The latest Ford Mondeo – the family car that gave us ‘Mondeo Man’, the so-called middle-ground voter who could swing elections – has been unveiled today, showing a sharp new design that’s aimed at buyers of executive models.

However, it will not be sold to Britons.

This is because the new fifth-generation Mondeo was created exclusively for China. The long-running saloon cars will disappear from UK showrooms within a few months.

Ford's new Mondeo that Britons can't buy: This is the fifth-generation family saloon that is exclusively for the Chinese market

Ford’s brand new Mondeo, which is unavailable to Britons: The fifth-generation family car is made only for the Chinese market.

Ford announced last year that it will cease production of the Mondeo for Europe in March 2022. It will end a 29-year run for Mondeo man

Ford made it clear last year that they will stop producing the Mondeo in Europe from March 2022. This will bring an end to a 29 year-long run of Mondeo Man production.

Ford took the cover of the new Mondeo from its China Design Centre, Shanghai on Monday.

China has sold the Mondeo since 2002. This is almost 10 years after its arrival in UK showrooms. It also marks five years since it was used by New Labour and Tony Blair as a tool to win swing voters during their 1997 landslide victory. 

Mondeo Man traded his saloon long ago for an SUV, and since then the swing voters were dubbed Qashqai Mum and Dad.

Ford chiefs described the next-generation Mondeo to be a sporty sedan-style coupe that’s brimming full of technology and showing Ford’s bold new design language.

Mondeo has been sold in China since 2002, some 9 years after it hit UK showrooms

Mondeo was first introduced in the UK 9 years ago, and has been selling in China ever since.

Bosses describe the next-generation car as a 'sporty coupe-style sedan brimming with technology and showcasing Ford's bold new design language for China'

The next-generation Ford car will be described by Bosses as a sporty sedan-style coupe that is loaded with technology, and will showcase Ford’s bold design language in China.

MaurizioTocco, Ford Motor Company’s chief designer, commented on the car. He said that it was a great honor and challenge to design the next generation Mondeo, a famous nameplate.

“We were determined to honor and recognize the past while improving the customer experience. 

The customer always comes first in the design process. This is why we are constantly looking at innovative ways to integrate what they want and need into the design. 

Ford unveiled the new fifth-generation Mondeo at its China Design Centre in Shanghai on Monday

Ford showcased the fifth-generation Mondeo in Shanghai’s China Design Centre on Monday

The new Mondeo will be sold in China with the choice of a turbocharged 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engines - and a plug-in hybrid at a later date

China will sell the new Mondeo with a choice of turbocharged 1.5-litre or 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine – as well as a plug in hybrid.

This new Mondeo will be produced in a joint venture between Ford and Chinese firm Changan in Chongqing and is set to hit showrooms from the second quarter of 2022

Ford will produce the new Mondeo in collaboration with Chinese company Changan, Chongqing. It is due to be in dealerships by 2022.

It will be sold with the choice of a turbocharged 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engines, the latter offering up to 238bhp.

The plug-in hybrid model will come out at a later time, although there are currently no plans to make it fully electric. 

This four-door sedan will be made in partnership between Ford and Changan, a Chinese company. It is expected to arrive in showrooms in April.

However, the Fusion might still be offered in America as an option. The decision to not make it available there was already made last year by Ford chiefs. 

Mondeo Man to be killed off in two months: Ford has confirmed the 29-year run for the once-popular family car will end in March when Mondeo production is halted for good

Mondeo Man is to be shut down in just two months. Ford confirmed that Mondeo’s 29-year tenure will come to an end when Mondeo production stops for good.

Ford will end the Mondeo brand in Britain starting March

Ford has announced that it will ‘phase out’ the Mondeo by March 2020 due to ‘changing trends’. This includes the increased demand for SUVs as well as the shift from saloon cars towards them.

In a March statement, the company stated that “As Ford shifts to an all-electric passenger car future, European consumers preferences continue to change.”

‘In 2020, 39 per cent of Ford’s passenger vehicle sales were SUVs and crossovers – up eight percentage points from 2019.

“Moreover, customers have shown more faith in electrification technology, with over 50% of Kuga owners buying a Kuga plug and-in hybrid.”

Ford’s killer punch was to add: “Ford will discontinue the Mondeo large car at the beginning of March 2019.”

The existing Mondeo (pictured) will remain on sale in the UK until March but then be removed from the European market entirely

The Mondeo, as shown in this photo (pictured), will continue to be sold in the UK through March. However, it will soon be pulled from all European markets. 

The existing Mondeo - the fourth-generation car - is currently priced from £27,155

The existing Mondeo – the fourth-generation car – is currently priced from £27,155

Ford recently tried to boost the appeal of the Mondeo with the introduction of hybrid versions. However, it did little to improve sales

Ford introduced hybrid models recently to increase the Mondeo’s appeal. But it didn’t help sales.

‘Ford’s other large crossover and multi-purpose vehicles – the seven-seat Ford Galaxy and Ford S-MAX – will continue in production, with full hybrid versions of both recently launched.’

Ford spokesmen added, “The Mondeo market segment has been shrinking for years. It is now down approximately 80 percent since the turn of the century.”

“Our reasoning is the same as other recent statements… it all comes down to customer preference, as more people opt for crossovers and SUVs. We’re also evolving Europe’s passenger car range to address those customer requirements as we transition to all-electric vehicles. 

The term 'Mondeo Man' - used to represent ‘Middle Britain’ and the successor to Sierra Man – was cited as sweeping the Tony Blair Labour government to a landslide victory in 1997

The term ‘Mondeo Man’ – used to represent ‘Middle Britain’ and the successor to Sierra Man – was cited as sweeping the Tony Blair Labour government to a landslide victory in 1997

The Mondeo took the British Touring Car Championship title in 2000 in the hands of Alain Menu. Pictured: Menu's teammate Anthony Reid, who finished as runner-up in the driver's standings in the 2000 BTCC season

Alain Menu won the British Touring Car Championship title for the Mondeo in 2000. Pictured: Menu’s teammate Anthony Reid, who finished as runner-up in the driver’s standings in the 2000 BTCC season

The Ford Mondeo has even played a role on the silver screen. It was used in 2006 Bond film Casino Royale, driven by Daniel Craig in his maiden appearance as 007

Ford Mondeos have even been seen on silver screens. In 2006 Bond movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig drove it as the 007 in his first appearance.

Mondeos have been a firm favourite with police forces for three decades

Police forces have loved Mondeos for over 30 years

The 1993 Ford Mondeo, which was launched in 1993 was the first Ford car to receive a global slap and the first vehicle in Britain to include airbags.

Mondeo has been sold in excess of five million units since its European launch, where it was replacing the Ford Sierra.

The car also competed well in racing, winning the British Touring Car Championship 2000 as well as other races across Europe.

Even though the Mondeo was in Bond films, Daniel Craig drove him as Bond in Casino Royale 2006 and gave him the title of ‘Bondeo Man. 

For years, the Mondeo was a favourite among police officers across the country and is still a preferred patrol car. 

The Mondeo was seen as a game-changer in the family-model sector when it hit the market. Even Jeremy Clarkson rated it

It was immediately a breakthrough product in the field of family-models, and the Mondeo was widely acclaimed upon its launch. It was rated by even Jeremy Clarkson

The Mondeo was, in first-generation guise, available as a hatchback and this marginally longer saloon variant

First-generation Mondeos were available in two versions: a saloon and a hatchback.

Practical and good to drive, the Mondeo won over plenty in the motor industry - even if the looks weren't to all tastes

The Mondeo is practical and easy to drive. It won the heart of the motoring industry, even though it wasn’t for everyone.

When Ford brought the Mondeo to market in 1993, it was the first model to have airbags as standard across trim levels

Ford’s 1993 introduction of the Mondeo was the first vehicle to offer airbags across all trim levels.

The existing model remains on sale in the UK until March, with prices currently starting from £27,155. 

Ford tried to increase demand for the Mondeo estate and Mondeo hatchback in 2019, but it was unsuccessful. 

Ford sold more Mondeos than 86 500 in 2001. However, annual sales dropped to just 2,400 units by 2020. This was due to semiconductor shortages.

In 1997, Ford updated the mk1 Mondeo with rounder looks that became a huge hit with Britons

Ford updated the Mk1 Mondeo in 1997 to have a rounder appearance that was a hit with Britons

Ford has had some interesting advertising campaigns for Mondeo throughout its near-three-decade-long tenure, including one featuring Tom and Jerry

Ford has had some interesting advertising campaigns for Mondeo throughout its near-three-decade-long tenure, including one featuring Tom and Jerry

The second-generation Mondeo was available in UK dealership from 2001 and remained on sale until 2007

From 2001, the second-generation Mondeo was in UK dealers and it remained there until 2007.

This third generation of the Ford Mondeo was introduced in 2007

In 2007, Ford Mondeo 3 was released.

The third-generation Mondeo was facelifted in 2010 and remained on sale until 2014, when the current car replaced it. By this time, SUV popularly had seen Mondeo sales dip

In 2010, the third generation Mondeo received a facelift and was still in production until 2014. Popularly, the SUV had already seen Mondeo sales drop by then. 


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