A cheeky yet vengeful revenge from the royal painter: An ex-model reveals that an artist called her nude portrait “Aging Dancer” after she failed to get her a bed.

  • Royal artist produced a tasteful picture of model Caroline Brown from behind
  • It was revealed to her by him in his studio.
  • She believes he did this as he was ‘slightly annoyed’ he wasn’t able to bed her

A former model has revealed that a royal artist who painted her nude portrait titled it Aging Dancer in revenge for her not sleeping with him.

Caroline Brown wore Norman Hutchinson’s robes after she shared several champagne bottles with him to celebrate her 50th Birthday.

This artist was once a painter for the Queen and Prince Philip. He also had a reputation as a playboy.

But, he revealed to her that he had given the title an inexplicable name. 

Caroline Brown disrobed for Norman Hutchinson after they shared several bottles of champagne to mark her 50th birthday

Caroline Brown was dressed for Norman Hutchinson, after she had received several champagne bottles to celebrate her 50th Birthday

Now 74-year-old Miss Brown believes that he did it because he was annoyed that he couldn’t bed her like his other models. The painting is expected to fetch £2,500 when it is auctioned tomorrow.

Miss Brown was also an ex-classical dancer. 

As I approached 40, he asked for my portrait. As I approached 50 years old, he asked me to take my portrait and I told him that I was reflecting upon my life. 

He asked, “Can you paint me to capture that moment of inner reflection?”Then he said, ‘It would be nice if I were in the nude.

Miss Brown, who also used to be a classical dancer, said: 'Norman was eccentric and pushed boundaries but he was also a deeply intelligent and cultured man'

Miss Brown was also an ex-classical dancer. She said that although Norman was eccentric, he was also very intelligent and cultural.

“I liked that sound and we had several glasses of champagne one Sunday and took many photos. My next visit, he invited to my studio. He pulled down a towel to show me his painting. I was a laughing wreck when he told me that the title of his painting was Aging Dancer.

“It seems that he felt somewhat upset about not being allowed to put me down as he preferred to place his models in bed, and that this was his way of getting back at him.” 

Miss Brown stated that she was not offended by the portrait and had always loved it ‘because it captured my inner thoughts’. However, she doesn’t have enough space in her London apartment for it anymore. Hutchinson was also the painter of Prince Philip and Queen Mother. 

He died, aged 78, in 2010. Victor Fauvelle (head of paintings, auctioneers Woolley and Wallis), of Salisbury in Wiltshire said, ‘This portrait is incredibly striking, beautifully executed and a masterpiece by an artist who has an exceptional eye.

“Hutchinson was a playful person, but he also had great skills.”

Miss Brown stated that Norman was a special man, and she misses him very much.

The artist once painted the Queen and Prince Philip

Once, the artist had painted Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.