled with water, as the rain battered windows and doors throughout the night.

Nevada has a monsoon season between July-September, but flash floods in Vegas are uncommon.

There are no reports of injuries. 

ST LOUIS: A firefighters checks on a car stalled out in chest-deep water flood water on Goodfellow Boulevard during a thunderstorm on Thursday, July 28

ST. LOUIS: This is a firefighters check on a car that was stuck in the floodwaters of Goodfellow Boulevard on Thursday, July 28, 2008.

ST LOUIS: Brian Kreitner, a laborer, at Third Degree Glass Factory looks down at broken pieces of glass in the flood water after a door holding back the water gave way and water rushed in the glass art studio knocking over displays and shattering artwork on Thursday, July 28

ST. Louis: Brian Kreitner is a Third Degree Glass Factory laborer who looks down on broken pieces of glass after a door that was holding back the flood water opened. On Thursday, July 28, water entered Third Degree Glass Factory’s glass art studio and rushed through, shattering displays and destroying artwork.

St. Louis Missouri

Missouri’s St Louis was hit by severe flooding, with the worst rainfall in 100 years.  

This week’s flash floods have wiped out the historic record of 6.85 feet, set by August 20th 1915.

Major flood damage has been sustained in the region. Officials from the city said they were preparing for more rain.

Two people have so far died in the St Louis floods after a man’s body was found on Wednesday about a mile from his abandoned semi-trailer truck. After his vehicle was covered by more than 8ft of rainwater, a second victim in his 60s was discovered dead.

Drivers were left homeless by the unprecedented deluge, while others across the country suffered from a scorching heatwave that saw coast to coast record breaking heatwaves during the week of stormy weather warnings.

After the daycare center was submerged in floodwaters, 6 children and 14 adults were pulled from it. The water had caused electrical sockets to start sparking when it touched them.

St. Louis firefighters with Company 29 were able rescue between 10 and 20 victims at Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church.

Spokesman for the Fire Department stated that six children had been saved, and that all others were freed.

The National Weather Service of St Louis issued a Flash Flood Emergency to the city. Residents were advised to find higher ground, and not walk or drive through flood areas.

The area received 8.81 inches of precipitation between midnight Monday and 9am Tuesday, after thunderstorms subsided by mid-morning.

As floodwaters rose further, distraught residents uploaded alarming images and videos showing submerged cars and flooded basements to social media.

Photographs of Forest Park DeBaliviere Metrolink station, St Louis revealed tracks and platforms that were completely underwater – only half of information boards and steps are still visible.

The flash flooding made Interstate 70, east of Mid Rivers Mall Drive in Costco impassible.

High water also closed Highway 61 in Flint Hill. According to the Fire Department, several vehicles were left stranded along Interstate 44.

St Louis firefighters were quick to rescue stranded victims in their flooded cars.

ST LOUIS: A pedestrian walks across Clarendon Avenue as a massive amount of flood water rushes down the street towards Delmar Boulevard during a thunderstorm on Thursday, July 28, in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – A pedestrian is seen crossing Clarendon Avenue while floodwaters rush down Delmar Boulevard towards St. Louis during a severe thunderstorm.

ST LOUIS: Multiple children were trapped inside St Louis daycare center by rising flood waters, as firefighters rush to save them

ST LOUIS: Multiple children were trapped inside St Louis daycare center by rising flood waters, as firefighters rush to save them

ST PETERS: Abandoned cars are scattered by flooding across a shuttered Interstate 70 at Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters, Missouri after heavy rain fell through the night and into the morning on Tuesday, July 26

ST. PETERS: After heavy rains fell during the night, and into Tuesday morning, the flooding has left abandoned cars scattered along the Interstate 70 at Mid Rivers Mall Drive St. Peters.


Kentucky’s devastating downpours have destroyed entire communities, submerging cars and houses in floodwater, while emergency workers scramble to rescue those trapped. 

On Friday, at least 16 deaths were caused by flash floods.

It is predicted that the death toll will double and that children will be among those affected. 

The area has suffered years of destruction and mudslides from the ravaging thunderstorms that have swept through it. This flood is now Kentucky’s worst ever.

There is a possibility that saturated, waterlocked ground could continue to rise. Meanwhile, streams and rivers are likely to flood their banks this morning with more downpours.

KENTUCKY: Lexington Firefighters Jeremey Miller and Captain Scott Butler warm up the engine before heading up Troublesome Creek to rescue people that have been stranded since Wednesday night in Lost Creek, Kentucky

KENTUCKY. Lexington Firefighters Jeremey Mills and Captain Scott Butler heat up the engine, before they head up Troublesome Creek in Kentucky to rescue those who have been left behind since Wednesday night at Lost Creek.

KENTUCKY: A house is seen almost completely submerged off of the Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway on July 29 in Breathitt County, Kentucky. At least 16 people have been killed and hundreds had to be rescued amid flooding from heavy rainfall

KENTUCKY – A house was almost submerged from the Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway in Breathitt, Kentucky on July 29. In heavy rain, at least 16 deaths have occurred and many more were needed to rescue victims.

Kentucky's 'catastrophic' flood kills 15 - as Gov Beshear warns death toll will double and children are feared among the dead

Kentucky floods kill 15 people – Gov Beshear says death toll could double, and that children should be feared.

KENTUCKY: Flooding from the North Fork of the Kentucky River came over Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway outside of Jackson, Kentucky on July 29

KENTUCKY – Flooding caused by the North Fork of Kentucky River flooded Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway, outside of Jackson (Ky.) on July 29

Aerial view of homes submerged under flood waters from the North Fork of the Kentucky River in Jackson, Kentucky, July 28

View from above of floodwaters rushing through homes in Jackson, Kentucky. July 28, 2018.

Aerial view of homes submerged under flood waters from the North Fork of the Kentucky River in Jackson

An aerial view of houses submerged in flood waters of the North Fork of Kentucky River, Jackson

The hundreds of flood-stricken homes will need years of rebuilding and recovery, Andy Beshear, the Governor of Kentucky said Friday.

The devastating photos show how the floods have caused massive flooding, with cars floating down streets that look almost like rivers and lakes.

As the relentless torrent of rain continues to pour down, homes and businesses are almost submerged.

As eastern Kentucky received more than 10 inches of rainfall in 24 hours, residents were forced to climb trees to seek safety.

Beshear stated that the damage caused by a string of severe storms in the eastern half of the state could last for years.

KENTUCKY: Lexington Firefighters' swift water rescue teams head up overflowed Troublesome Creek to rescue people that have been stranded since Wednesday night in Lost Creek, Kentucky on July 29

KENTUCKY – Lexington Firefighters’ swift water rescue teams go up Troublesome Creek in search of people who are stranded there since Wednesday night, Kentucky’s Lost Creek on July 29.

Members of the Morehead Fire Department conduct search and rescue operations downtown on July 28, 2022 in Jackson, Kentucky

On July 28th, 2022, members of the Morehead Fire Department perform search-and rescue operations in downtown Jackson.

Facebook user Terry Adams post a photo of his daughter Chloe on top of a house that was completely submerged from flood water in Kentucky

Terry Adams, a Facebook user posted a picture of his daughter Chloe atop a Kentucky flood-water-submerged house.

Tonya Smith, whose trailer was washed away by flooding, reaches for food from her mother Ollie Jean Johnson to give to Smith's father, Paul Johnson, as the trio used a rope to hang on over a swollen Grapevine Creek in Perry County

Tonya Smith looks for food after her trailer was destroyed by flooding. Smith reached out to Ollie Jean Johnson from her mother to get it. Smith and Johnson used a rope to suspend themselves above a Grapevine Creek, Perry County.

On Thursday morning, the Governor declared an emergency in six of his counties.

The rainwater was almost as high as the trees nearby, while power poles were still sticking up above the greenish brown water. Images of destruction reveal.

Yesterday, the National Guard was activated by the state to utilize helicopters to rescue floodwater-stricken people.

Drone footage of Hindman in east Kentucky shows many homes and buildings nearly submerged under the floodwaters. Only their roofs are visible.

Chris Friley from Breathitt County Emergency management is responsible for overseeing damage in the most affected areas. He said that on Thursday the extent of damage sustained in the past 24 hours was greater than any flooding in the recent years.

This news is the result of six children and fourteen adults being rescued from St Louis’ daycare center by floodwaters that reached four feet. Electrical sockets started to ignite when they touched water. 

West Virginia

After heavy downpours caused by thunderstorms, parts of West Virginia were placed on flood alert.

Ethan Wriston is a West Virginia Emergency Management Division associate and watch center member. He said there were no deaths from the flooding that occurred in the state Friday morning.

Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia has deployed the state’s National Guard to help Kentucky respond to the ravaging floods there. 

There are no current shelters in place and reports do not indicate that any homes have been flooded. 

WEST VIRGINIA: Elsayed Elazaly looks over mud in the parking lot of Alfredo's Restaurant in Rainelle West Virginia. Alfredo's suffered up to 10 inches of flooding, according to the restaurant's owner

WEST VIRGINIA: Elsayed Elazaly looks over mud in the parking lot of Alfredo’s Restaurant in Rainelle West Virginia. According to Alfredo’s restaurant owner, Alfredo’s was affected by up to 10 inches of flooding.