Ray Illingworth (the only England cricket captain who led a team to Ashes series win in Australia) dies at the tender age of 89

  • Ray Illingworth, former England Test Cricket captain, has passed away at the age of just 89.
  • Illingworth received radiotherapy treatment for eopphageal Cancer.
  • He was the one who led England to the victory in Ashes Down Under, during the 1970-71 series  

Yorkshire has announced that Ray Illingworth, a former captain of England, has passed away at the age 89.

Illingworth led England to victory in the Test Series with 2-0 score over Australia. He was currently undergoing radiotherapy treatment for esophageal and other cancers.

Between 1958 and 1973 Illingworth was a Test player for England. He scored 1,836 runs on an average of 23.24, and took 122 wickets at 31.20.

Former cricketer Ray Illingworth has died at the age of 89, his former club Yorkshire confirmed

Ray Illingworth, a former cricketer who died in Yorkshire at the age of just 89 has been confirmed as his death.

Illingworth (left) stands watches on along with John Edrich (right) during an England Test match with the West Indies

John Edrich (right), and Illingworth (left), watch over John Edrich as they play England in a Test match against the West Indies. 

England’s captain was a 31-time winner, and he won 12 matches. Australia’s victory in 1971 is still the only time Australia has ever lost a Test series at home while losing one game. 

Illingworth was chairman of the selectors for England 1993-1996 and co-coached them 1995-1996.

Shirley was killed in a battle with cancer earlier this year. Illingworth supported assisted death and offered his support.

He stated, “I don’t want to go through the 12 months my wife spent in hospital,” She was in terrible pain and had to go from one hospital after another.

Illingworth became the chairman of the board of selectors for England while Mike Atherton was captain

Illingworth was elected chairman of the England board of selectors, while Mike Atherton became captain.

Illingworth (batting at the crease) scored 1,836 Test runs at an average of 23.24 for England

Illingworth (batting at the crease) scored 1,836 Test runs at an average of 23.24 for England

“I believe in assisted death. As my wife experienced, I didn’t find any joy in living the past 12 months. To be fair, it was not what I wanted.

“But we don’t currently have any assisted dying laws in England, so it’s not an option for you. The idea is currently being debated and I am certain it will be eventually.

Although many doctors don’t believe in it, they could reconsider their position if they saw my wife’s last year of life. 

Yorkshire made a tribute to Illingworth by posting on Twitter: “We are very saddened to hear that Ray Illingworth is dead.”

“Our thoughts are with Ray’s family and all the Yorkshire families that held Ray close to their hearts #OneRose.” 

Illingworth chats to a reporter

Illingworth with the league trophy for Yorkshire

Illingworth was England’s captain 31 times and played for Yorkshire domestically.