An ex-Afghan President claimed that he SAVED LIVES by running away from Taliban who seized Kabul.

  • Former president Ashraf Ghani claims his decision to flee the country saved lives
  • He claims that if he didn’t resist the Taliban, more blood would have been shed. 
  • This comes at a time when the country is in crisis and warnings that children may starve to death
  • He is now living in UAE and denies claims that he stole public funds prior to fleeing  

The Taliban captured Kabul in Afghanistan and the former Afghan president fled. He claimed that his actions saved thousands of lives.

Ashraf said that more blood could have been spilled if Ashraf had refused to give in to the militants after they took control of the remainder of the country earlier in the year.

Afghanistan faces a humanitarian crisis, with aid agencies warning that a million Afghan children may starve this winter. 

Yet in an interview with the former chief of the UK’s Armed Forces on Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday, Mr Ghani said he’d prevented Kabul’s destruction.

‘Two factions of the Taliban were closing in from two directions,’ he said. 

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani recounted his final hours in office in an interview aired by the BBC on Thursday

In an interview broadcast by BBC, on Thursday, Ashraf Ghani, former Afghan president recounted his last hours as office.

‘The possibility of a conflict between them that would destroy the city and bring havoc to the people was enormous. 

“On the morning of that particular day.” [August 15], I had no inkling I’d be leaving. 

‘My security advisers told me they’d be killed if I stayed. 

‘I was given two minutes to make up my mind.’

According to General Sir Nick Carter’s statement, Mr Ghani is now in UAE and denied that he had stolen public funds before fleeing.