The real thing is even more amazing! Lech Walesa is the former Polish President and looks very much like Bono, with matching orange sunglasses.

  • Lech Walesa was the ex-Polish President. He wore orange colored glasses very similar to Bono, U2’s star.
  • Walesa (78) looked exactly like Bono with his brightly coloured glasses during the ceremony
  • Walesa participated in a ceremony to mark the 40th Anniversary of Imposition of Martial Law in Poland, 13 December 1981 

Lech Walesa was seen sporting bright orange sunglasses, reminiscent of the U2 singer. 

Walesa (78) looked exactly like Bono wearing his brightly coloured glasses at a ceremony in Northern Poland Monday night. 

Walesa added the orange sunglasses to the grey ensemble despite the fact that the ceremony was in the middle of the night. 

It was impossible to believe the striking resemblance that Walesa and Bono shared, who has worn orange glasses since decades. 

Former Polish President Lech Walesa


Lech Walesa, former Polish president, seemed to channel his inner Bono when he was seen wearing bright orange sunglasses similar to the U2 frontman.



Walesa (right), 78 years old, looked exactly like Bono in her fluorescent-coloured glasses at a Polish ceremony on Monday night 

Walesa was at a Gdansk celebration in north Poland marking the 40th Anniversary of the imposition and enforcement of martial law. 

The thirteenth of December 1981 was the The communist government in Poland, the Polish People’s Republic severely restricted daily life. It introduced martial law and a military dictatorship to combat political opposition. 

From July 1983 to July 1983, Poles lived in a closed community with dead telephone lines, curfews and streets manned by armed soldiers and tanks for 18 months.  

Walesa, along with other officials, placed flowers and candles Monday under the monument to the shipyard that used to be the leader.

Despite the ceremony taking place in the evening, Walesa decided to add a spot of colour to his grey outfit by adding the orange sunglasses

Walesa, despite it being in the late evening, decided to bring some colour into his gray outfit with the addition of the orange sunglasses

The resemblance between Walesa and Bono, who has worn his trademark orange glasses for decades, was uncanny

It was amazing to see the uncanny resemblance that Walesa and Bono shared, having worn their trademark orange glasses for over a decade.

Walesa played a pivotal role in Poland’s transition from being a Soviet member to becoming an independent, post-communist country.

He was an engineer by trade and an electrician by profession. Soon after starting work at Gdansk’s shipyard, Poland (now Lenin Shipyard), he became a vocal dissident, worker rights activist, and founded Solidarity, the first union in the Soviet bloc.  

Walesa was a strong advocate for worker rights and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1983. He later served as President of the United States from 1990-1995, and helped to oversee its transition to free market capitalism and privatization.