Football chiefs have decided not to prolong halftime for 25 minutes. IFAB is concerned that the move could negatively impact player welfare. This decision comes after fan outrage over plans to Americanize’ the game.

  • Officials in football rejected a suggestion to raise the half-time time to 25 mins 
  • IFAB ruled players can suffer longer periods of inactivity 
  • It was a controversial idea, and fans were furious. 

After football lawmakers rejected the idea on Thursday morning, half-times will no longer be increased from 15 to 25 minutes.

The news that CONMEBOL, South America’s governing body of football, had requested the International Football Association Board, to reconsider the lengthening of the intervals, was criticized by supporters. 

This would have allowed football to offer half-time entertainment in Super Bowl style, but fans criticized it as an attempt to “Americanize” the game.

After being brought up at IFAB’s Annual Business Meeting chaired FIFA by the world governing body FIFA where possible changes in the law of the game were discussed, it has now been thrown out.

The proposal to extend half-time to 25 minutes was rejected due to the “potentially negative effect on player welfare, safety and security resulting from longer periods of inactivity”. 

Football chiefs have opted not to increase half time from 15 minutes to 25 minutes

Half-time has not been increased from 15 minutes up to 25. Football leaders have decided to keep it at the same time. 

Authorities dismissed the controversial idea to create more of a spectacle for supporters

Officials dismissed this controversial suggestion to show more supporter enthusiasm 

CONMEBOL argued that it would be beneficial to their competitions including Copa Libertadores which will take place this weekend between Palmeiras & Flamengo. 

It would be more entertaining for the fans at home and in the stadium, they felt, due to how it has been received in other sports like the Super Bowl.

Sportsmail has reported that IFAB’s advisory panel had expressed concerns earlier in this week about how this could lead to more injuries for players during the second half. The current laws of the game, which state ‘players are entitled to an interval at half time, not exceeding 15 minutes’, will now stay the same.

A meeting concluded that the proposal could impact negatively on player welfare

The proposal would have a negative impact on the welfare of players, according to a meeting. 

Supporters criticized it as an attempt to market the game.

A longer time between halves would allow football to earn more.

In the NFL, half-times usually last 12 minutes. They can, however, last as long as 30 minutes in the Super Bowl. Advertisers paid $5.5million for a 30-second spot in 2021, when The Weeknd was performing.

Fans had been angered by the idea that could 'Americanise' the game - with Super Bowl-style entertainment. Pictured: The Weeknd at this year's Super Bowl half time show

The idea of ‘Americanizing’ the game with Super Bowl-style entertainment angered fans. Pictured is The Weeknd performing at the Super Bowl halftime show.