A former extra on the hit Netflix drama ‘The Crown’ who convinced teenage girls to carry out sexual acts for money, gifts and oyster card top ups has been convicted of rape. 

John Bancroft, 68, targeted seven teenage girls online by offering ‘sugar daddy’ experiences and subjected at least one victim to bondage, domination and sado-masochistic sexual practice, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Graham Manicom, his younger half-brother, is also implicated in the abuses of the young victims.

Jurors were informed that they had sexually abused one girl at a Hotel Ibis near Stratford, East London. 

Bancroft’s illegal activities were discovered by a sister who was one of the victims and contacted police May 2017. His devices were later analyzed and he was eventually arrested.

Bancroft was convicted of four counts of rape and meeting a child following sexual grooming by a jury, while Manicom admitted two counts of paying for the sexual services of a child during the trial.

They were remanded in custody ahead of sentence on 14 February next year. 

John Bancroft, 68, targeted seven teenage girls online by offering 'sugar daddy' experiences and subjected at least one victim to bondage, domination and sado-masochistic sexual practice, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard

His younger half-brother Graham Manicom, 62, was also involved in the abuse of the young victims

John Bancroft (left) targeted seven teenager girls online with’sugar daddy” experiences. At least one victim was subject to bondage and domination, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard. Graham Manicom (right), his younger brother, was involved in the abuses of young victims.

Speaking after the brothers were convicted, prosecutor Olivia Ball said: ‘John Bancroft was a manipulative, predatory and sickening man who was old enough to be the grandfather of the girls he targeted.

These girls were his victims. He selected vulnerable girls – many of them without father figures and with limited sexual experience.

“In return for money these young girls were expected to submit to Bancroft’s sexual desires which included sado-masochistic acts and group sex.

“Graham Manicom” was not a stranger to the activities of his brother and was willing participant.

“The prosecution case against defendants consisted of strong witness testimony by the victims, telephone evidence and DNA evidence taken from sex toys discovered at Bancroft’s home address.

“The victims have displayed remarkable courage throughout the investigation and prosecution in this case.” CPS is determined to bring the sexual offenders before justice.

Bancroft, described by the prosecution as a ‘former Netflix Crown extra and union employee’, met his victims at hotels, then paid them up to £200 a week to engage in sexual acts.

To lower their inhibitions, he also suggested alcohol.

Bancroft sent photographs of his genitals and encouraged the girls to return them with indecent photos.

Manicom convinced several of his victims to join him in threesomes.

Bancroft calls his victims sugar babies or princesses, showering them with money, food, and gifts.

A girl asked him to become her mentor, father, provider, lover.

Bancroft met women at London’s hotels as well as at home.

Bancroft was described by the prosecution as a 'former Netflix Crown extra and union employee'. Pictured: Claire Foy and Matt Smith on set for The Crown in 2016

The prosecution described Bancroft as an “former Netflix Crown Extra and Union Employee”. Pictured are Claire Foy (left) and Matt Smith (right), on the set of The Crown 2016.

Ms Ball told the court that Bancroft wanted to seek her assistance. [the teenage girls]Through a website for children dating. Once he gained their trust, he would cover the cost of sexual services. These were vulnerable young girls.’ 

Kelly Ryan is a detective from Modern Slavery and Child Exploitation. Kelly Ryan said that Bancroft and Manicom were mentally ill individuals who attacked vulnerable girls in order to obtain twisted gratification. These men are the grandfathers of the victims and their manipulations have left a lasting impact on the lives of the girls they victimized.

The brothers held a large power differential over victims. They were highly calculating and targeted girls with financial concerns, distance from families or previous abuse.

“The seven victims that assisted the police during this prolonged investigation were extremely brave and strong throughout the trial. This result is a great start for them to find closure.

“I applaud also the sister of one victim, who did everything right by reaching out to us and sharing her concerns. The investigation was launched and revealed the extent of Bancroft’s crimes.

“I urge anyone with a similar experience as the victims to contact police and make a report. All reports will be taken seriously and we are here to support you.

Bancroft had earlier admitted five counts of paying for the sexual services of a child, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, attempted sexual communication with a child and nine counts of attempted causing or inciting the sexual exploitation of a child, as well as seven counts of taking indecent images and six counts of distributing indecent images of children.

Manicom of Waltham Abbey in Essex and Bancroft of Buckhurst Hill in Essex were both remanded into custody before being sentenced.