Grace Millane’s ex-flatmate, Grace Millane’s killer, has confessed that he was an elaborate liar and couldn’t afford the rent. 

Jesse Kempson (28) strangled Miss Millane (21), in Auckland’s studio apartment. The pair had met via Tinder in December 2018. This happened eight months after Kempson had raped another Briton. It also comes a year after Kempson subjected his girlfriend to abuse and sexual assault. 

A new documentary tells the disturbing and tragic story of Kempson’s former flatmate. Kempson is currently serving a minimum 17 year sentence for the death of Miss Millane. She also recounted the experience she had with the cold-blooded murderer and her suspicions about him.

Millie Mason, who appeared on This Morning, said that he was an “elaborate” liar. She said: ‘He claimed he was going to New Zealand to purchase bars for the franchise his dad owned. This was his story. 

‘[He couldn’t keep up with the rent payments]We owed him money. There was always an excuse. He was still waiting for money from Australia’s accountant.

“It stopped being logical.” 

Appearing on This Morning today, Millie Mason said Jesse Kempson, 28 was an 'elaborate' liar, who 'owed his flatmates money'

Millie Mason, 28, said that Jesse Kempson (28), was an “elaborate” liar who “owed his flatmates money”. 

Continued she: “Eventually, it’s hard to believe the stories. So many stories were there that eventually you begin to question them.” This stops being logical.

Millie also remembered a situation in which her flatmate was sleeping with a knife. Millie said that he had come home drunk, broken furniture, and scared her. 

‘When he was drunk, the façade just goes a little bit. You think immediately, “What are you hiding?” 

She said that she was shocked to hear about Grace’s death by Kepman and added, “You’re shocked but not shocked”; she also stated, “Your instinct wasn’t wrong. There was something wrong.”

Kempson murdered Miss Millane (pictured) on the night of December 2, 2018 - the day before her 22nd birthday

Kempson murders Miss Millane (pictured) the night of the 2nd December 2018, just before her 22nd birthday 

Jesse Kempson (pictured), 28, strangled Miss Millane in his studio apartment in Auckland, New Zealand , after the pair met on dating app Tinder in December 2018, eight months after raping another Briton, and a year after subjecting his girlfriend to sexual assault and abuse

Jesse Kempson (pictured), 28 strangled Miss Millane, Auckland, New Zealand. The pair had met via Tinder and they were soon dating. It was just eight months since Kempson raped another Briton. 

“We did listen.”

Millie also said that she believed his defense of the crime was as “rough sex” and stated: ‘She cannot speak for herself, and he can do whatever she wishes. Millie said that it didn’t really matter to her what she was into. He can do whatever he wants with her life.

“To put it on her – She didn’t ask, and she won’t give in to that.”

Millie, who appears tonight on ITV2’s The Murder of Grace Millane – Social Media Murders at 9pm, admitted that her family ‘knew’ you shouldn’t come near. [Kempson] alone’ and said she ‘completely get how Grace fell for him because he’s charming’.   

Millie stated that ‘We started to get a bad feeling’. “Eventually, we stopped wanting to be in the same house as him. We knew that you should not be around him alone. You wonder what other lies he might have been hiding. 

Kempson's former flatmate said he told so many stories that the household 'stopped believing him' because he 'stopped making sense'

Kempson’s ex-flatmate claimed that he had told so many stories, the family’stopped believing’ him because he “stopped making sense”.

Appearing on ITV2 's The Murder of Grace Millane: Social Media Murders, which airs tonight at 9pm, Millie admitted her household 'knew you shouldn't be near [Kempson] alone'

Millie appeared on ITV2’s The Murder of Grace Millane. Social Media Murders. [Kempson] alone’

In a new documentary telling the tragic and disturbing story, a former flatmate (pictured) of Kempson - who is serving a 17-year minimum sentence for Miss Millane's death - recounts her own experience of knowing the cold-blooded killer and the suspicions she had of him prior to this case

A disturbing documentary tells the story of a tragic, disturbed former friend of Kempson (pictured). She is currently serving 17 years for the murder of Miss Millane.

Kempson was a warped serial sex attacker who used dating apps to seek out fresh victims, pretending to be a highly successful businessman when he was, in fact, a serial dropout with few assets who had been fired from a string of minimum-wage jobs.

Millie recalls the moment Kempson was informed that Miss Millane was dead. Our friend, who moved in after Jesse left, emailed us three girls. We were all still living in London. 

‘We’d been following the story because people don’t really go missing in New Zealand, let alone a young girl. When I finally woke up, he told me that it was Jesse.

Millie was briefly with Kempson two years before Miss Milane’s death. 

She said, “It was shocking.” ‘It goes all around in your head – I wasn’t imagining it. Shock more than anything but I don’t know if I was surprised – you are but you aren’t.’ 

Kempson killed Miss Millane the night before her 22nd Birthday on December 2, 2018.

They had first met in Auckland. After a few drinks, Kempson drove her back to the hotel where she was staying and then strangled her during sex.

Then he took photographs of her body and watched hardcore pornography over several hours.

The killer went on another date before bundling Miss Millane’s body into a suitcase which he buried in a shallow grave in woodlands. 

Asked if Miss Millane’s tragic story made her feel differently about dating apps, Millie said: ‘Definitely. We’re always trained to tell your friends where you’re going or have a codeword in case you want to get out.

Kempson was sentenced to life behind bars with a non-parole period of 17 years for murdering Miss Millane in his Auckland apartment in December 2018

Kempson received a life sentence with an additional 17-year non-parole term for the murder of Miss Millane at his Auckland apartment, December 2018.

“He did this for a girl on a dating site. It was a great blessing that I found my husband through a dating site. My friends and I knew each other, so it all worked out. I completely get how Grace fell for him because he’s charming.

‘It took us weeks to realise that we shouldn’t be in this situation and we shouldn’t be near this person.’

“I believe men should call out men,” she said. It’s all well and good for me to stand here and say “you shouldn’t do this”. If they’re going to do it, they’re not going to listen to what I have to say about it.

“But, they probably care about what their father, grandfather, and best friend have to say.” 

In 2019, Kempson was described by his step-brother as a ‘pathological liar’ who would have ‘enjoyed the power’ during Miss Millane’s murder.

To feed his desire to have violent sex, the serial fantasist invented a number of lies.

Miss Millane's parents Dave and Gillian speak outside the High Court in Auckland in 2019

Gillian and Dave Millane, Miss Millane’s parents, speak in front of the High Court at Auckland in 2019.

Kempson’s guilty sentence ended the 11-month-long painstaking process for the Millanes, who lost their child in October 2018. She was about to embark on her first world tour since graduating from Lincoln University.

After visiting Peru in November, she flew to New Zealand and set up her Tinder date for December 1st. She was planning on celebrating her 22nd birthday that day.

Grace’s last hours with Tinder, which led to her untimely death

December 1, 2018

5.45pm:Grace Millane arrived at the casino in front of the 20-foot tall Christmas tree. She waited for her date. Her parents send her a photograph of the tree. They hugged when he arrived.

6pm:Both of them enter the casino, where they find Andy’s Burger Bar. Grace was seen with him ordering drinks, and then finding a place at a table.

7.12pm:After leaving the burger place, the couple crossed the street into the Mexican Cafe. They stayed there for the rest of the time until the defendant appeared to pick up the tab with him standing by.

8.27pm: Both were captured crossing Albert Street in front of the murderer’s house. The pair entered the Bluestone Room, where the suspect had previously been alone drinking beer. They get together.

9.41pm: CCTV shows the couple entering the hotel where the killer was living. They climb into the lift to reach the apartment where the killer lives. She was murdered in hours, perhaps as early as December 2nd.

Standing beside the Christmas tree at SkyCity’s courtyard, she gave her killer a warm hug. She was impressed by the tour of bars and enjoyed cocktails at several places.

Ameena Ashcroft was the first to respond. “I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

By the morning, however, Miss Millane was lying dead in the £190-a-week third-floor apartment at a hotel in central where the killer lived.

After being strangled, she had taken intimate photos of her naked body and watched porn through the night.

Kempson began December 2, Miss Millane’s 22nd birthday, by buying a suitcase to transport her body to a shallow grave in remote bushland.

However, even before that, he had already set up another Tinder appointment for the afternoon. He told a woman a false story about an alleged friend who had murdered a woman while having sex.

The message that he had left for Miss Millane on her Facebook page was the first to lure him. He was waiting around at the Bluestone Room nearby, and waited to be rescued.

Police contacted him and found out that he was weaving a complex web of lies. He claimed at first Miss Millane and he had broken up, but he intended to meet the next morning.

He was caught on CCTV buying the luggage. However, he later changed his story and claimed that Miss Millane told him she learned BDSM sex tricks with a boyfriend, and asked him to choke him during intercourse.

According to him, they took photos of one another’s intimate parts using their cell phones and after sex he was able to fall asleep under the water without Miss Millane being in danger.

The data from his cell phone revealed the truth about his lies. He searched for “Waitakere Ranges”, the hills that Miss Millane was later buried, before looking up the name of the place. 

Kempson was convicted of the murder of Miss Millane in November 2019. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with an average term of 17 years. 

Grace Millane’s Murder: Social Media Murders Monday, 9 pm on ITV2 & ITV Hub