All right petal. As he strides and moves up the aisle, flower “boy” is causing hysterics among his wedding guests.

  • Matthew Bell the flower boy dances to the music on his way down the aisle
  • He grabs flower petals from his waist pouch and tosses them in the air.
  • The comical footage was captured as East Horton Golf Centre in Hampshire 

The moment when a flower boy made wedding guests laugh as he danced down the aisle.

Matthew Bell (also one of the best men) interacts with his wedding guests at East Horton Golf Centre.

After grabbing handfuls of the flowers, which were inscribed “flower dude” on a pouch, he strapped them around his waist, before launching them into the air.

Flower boy Matthew Bell scoops handfuls of petals from a pouch strapped around his waist at East Horton Golf Centre in Hampshire

Flower boy Matthew Bell scoops handfuls of petals from a pouch strapped around his waist at East Horton Golf Centre in Hampshire

The flower boy makes his way down the aisle

Mr Bell interacts with the crowds

While he is making his way down the aisle, the flower girl wiggles her hips and engages with other people.

During the clip, which is believed to have been filmed on  November 28, wedding guests stand up in anticipation of the bride.

The guests then give Mr Bell a round and applaud him as he struts in front of them.

As the music begins, the flower boy keeps his back to the wedding guests and  wiggles his hips before turning around and scattering flower petals on the floor.

Guests continue to dance and clap along with Mr Bell as he moves down the aisle.

Richard Ballingall, the groom said that he first met Bell in secondary school 20 years ago and that he was one two of his best friends. 

The flower boy bounces to the music and wiggles his hips as wedding guests cheer him on

While the bride guests cheer him on, the flower girl bounces along to the music and wails his hips.

Mr Bell continue to scoop flower petals from out of his pouch and throws them into the air

He continues to take flower petals out of his pocket and toss them in the air.

The flower boy, who was wearing a pouch inscribed with the words 'flower dude', smiles as he finishes his dance

After finishing his dance, the flower girl, who was carrying a small pouch with the words flower dude’, smiles.

He stated that Rachel, his wife, was aware of his entrance as a flower boy but that his dance moves were his.

Content Bible was told by Mr Ballingall that he knew about the dance of the flower boy and had chosen the music. 

“His moves are his. He did it without any warning from the other wedding guests.

He stated that the wedding was special, and Matty, the florist set the scene for the whole day.