An ex-X Factor contestant is being held in jail for attempting to launch a hate campaign against her therapist weeks after receiving her release from prison.

Sharon Stewart, 49 years old, bombarded her psychotherapist in abusive emails. In 2015 she sent an email titled ‘gift card’ with which she wrote die’ and addressed it to him at his house address.

It’s over, it’s over. She wrote that “it’s all done now” and “it was nice to muck your life up.”

Some emails included vile insults. One even said, “Can you help me with all the voices in mine telling me to murder you?”

Walmer, near Deal, Kent mother of two claimed that she had started the abuse again after she was released from prison in July. She said she wanted to go back behind bars because she was no longer homeless.

She pleaded guilty to five violations of an indefinite order that prohibited her from speaking with her counsellor (who was not identified in court) for the rest of her life. This was after being last sentenced in 2018 for stalking and was then sent to prison for three years.

Her last hate campaign lasted three years. She set up fake Facebook profiles, bombarded him in hundreds of messages and slashed the car roof.

Due to bogus claims that she had made about her victim, the victim at Dover Counselling Centre was terminated. 

Sharon Stewart, 49, bombarded her psychotherapist with abusive emails during campaign

Sharon Stewart (49), bombarded her psychotherapist during the campaign with abusive emails

Her victim was fired from his job at Dover Counselling Centre as a result of bogus claims she made up about him.

Because of the bogus allegations she made about her victim’s job at Dover Counselling Centre, his victim was fired.

The fear made him install CCTV and consider moving.

Surprisingly, her last sentence at that court was when she shouted “I should have killed him” at his family.

Imogen Nelson, Prosecutor of the case stated that she had spoken at the hearing about 2018 and said: “This was a prolonged and disturbing campaign for stalking, which involved more than 100 events in three years.”

‘Food was thrown on his front door, bins emptied on his driveway and a hole was sliced in the soft top of his vehicle causing £500 of damage.’

According to the prosecutor, Stewart was her husband’s caretaker at that time. Stewart had only been under counsel from her victim for five months when her behavior towards her husband became “suggestive” and she began asking him to socialise.

After he turned down her offers, she began bombarding him and his son with emails.

After five months of questioning, the cops gave up on him and he was finally released.

He was sent one message, one of a crossbow and one gun. The chilling threat that he would be killed if he didn’t respond was the same as before.

She appeared on reality show the X Factor in 2015, but failed her audition in front of the judges

The reality television show X Factor featured her in 2015. However, she failed to pass the audition.

She also sent him another insinuating message, saying “Goodbye, Good riddance, and please die slowly!”

Police spoke to her victim, who said that she was freed at the end July. Within a week threats were made against my life. Harassment began.

“Once again, I considered this a threat to the life of my family.”

In 2018, he stated to the court that he was fired from his job, and is currently without work.

“I was also under investigation by police for 5 months before my case was dismissed.

“This has led to financial and emotional hardships, as well as worry. It feels as though I am being held captive at home.

“Anything that makes me grouchy in the middle of the night is a sign she’s back. I have been repeatedly threatened with my death. I am now constantly worried and anxious. This is an awful way to live your life.

Stewart was held in jail for 16 months by Judge Catherine Brown. She told Stewart that she had no doubt her threats would continue if she wasn’t arrested.

Judge added that he had observed your victim for three years and had a threatening behavior. The impact was significant.

You were released from custody in July 2021. Within two weeks, you harassed the victim and violated your restraining or.

“The contact that you had with the victim was abusive, threatening.

“The campaign against your victim was renewed until August 10, when you were detained. I don’t doubt that you would continue if you weren’t arrested.”

Kerry Waite Stewart, Stewart’s attorney at mitigation on Tuesday’s hearing stated that Stewart wanted to get arrested as she had been homeless since her release.

She stated that “She was at very low ebb” and thought that returning to prison would best suit her. This is a sad situation.

“She realizes that she is unable to conduct herself this way.”

Six years ago, Stewart was referred to as “Shazpaz” on The X Factor. She described herself as a judge Nick Grimshaw and a “basic housewife classically educated in choir at church.”

She forgot to sing Kiesza’s Hideaway so she had to use a hip-hop move called body popping.

Later, she claimed that footage from her embarrassing audition was edited to make viewers laugh and added that she had been “used” by the show.

In the same episode, Debbie Pinfold claimed that Stewart suggested to her son Ms Pinfold fix her computer. He left it in such disrepair that he didn’t even know how.