Ex-Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge is forced to pay up £22,400 to the man who found his dog after he begged for his beloved Pomeranian’s return on social media – but never paid the big-money reward

  • Daniel Sturridge has been ordered to pay £22,400 to the man who found his dog 
  • Sturridge’s Pomeranian was taken from his Los Angeles residence in 2019. 
  • He promised £22,400 to whoever could find his beloved dog, named Lucci
  • Foster Washington (local musician) found the dog, but did not receive any payment
  • Los Angeles Court has ordered Sturridge make payment to Washington 

Former Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge has been ordered to pay £22,400 to a man who found his lost dog  in 2019.

Sturridge, now 32, made a plea on social media after his beloved Pomeranian dog named Lucci, who is worth up to £4,000, was stolen after his Los Angeles house was burgled in July 2019, with bags also taken. 

The footballer promised a reward of £22,400 ($30,000) to whoever found the pet but Foster Washington, a local musician who found the dog, filed a lawsuit in May  stating Sturridge still owed him the reward money.

A Los Angeles court has now ordered Sturridge to pay Washington $30,085 (£22426) after he did not honour the reward.

According to court documents, a default judgement was rendered. This means that Sturridge didn’t answer the complaint.

Daniel Sturridge has been ordered to pay £22,400 promised to the man who found his dog

Daniel Sturridge has been ordered to pay £22,400 promised to the man who found his dog

Sturridge was furious on Instagram after his house was burgled and his dog was stolen

The footballer shared a video showing the damage caused, including a broken door

After his home was burglarized and his dog stolen in 2019, Sturridge took to Instagram furious. Foster Washington (a local musician) found the Pomeranian, but didn’t receive any payment

Washington is a rapper whose name is Killa Fame. He said that he was ‘let down by Sturridge.

He said, “Hope he pays up” and that he wouldn’t appeal the decision.

“I’m thrilled about it. This case has been fought for more than a decade, and it’s finally over.

“When I found my dog, I believed that everything would be better.” 

A Los Angeles court has told the former Liverpool man to pay Washington £22,400

A Los Angeles court has told the former Liverpool man to pay Washington £22,400

Washington said that he still had to make arrangements with Sturridge for the payment.

For comment, representatives from Sturridge were contacted.

Sturridge, who is a frequent Instagram user, put up a job advertisement this year for a Perth barber. He now plays for the A-League side Perth Glory. 

A video of him singing an original coronavirus tune earlier in the month was also posted by the artist.

Sturridge shared the image of his burglary on Instagram. Detectives arrived later to collect evidence. 

The footballer, who was able to take fingerprints of a door that had been broken, took the matter into his own hands and pleaded for assistance on social media.  

Sturridge was the most angry about losing his favorite pet Lucci. He insisted that the dognappers should be allowed to return home ‘if necessary’.

Sturridge launched an online tirade of anger, saying: “Listen, someone broke into my house in LA and took my dog.” You know who broke in to my crib? I will pay anything. 

‘I’m dead serious. I need to know the truth. I don’t want my dog to be taken away. I also want to understand why bags were stolen from upstairs. I want to know what the f*** has gone on, I’m dead serious. 

The Pomeranian, named Lucci, was found by local musician Foster Washington who shared pictures on social media and helped reunite Sturridge with his dog

Foster Washington, a local musician, found the Pomeranian named Lucci and shared photos on social media. This helped Sturridge reunite with his dog.

Is it crazy to think that you can break into someone’s house in LA and take their dog. What if you want to adopt a pet dog in your house? 

“Yo! Please find my dog. I am willing to pay for my dog’s return.   

Washington, who is a Killa Fame rapper, tweeted a message asking for help in finding the puppy.  

Sturridge posted later a “thank you message” acknowledging that he was delighted to have his dog found. He also thanked all those who shared the news on social media.