Four FBI agents had sex overseas with prostitutes and lied to the polygraph tester. Agents are now retired.

  • Four FBI agents were found to have sex overseas with prostitutes by the Department of Justice. They then told internal investigators about their actions.
  •  Internal investigation found the officers violated FBI and DOJ policies which prohibit the ‘solicitation of prostitution’ 
  • Fifth agent was found to also have tried to obtain a prostitute. However, they were unsuccessful.
  • Through a series interview and polygraph test, the behavior was revealed. 
  • One of the agents quit while two other retired. A fifth one was “removed” 

The Department of Justice has discovered that the FBI had four agents who had sex overseas with prostitutes. Another agent tried, but failed to do so.

These findings are directly contrary to policies regarding how FBI agents should behave, with policies from the Bureau and DOJ banning agents or employees paying for sex any time.

In an investigation of the officers involved in soliciting sex for prostitutes, it was found that they lacked candor. 

A second FBI official was also found to have lied about the Office of Inspector General, which was investigating the case.

The Department of Justice found four FBI agents had sex with prostitutes while working overseas and then lied about it during internal investigations (file photo)

Federal Bureau of Justice (file photo). Four FBI agents were caught having sex while on assignment overseas with prostitutes. The FBI then made internal inquiries and lied about the incident.

Internal investigation found the officers violated FBI and DOJ policies which prohibit the 'solicitation of prostitution'

Internal investigations revealed that officers were in violation of FBI and DOJ policies, which ban the’solicitation for prostitution’.

The polygraph was taken by the agent and they denied ever having had sex with a prostitute.

“The OIG investigation also found that five OIG officials failed to report contacts or relationships with foreign citizens, including foreigners from whom they procured sex commercially in violation of FBI policy,” the OIG stated in a summary. 

Aside from violating FBI’s strict policies about sex, another FBI agent did not report to the FBI that he provided a package containing around 100 white pills to an overseas police officer.

While the FBI does not provide details about the drugs, it noted again that the FBI observed the agent’s lack of candor when she lied to the FBI and denied seeing or placing any pills in a shipment to be sent to an officer from abroad. 

Another FBI employee who had knowledge of the allegations was found guilty after failing to report violations. 

According to the inspector general’s report, it was referred to FBI “for proper action.” 

The investigation into the solicitation of sex was continuing with five agents. “Two resigned,” two others retired and one was removed.”

We don’t know what happened to the sixth FBI officer.  

A fifth agent was also found to tried to get a prostitute but failed in the attempt (file photo)

File photo: A fifth agent also tried to obtain a prostitute.