Ex-Jealous 220lb New York Jets runningback Zac Stacy punches, throws around his ex-girlfriend like a ragdoll before going on the run

  • Video surveillance at home shows Zac Stacy (30) attacking his mother in front their five-month old son.
  • Stacy is now being restraining ordered by the victim
  • You can hear her asking Stacy to stop the disturbing video
  • It all began on Saturday, when the ex-football player went to his son’s home at 2 pm.
  • However, once he was there, he became jealous and began to attack his ex.
  • Before he punched her repeatedly in her head, he dragged her off the couch and threw her into the television. She fell onto the screen.

An ex-New York Jets running back was caught on camera punching his ex girlfriend, before sheslinging him into the TV in her Florida house.

Video surveillance shows Zac Stacy (30) attacking his mother in front her five-month old son. This was captured at their Florida home. 

Kristin Evans posted the video on social media.   

Evans has now filed for a restraining order against Stacy, a former fifth round pick who played in eight games for the Jets in 2015.

Stacy had previously spent two seasons with the St. Louis Rams. In 2019, he played with the Memphis Express in the then-defunct Alliance of American Football. 

In the video, Evans begs Stacy for help in a disturbing scene.

Evans stated on Wednesday via social media that Stacy remains at-large in Nashville.  

Home surveillance footage shows Zac Stacy, 30, attacking the mother of his child in front of their five-month-old son on Saturday

Video surveillance at home shows Zac Stacy (30) attacking his mother in front their five-month old son.

She can be heard begging for Stacy to stop in the disturbing video.

In the video, you can hear her begging Stacy for help.

The incident began when the former football player visited his son at his ex's house at around 2pm on Saturday. But once there, he flew into a jealous rage and attacked his ex, punching her multiple times in the head before dragging her from the couch and throwing her into the TV, which then fell on her

At around 2 pm on Saturday, the ex-football player went to his son’s home. He then flew into jealousy and began to attack his ex.

The victim, Kristin Evans, posted the videos herself on social media Wednesday

Kristin Evans posted the videos on Wednesday as a victim.

Zac Stacy's ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans

Kristin Evans, Zac’s ex-girlfriend was Kristin Stacy

Stacy and his ex-girlfriend Evans back in their days at Vanderbilt University

Evans was Stacy’s ex-girlfriend back when they were at Vanderbilt University. 

At around 2pm Saturday afternoon, Evans invited the ex-football player to visit his son.

However, Evans became jealous and began to attack Evans. He punched Evans repeatedly in the head and then dragged Evans off the couch before throwing Evans into the TV. 

“He punched me multiple times in my head!” He punched me repeatedly in the head, and I begged him not to continue, because the baby was just a few feet away from the spot where he did it, Evans said in Evans’ restraining order request, which she first received by TMZ. 

Stacy joined the Jets in 2015 and previously played two seasons for the St. Louis Rams

Stacy was a 2015 Jets player and had previously been with the St. Louis Rams for two seasons.

Stacy played just 8 games with the Jets in 2015

Stacy was only 8 times with the Jets during 2015

“He picked me up, and then he threw my television into it.” He turned his head to ensure I was not getting up as the TV started to drop. 

“As I lay down on the ground, he shouted at me telling me that I was destructive. Then, he picked me up from the ground and slammed my body into his son’s seat.

Evans stated in his application that he feared for the lives of Evans and her children. It is not known if a judge approved the order.

Stacy, the victim claims that Stacy left after she attacked her and said “I love you” to the child before leaving. 

Evans was then taken to the hospital for treatment of a head injury and bleeding.  

Stacy joined the Jets in 2015 and previously played two seasons for the St. Louis Rams.