After it emerged that Arthur Labinjo, six years old, had been murdered by his stepmother and father, football fans all over the nation paid tribute. The Attorney General will be reviewing the sentences. 

Tens of thousands of fans celebrated Arthur’s passing with an emotional minute of applause at the six-minute mark. These powerful scenes were faithfully reproduced in stadiums all over the country.

At the six minute mark, fans from Chelsea and the Premier League shared a heartfelt tribute with the packed crowd at West Ham’s London Stadium. 

Pre-match warmups were held for Birmingham City FC’s Championship clash with Millwall. Players wore ‘Arthur We Love You ‘t-shirts, and Coventry City fans paid tribute to the youth in the six minute mark of the match against West Brom. 

Thomas Hughes and Emma Tustin, both of whom were sentenced for over 20 years each, could receive a more severe sentence.

Tustin received a life sentence of at least 29 years, while Hughes was sent to prison for life and a term of minimum 21 years. A parole board must consider her case for a minimum of 29 years.

But Mr Knight, speaking as he lay flowers outside the youngster’s home in Solihull, West Midlands on Saturday, said he intends to refer Tustin and Hughes’ case to the ‘unduly lenient sentencing scheme’ – meaning the pair’s time behind bars could be extended.

This is the horrifying video of Arthur’s stepmother eating a McDonald’s order while her six year-old son starves in the hall last summer.

In June 2020, Hughes (29 and Tustin 32) can be seen eating ice cream at Hughes’ Solihull house in West Midlands. Arthur, who is wearing a fluffy onesie, stands alone in the corridor while the couple rest on the sofa.  

Young Birmingham City FC fan Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was remembered at football stadiums across the country on Saturday. Arthur's picture was displayed at Coventry City's match against West Brom as fans applauded in memory of the tragic child's

Arthur Labinjo Hughes was a youth fan for Birmingham City FC. He was remembered in football stadiums all over the country. Fans acclamated in the memory of Arthur at Coventry City FC’s match against West Brom, as Arthur’s photo was shown.

Julian Knight (MP for Solihull) leaves flowers at Arthur Labinjo–Hughes’s home, after notifying him that he will refer his child’s case the Attorney General to have a sentence reviewed

Applause rang out from the capacity crowd at West Ham's London Stadium as fans of the Premier League side and league leaders Chelsea shared a touching tribute in the six-minute of their match

The capacity crowd at West Ham’s London Stadium erupted in applause as Chelsea and Premier League fans shared their touching tributes during the match’s six-minute.

A tearful Birmingham City FC fan claps as the club and its supporters marked the life of youngster Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

Birmingham City FC fans clap in tears as they remember Arthur Labinjo Hughes’s life.

The club's players wore 'Arthur we love you' t-shirts and held a banner in pre-match warmups ahead of Birmingham City FC's game against Millwall on Saturday

In pre-match warmups, the club’s members wore “Arthur we Love You” t-shirts. They also held banners in support of Birmingham City FC’s match against Millwall.

A picture of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes is shared on the big screen at The Den as supporters applauded on the six-minute mark

As the fans applaud at six minutes, they share a photo of Arthur Labinjo/Hughes on The Den’s large screen.

Wolverhampton Wanderers fans applaud during their match with Liverpool FC in memory of little Arthur

Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters applauded during the match against Liverpool FC in Memory of Arthur

While the couple relax on the sofa, Arthur is left to stand by himself in the hallway, wearing a fluffy onesie in sweltering temperatures.

Emma Tustin and Thomas Hughes can be seen tucking into ice creams at her Solihull home in West Midlands, last year

While the couple relax on the sofa, six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes is left to stand by himself in the hallway, wearing a fluffy onesie in sweltering temperatures

As the couple sit down on the sofa and relax, Arthur Labinjo – Hughes (6 years) is left standing alone in the hallway wearing a onesie, in scorching temperatures, in his fluffy white fleece.

In other clips, recorded on the couple's home security footage, Tustin scoffs into two separate boxes of McDonald's, while a starving Arthur is left to his own devices.

Another clip, also recorded by the couple’s house security footage shows Tustin eating out of two McDonald’s boxes, while Arthur starves.

Six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes (above) was subjected to a campaign of horrendous abuse that saw him tortured, starved and beaten in one of the most grim instances of child abuse in history

Attorney General Suella Braverman QC (pictured) will review the sentences handed to monstrous couple Emma Tustin, 32, and Thomas Hughes, 29, who were both jailed for more than 20 years each for their roles in the death of little Arthur at Coventry Crown Court

Arthur Labinjo Hughes (left), six-year-old, was subject to horrific abuse. He was starved, tortured, and beat in one the most horrendous cases of child abuse history. Attorney General Suella braverman QC will examine the sentences given to Emma Tustin (32) and Thomas Hughes (29) for their respective roles in Arthur’s murder at Coventry Crown Court.

They didn’t save Arthur! It was amazing how police and social workers missed warning signs that there had been abuse.  

Authorities are accused of failing Arthur in every phase of his life, despite Arthur being on social services radar for 3 years. He was taken into custody by his father after his mother was convicted for stabbing her lover. This would have been a case that was decided by the family court.

He moved Arthur to the home of an unmarried woman, with seemingly no supervision from social service. Social workers and the police failed to recognize that Arthur was suffering abuse and missed multiple opportunities for him to be saved.

Solihull’s £122,294 Director of Children’s Services, Louise Rees, boasted on LinkedIn that she is now ‘retired and loving it’ after leaving her job in August – three months after Arthur died. 

Today it emerged the 60-year-old took up the post at Solihull in March 2019 – just weeks after inspectors found ‘widespread and serious failings’ within the children’s services department of Stoke on Trent City Council, where she was the £140,000 director. 

Ofsted’s report found that children’s services in Stoke during the tenure of her predecessor had suffered from ‘poor leadership’, a lack of management oversight, and a dearth of inspection. They were “not being protected” and were at ‘risk for serious harm by wide-spread and grave failures.”

The authorities in Solihull failed to save once ‘chubby, happy’ Arthur from a relentless campaign of both physical and mental torture, including being poisoned with salt by Tustin, while Hughes inflicted ‘pressure point’ torture techniques as they made him stand on his own for up to 14 hours a day.

The council was informed by concerned family members about the bruises on their child’s back. Jayne Kavanagh (social worker) and Angela Scarlett-Coppage (support worker) visited Tustin’s residence. They found no problems after performing cursory checks. Tustin had instructed Hughes to ‘coach’ Arthur, and Tustin’s child to make it seem like he was in a play fight. 

Arthur was left unable to swallow water after being inflicted with ‘unsurvivable’ head injuries by Tustin. After Arthur’s death, 130 areas of bruises were found across his body. This was equivalent to “nearly one bruise per day of lockdown”. 


Another clip, also recorded by the couple’s house security footage shows Tustin eating out of two McDonald’s boxes, while Arthur starves. 

Hughes and Tustin tortured Hughes, starved him, forced him to eat salt-laden meals, and left him alone for over 14 hours each day. It was a cruel, painful, and even hellish treatment that endured through the end of Hughes’s life. 

Speaking in Solihull on Saturday, Mr Knight said: ‘There’s a palpable sense of real loss and tragedy over this and also, frankly, a sense of anger, and questions over how this was allowed to happen, how these monsters were allowed to inflict this horrible torture on this young, defenceless boy.

“My position is very clear on this. It is important to find out how it happened, and to hold the people responsible.

“But I believe anyone that reflected upon those sentences yesterday feels that they were too lighthearted. Therefore, my intent is to refer it to the unduly mild sentencing system as soon as I can. That will happen Monday morning.

This revelation comes just as Tustin’s neighbours reveal that she chased an ex-boyfriend using a garden spade. It is a reminder of the chaos Arthur had to endure up until his last days. 

CoventryLive was contacted by a neighbor who didn’t want to be identified. She claimed that Tustin had armed herself and chased off an ex-boyfriend with a spade from her garden.

A neighbor explained that her ex was a nutcase who had become a fruit loop. Her ex-husband came running down the street one day. There had been some row and she was following him with a spade.

It was claimed that the stepmother of the “evil” had rowed in disputes with neighbours over cat ownership.  

The neighbour said that she had a panic attack about cats as soon as she arrived.

‘She was shouting “get your cats to stop s***ing on my driveway”. As though you were capable of doing that.

After a 6-year-old boy was tortured, starved, and beaten to death by his stepmother, social workers, teachers, and police are now facing serious questions. 

Emma Tustin smashed Arthur Labinjo/Hughes’ head repeatedly on a hard surface, killing him after Thomas Hughes (29 years old) starved and force-fed him salty food. 

Tustin instantly took a photo of Arthur as he was dying, and immediately pulled out her phone so she could send it to her boyfriend. 

She called 911 and informed the operator Arthur had shaved his head. 

After police arrived at her Solihull home, the self-pitying stepmother cried and tried to convince them the stick-thin boy had attacked her – while several miles away he lay dying in hospital. 

The next morning, he died after his life support was shut off. His injuries were so severe that medics couldn’t do anything to help him. 

Concerned relatives reported bruises to the council. Angela Scarlett and Jayne Kavanagh, social workers, visited Tustin’s house. They found no problems after performing cursory checks. 

Hughes and Tustin had instructed Arthur and another Tustin child to pretend that Arthur’s injuries were caused by a playfight. 

Arthur was left unable to drink water after being inflicted with ‘unsurvivable’ head injuries by Tustin. After Arthur’s death, 130 areas of bruises were found across his body. This was equivalent to “nearly one bruise per day of lockdown”. 

Social workers didn’t want to reveal their identities when giving evidence.

Justice Mark Wall, QC, sentenced Tustin to prison and Hughes to jail Friday. 

Emma Tustin, 32

Thomas Hughes

Emma Tustin (32), killed Arthur Labinjo–Hughes repeatedly by slamming him on hard surfaces after Thomas Hughes, 29, starved and poisoned him.

Tributes have been left outside the Solihull home of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes following the sentencing of his parents

Following the sentencing hearing of Arthur LabinjoHughes’ parents, tributes were placed outside Arthur LabinjoHughes’ Solihull house

Sick Tustin fetched her mobile phone immediately after she beat Arthur to take a photograph of the youngster (pictured, with his father Hughes) as he lay dying in the hallway of her home in Cranmore Road, Solihull, West Midlands, in June last year

When Arthur died, Sick Tustin grabbed her cell phone and took a photo of Arthur. (See Hughes with Arthur)

Pictured: Six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes with father Thomas Hughes and Thomas' partner Emma Tustin. Emma Tustin has been convicted of murder and Thomas Hughes is guilty of manslaughter after a harrowing trial at Coventry Crown Court

Pictured are six-year-old Arthur Labinjo Hughes with Thomas Hughes and Emma Tustin, Thomas Hughes’ partner. After a long and difficult trial at Coventry Crown Court, Emma Tustin was convicted of murder. Thomas Hughes has been found guilty of manslaughter.

Former children’s minister: “We have the duty to set this right” after Arthur’s assassination 

An ex-children’s minister suggested that the killing of a 6-year-old boy in his home by his stepmother ought to prompt reforms around social care.

Arthur LabinjoHughes sustained a fatal brain injury in his care while being taken in by Emma Tustin (32 years), who was jailed Friday for the rest of her life following her conviction of murder in assaulting the defenseless Solihull child on June 16, 2020.

Tim Loughton was an ex-children’s minister and stated that “we” all have the ‘duty to protect other vulnerable children from social care just like Arthur. Arthur’s remains were found covered in 130 bruises.

The Tory MP for The Sun stated in The Sun that funding for children’s social work has fallen behind. He also said social workers were undervalued. However, they should still be respected as the fourth emergency service.

Early interventions have failed to address the root causes of safeguarding concerns. Late interventions were made to fight them.

“This is a fake economy in which a child was forced to pay with his life. Everyone has an immediate interest in making this right and we all have a responsibility for making sure that it happens.

After it was revealed in court that Solihull’s Local Child Safeguarding Partnership had seen the boy just two months prior to his death, an independent review was conducted. They concluded that there were no safeguarding concerns.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, said Friday that ministers would leave no stone unturned to determine what happened in this ‘appalling case’.

Johnson stated that despite it being early days, the campaign would continue to investigate what transpired in an appalling case.

Nadhim Zahawi, Education Secretary, said that he will make a statement to Parliament Monday on the matter.

Tustin was given a life sentence on Friday with a minimum of 29 years. Arthur’s father, Thomas Hughes, received a 21-year sentence for manslaughter.


Arthur, he said: “He was a happy and healthy young man.” He liked his food and enjoyed school. He was a fan of cricket and football, and loved spending time with his extended families.

He had taken so many salt pills that it was impossible to measure the sodium levels in his blood. You must have been giving him smaller amounts of salt over a period. 

Arthur’s incessant crying for food is due to this. He refuses food from you. This explains why you restricted his water access for a while.

“He was completely cut off from all his family. He had to be left alone and isolated in his home for the majority of the day.

“He had to be made to lie down on the floor, without any mattress. 

“In Arthur’s final three months, he endured the most inhumane suffering at both your hands.

“You told lies to hide what was going on in the house.”

Hughes responded by saying: “You researched pressure point Arthur first and then you did it. He said this not in a playful way as Hughes suggested, but rather to create maximum pain and minimal injury. 

Arthur’s maternal grandmother, Madeleine Halcrow, said Arthur loved nothing more than to play outside. He was made to wear a onesie during the baking heatwave, and was then forced to stay in isolation in a hall for fifteen hours per day for six weeks as part of a “punishing regimen”.

This little boy loved food, and was happy to have his meals. He died after being starved, and then forced to consume a deadly salt slurry. The bullies were seen shouting at Arthur from the corridor, while they enjoyed fish and chips, and McDonald’s, with Tustin’s kids.

They ‘denigrated and dehumanized him’. Arthur was made a miserable, sad, skinny, weak, unhappy child by the pair.

Arthur died in his final hours. The footage showed him grimacing with pain, his thin frame visible through his worn pyjamas. He shouted “no one loves” four times and then “no one is going for me” seven times. This was in just 44 seconds.  

Hughes even cut the favorite Birmingham City shirt of the boy in one of his bizarre punishments. 

After being attacked by salt-saturated inmates, she tried to overdose on heroin and then hang herself. 

Arthur suffered 130 different injuries, according to tests.

Two counts of child cruelty were admitted by Tustin during the horrendous trial in Coventry. She assaulted the boy three times and made him stand or sit in her hallway up to 14 hours per day. This was part of a behavioural program.

She agreed to make 200 audio recordings with Arthur. She cried and mooaned during the punishments.

Some of the extracts were played before the court. One in which the boy says ‘no one loves me’ and another where he says ‘nobody’s going to feed me’.

Hughes had testified to Tustin’s mental abuse and that he ‘gaslighted him’ into following the discipline regime. However, he also admitted lying about it to the school staff, who were monitoring Arthur’s progress at the time of the Covid lockdown.

Tustin has admitted being cruel to Arthur in certain instances and was pregnant at that time with Hughes’ unborn child. Tustin has stated she is ‘disgusted’ and embarrassed by the admissions. 

She claimed Arthur’s head injury was self-inflicted and that he had fallen down the stairs in her hallway. 

This comes just as Arthur, the Director of Association of Child Protection Professionals stated that Arthur should be the highest priority of the local social services.

Wendy Thorogood, Times Radio, was asked if six-year old should be at top of priority list for social services. She said: “He should, and you would expect them to look at his past, but unfortunately, they just go with what they see right now.

“I cannot comment on the actual events, but it is important to recall that he was being controlled by cruel individuals who were able manipulate his environment as well as professionals.

“I would have expected that any assessment would really consider the grandmother’s photographs, I would have expected to join conversations and to actually talk with Alfie. That seems to have been missing.”

Ms Thorogood stated that the child was not receiving additional education or supervision because he was living under Covid.

“I believe they thought he was playing out, happy and boisterous.

“I expected that any bruises shown would have been discussed with the health care team to have an idea of where it was.

The most important thing to do is speak with the child. I don’t know if that ever happened.

“Equally, it is a society responsibility in relation to him cries were so unusual if we had an anonymous phone call from one the neighbours that could give them more power to investigate.

“He wasn’t on any child protection lists. He wasn’t the kind of child you would consider to be a priority.

It comes as the ex-head of the council department that failed Arthur Labinjo-Hughes announced she was retiring weeks after his murder – but refused to apologise yesterday.

Six-year-old Louise Rees died in a car accident. Sources claim that Louise Rees, sixty, resigned from Solihull Council shortly afterwards.

But she was allowed to keep working, and drawing her £123,000 salary, for another 12 months while a replacement was sought. When contacted by Daily Mail, Mrs Rees did not apologize.

Louise Rees (pictured), 60, tendered her resignation to Solihull Council chiefs shortly after the six-year-old¿s death sent shockwaves around the children¿s services department, sources said

Louise Rees (pictured), 60. She resigned from Solihull Council shortly after six-year-old died. Sources claimed shockwaves erupted around the department of children’s services.

The ex-head of the council department that failed Arthur Labinjo-Hughes (pictured) announced she was retiring weeks after his murder ¿ but refused to apologise yesterday

The ex-head of the council department that failed Arthur Labinjo-Hughes (pictured) announced she was retiring weeks after his murder – but refused to apologise yesterday

Mrs Rees is likely to have left with a generous lump sum and an annual pension of at least £40,000. She is currently retired and loves it according to her LinkedIn profile.

The career civil servant also left her previous job at Stoke City Council, where she was the £140,000-a-year director of children and family services, a week before it too was lambasted for serious failings.

Ofsted inspectors concluded that Mrs Rees was responsible for a’serious decline’ in services to children during her tenure. This is due to ‘poor leadership, poor management oversight, and a dearth of performance inspection.

The children were not being protected and faced a ‘risk of severe harm’ because they had suffered ‘widespread, serious failures.

Though inspectors were not able to single out specific individuals, the February 2019 report by them was clear.

They stated that leaders and managers had failed to recognize and manage risks at all levels of an organisation.

A 2015 inspection found that the services were either poor or in need of improvement. The council chiefs did not know this.

Eleanor Brazil was appointed to the review of the department in the aftermath of the report. She is the government commissioner who led the turnaround at Haringey Council, north London, after the Baby P scandal.

Boris Johnson has said he found it difficult to read about Arthur’s case, saying on a by-election campaign visit in Oswestry, Shropshire: ‘I just want to say on the tragic and appalling case of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, like many people I find it hard to read it, let alone to understand how people could behave like that to a defenceless little child.

And I must admit, that while I was glad to see justice done in that they both got harsh sentences, that does not mean that it is a consolation. We need to learn our lessons from that case.

“And although it’s early days, I can assure you that we won’t stop trying to figure out what happened in this appalling case.” 

Boy that never had a chance. He was abused and mocked by his father, stepmother, and killer mother. 


Februar: Arthur’s biological mother, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, 29, kills her partner Gary Cunningham by  stabbing him 12 times with a kitchen knife. 

Arthur moves into the care and custody of Thomas Hughes (29). He meets Emma Tustin (32), later online. 

Hughes and Arthur later moved in an annexe to the backyard of Arthur’s parent’s yard. 

Arthur’s grandmother stated that Arthur started out nervy but grew to be a happy, well-rounded kid. 

August: Hughes and Tustin met on Plenty of Fish, a dating site. The couple went out for their first date at a pub.   

Tustin didn’t reveal in 2013 that she tried to kill herself. 

She didn’t even reveal where her children lived with their fathers. 

Hughes proposed Tustin as Arthur after three dates.

September: Blake Hughes, Hughes’ brother said that his nephew’s behavior had ‘changed quite a bit’. 

According to him, his brother was more nervous about being told off and his brother was’much stricter’.

Hughes also remembered an argument with Tustin over Arthur buying him a Subway sandwich. She said it was “an unnecessary treat.”

October: Aileen Cartabine, special education coordinator at Arthur’s school said Arthur had “deteriorated” that month. 

He became less friendly, more anxious, and was more cautious. 

November: Thomas met Joanne, his mother to discuss growing concern about Thomas’s behaviour. 

Teachers stated that Arthur was experiencing nightmares and would speak of his father’s death.

Hughes fell pregnant with Tustin, and she had a miscarriage.

December: Arthur became upset during a Christmas nativity when the baby was taken out of its crib. 

Hughes proposed to Tustin within the annexe. 


JanuaryArthur’s school begins to raise concern about Arthur, such as his clinginess and obsessive use of soft toys. 

February: Tustin brought Arthur along to get her hair cut. Arthur was forced to sit on a wooden table and keep his hands down. 

MarchHughes and Arthur arrive in Solihull to live with Tustin. 

April 16:  Arthur’s paternal grandmother, Joanne Hughes, made a call to Solihull council’s emergency team to report bruises on his shoulders.

April 17, 2009 Social worker Jayne Kavanagh and support worker Angela Scarlett-Coppage visit Tustin’s home but report ‘no concerns’. 

April 20Joanne Hughes, a desperate teenager, tells Arthur’s high school about her referral to social service four days prior. Michelle Hull is the safeguarding leader at Dickens Heath Primary School. She contacts social services, but they say that there are no concerns. 

April (specific date unknown): Thomas Hughes slanders Arthur’s school online, insisting that he is “doing grand”. 

April (Specific date unknown): Arthur’s uncle Daniel Hughes tries alerting police about Arthur’s bruises. 

May/June (specific date unclear): When John Dutton, Tustin’s stepfather, says he made an anonymous call to social services.

June 8: Hughes refused to send Arthur back, even though Arthur’s school had reopened. His son complained of a poor night’s rest and he would return him the next day. 

Arthur never wanted to go back to school.  

June 12-15: Arthur spent more than 35 hours in isolation in the hallway.

Arthur was forced to stand for 19 minutes in the hallway on Friday as Tustin and Arthur ate McDonald’s together in her living room.

On Saturday Arthur was made to stand in the hall for 11 hours and 49 minutes. 

Hughes is seen hitting Hughes on the head, while Tustin grabs Hughes by the scruff and drags Hughes from the kitchen into the hallway.

They spent their time enjoying ice cream and the hot tub in their backyard.

Arthur spent Sunday in the hall for 10 hours 54 minutes. He was made to wear a fleece onesie.

June 15: Tustin is seen waking Arthur up at 7.06am by ripping his bedding from underneath him.  

A horrifying last video captures Arthur in agony trying to get a duvet out of the bedroom floor where he was force to sleep.  

June 16: Arthur suffered an ‘unsurvivable injury’ caused by Tustin repeatedly banging his head on a hard surface. 

June 17: Arthur died at the hospital after his life support system was turned off.  

July 2, 2021:  Labinjo-Halcrow is jailed for 11 years for killing Mr Cunningham.