Bayern Munich is told to play in empty stadiums once again as Germany looks at shutting down fans throughout the country due to Covid spike

  • Bayern Munich were told that they would be back behind closed doors.
  • Bavarian Prime Minister insists he will impose restrictions, regardless of the agreement made by Germany’s national government Tuesday afternoon
  • Markus Soder said, “It doesn’t make sense in the future to admit viewers.”
  • Covid-19 Omicron has seen a massive increase in European cases

Bayern Munich is preparing for their home matches at the Allianz Arena, as Germany responds to an increase in coronavirus infection.

Europe is seeing a rise in Omicron-related cases. Bavaria has taken a few measures to try to stop this spread.

All Christmas markets in the area – usually a huge hit among residents and tourists – have been cancelled, and football is now also heading back behind closed doors, starting with Bayern’s Champions League clash against Barcelona next Wednesday.

Bundesliga champions Dortmund are at home at the weekend before Barca arrives at the Allianz Arena just a few days later.

Bayern next faces Mainz, which will be played on December 11th. This is another match that has no expected fans. 

Bayern Munich will be playing to empty crowds again, much like the start of the pandemic

Bayern Munich will again play to empty audiences, just like when the pandemic began.

The team are top of the Bundesliga, but crowds are set to be told they cannot attend matches

While the Bundesliga is dominated by this team, it’s set for crowds to be told that matches are not possible.

On Tuesday, the national government will consult to determine next steps. However, Markus Soder, Bavarian Prime Minister, has already decided his decision. He stated: “It doesn’t make sense in the near future to allow viewers again.   

It is important that viewers are not allowed to view our television programs. We would only do this for Bavaria if it doesn’t work at federal level.

Soder justified his decision with this tweet: “The current irresponsibility of high mobility in traveling to the club from and to the club is evident.” Football has been a role model. Now, we must reduce contact everywhere.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz will discuss the Covid crisis at noon on Tuesday with heads of federal countries. This is where the final decision for the entire country will be taken. 

Bavaria is currently home to three Bundesliga teams: Champions Bayern and Augsburg; Greuther Furth, three teams from the second division, also affected.     

Bavaria, a southern German state, was home to two new Omicron coronavirus cases.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder (right) says it 'makes no sense' to allow fans to attend

Bavarian Prime minister Markus Soder (right), says it makes no sense to permit fans to attend

There have been protests in Munich urging residents to take off their masks despite the surge

Munich residents were urged to remove their masks, despite the recent surge in protests


Germany had another 45.753 coronavirus-related deaths Tuesday and 388 new cases on Tuesday. The seven-day average number of cases per 100,000 population fell slightly the first three weeks.

Alexander De Croo, the Prime Minister of Belgium, warned that infection rates in the country were now worse than ever. He announced that nightclubs would have to close and that restaurants and bars will be closed at 11pm.

Austria was the first European nation to act in the aftermath of Omicron’s variant. They were forced into a fourth lockdown.

It is unlikely that hotels, restaurants, bars and football stadiums will reopen before 13 December, leaving only 12 days to Christmas.

Two people carrying the variant arrived in Germany via Munich Airport on November 24th, before South Africa was declared a region with a high risk of developing the virus. They are now being isolated, according to Bavaria’s health ministry.

After hearing about the variant’s new version, both men came forward to continue their investigations.

According to the Bavarian ministry, anyone in South Africa within the past 14 days must immediately decrease contacts and take a PCR test.

Ministry spokesperson: “Bavaria has quickly responded to the new variant.” It must be stopped from spreading.

49 passengers arrived from Cape Town Friday and are currently quarantined in Bavaria. Bavarian Ministry said that coronavirus was detected in two international passengers.

Only 68.3 percent of Germany’s population, which is approximately 83 million, has been fully immunized. This rate is far below the levels in other southern European countries like Portugal or Spain. Spahn stated that around 10% of people have received booster shots.

According to the Robert Koch Institute of infectious diseases, Germany had 67.125 coronavirus new cases as of Saturday. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 100,000 have been infected with COVID-19.

Munich's famous Christmas markets, a huge draw for tourists, have already been cancelled

Munich’s Christmas Markets, which were once a major draw for tourists, are now cancelled

A decision on whether fans can attend matches outside of Bavaria will be made on Tuesday

The Tuesday decision regarding whether or not fans are allowed to attend matches outside Bavaria will come down