Dogs’ best friend! The footage shows the bond between pets and their 78-year old neighbor, as they enjoy games over their backyard fence.

  • Amanda Lin, a Wisconsin resident created this video with clips from her neighbor and dogs.
  • Joe, Joe’s elderly neighbor, throws treats on the fence for Lex and Kent.
  • Users have called Joe, the dog’s ‘adopted grandpa.’

This is a sweet moment that a dog owner captured as their pets formed a loving relationship over the back fence with an elderly neighbor.

A TikTok video posted by Amanda Lin from Wisconsin that captured many touching moments between her dogs and Joe, a neighbor.

Joe, in the snow, gives Kent and Lex a gentle stroke on their heads.

Elderly neighbor Joe is seen giving the two dogs lots of love and affection, even in the snowy weather

Joe, an elderly neighbor, is shown giving his two dogs plenty of affection and love even during the snowy season.

Elderly neighbor Joe is seen giving the two dogs lots of love and affection, even in the snowy weather

Joe, Joe’s elderly neighbor is seen showing the dogs affection even when it snows.

Ms Lin's video has racked up a staggering two million views and nearly 360,000 likes on TikTok

This video by Ms. Lin was viewed more than 2 million times on TikTok and has received nearly 360,000 likes.

Joe throws two treats simultaneously in another clip. The dogs leap up midair to grab their treats.

Joe can be seen with his wheelbarrow running along the length the shed. Joe’s dogs will follow him, but they will remain at their fence.

There are many clips of the dogs hunting for treats, while others show them getting their hair brushed. 

He also throws the dogs treats from his side of the fence to theirs

He will also give the dog treats from his side to itss

Users on TikTok are calling Joe the dogs' 'adopted grandpa', and that he is 'one in a million'

TikTok users call Joe, the dog’s adopted grandpa, “one in one million”

Ready: Neighbor Joe waits until dogs Lex and Kent (left and right) are sat before throwing their treats

Go! The dogs leap up simultaneously as Joe throws the treats to them at the same time

Time for game: Joe gives treats to Lex and Kent simultaneously, making them jump up for their food.

This video by Ms Lin has received over 2,000,000 views on TikTok and 360,000 likes.

This video had the popular song “You’ve got a friend in me” playing over it.

One user wrote: Joe 100% doesn’t own a dog. But he still buys treats and kibble.

The duo wearing matching personalized Halloween neck ties

They wore matching Halloween neckties.

The dark haired dog, left, is two-year-old Lex, a Pitbull, Husky and Basset Hound mix, while the brown dog, five-year-old Kent, right, is a Boxer, American Bully and Boxer mix

Left, the two-year old Lex has dark hair. He is a Pitbull Husky, Basset Hound, and Pitbull mix. Kent, five, has a brown, American Bully, and Boxer mix.

One joker said, “Why is JOE’s dog on your side?

Joe was a young man. Someone added that Joe is now their grandfather.

Someone wrote: That’s the highlight that man’s entire day. To which Ms Lin replied, ‘Highlights of all the boys’ days too!

Lex, a dark-haired Pitbull-Husky-Basset Hound mix at two years old, and Kent, a brown Boxer-American Bully-Boxer mix at five years old, are both Lex and Lex.

The dogs pictured on their holidays in St Germain, Wisconsin

These dogs were taken on holiday in St. Germain, Wisconsin.