Customs and Border Protection referred four horseback officers accused of whipping Haitian migrants September 2021 to disciplinary action. 

On Friday, the agency published a 500-page document stating that agents were unprofessional and unsafe and had used excessive force. But they didn’t strike migrants with their fists. 

This investigation was conducted as America still struggles to deal with the influx of migrants crossing the border. There are also reports that morale of law enforcement officers is decreasing.  

Chris Magnus (CBP Commissioner) stated that although the disciplinary inquiry is continuing, he would not divulge details regarding any action taken. He didn’t name the workers involved.

The images taken in September 2021 of agents on the banks of the Rio Grande in Del Rio, Texas,  sparked a humanitarian outcry and a strong response from Biden calling for the officers to ‘pay’ for their treatment of Haitians. Since September 2021, four officers unnamed have been placed on administrative leaves.

According to the report, agents displayed ‘unprofessional’ or dangerous behavior toward Haitians. They shouted profanity at migrants and made insults about their nationality.

Agents used excessive force against immigrants trying to enter the United States with food, it was also stated.

One agent riding on horseback found one man, grabbed him and turned him around.

Customs and Border Protection has referred four horseback agents falsely accused of whipping Haitian migrants in September 2021 for disciplinary action

Customs and Border Protection referred four horseback officers falsely charged with whipping Haitian migrants, September 2021, for discipline action

The images taken in September 2021 sparked a firestorm and a strong response from Biden calling for them to 'pay' for their treatment of Haitians

Biden demanded that they ‘pay for’ their mistreatment of Haitians in the wake of September 2021’s images

The report states that one agent “acted in an unsafe manner” by following the person he had shouted at along river’s edge. This forced his horse to maneuver narrowly around a child. 

According to the report, it was when Texas’ Department of Public Security officials (DPS), also present at the scene, asked for help from Border Patrol that the incident began. Inadequate command led the agents to follow DPS orders to stop migrants crossing the river and returning to the United States.

Magnus stated in a Friday statement that the report had shown failures at different levels within the company.

“Failures of command and control over Horse Patrol Units as well as a lack of policies and training and overall chaos at Del Rio contributed to the incidents.” 

Chip Roy, a Republican Representative from Texas, said Friday that this report proves that Alejandro Mayorkas is not worthy to lead his department.  

Roy stated in a statement that he had learned the truth about the Border Patrol agents in Del Rio.

“But, this administration cannot miss a chance of destroying the morale of overrun, hardworking Border Patrol to gain political gain and it issued discipline action anyway to end off one of most deplorable displays of leadership witnessed from any cabinet Secretary.

In order to obtain food and supplies for their makeshift camp under a bridge, migrants often crossed into Mexico.

Initial reports suggested that the migrants were being whipped, but it was quickly disproven. 

Later it became clear that the agents were actually swirling their long reins to control horses but not raising the leather straps for the purpose of beating the migrants. 

One million migrants live under the Del Rio International Bridge. They use a dam to travel between Mexico and the USA. 

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus said the disciplinary investigation is still ongoing, would not release details of any action taken and didn't identify the employees involved

Chris Magnus of CBP stated the ongoing disciplinary investigation was not complete, refused to release any details or name the individuals involved.

Up to 15,000 migrants set up camp under and around the Del Rio International Bridge, using a dam area to cross between the Mexico and US side of the border

One million migrants set up camps under the Del Rio International Bridge. They used a dam to pass between Mexico and the US.

Republican lawmakers as well as progressive activist groups were furious at the conditions of the camp, which was bare and inhumane. 

In the following weeks, Title 42 (a COVID-era Order) saw about 8,000 people quickly expelled. 

The Department of Homeland Security declined to bring criminal charges against officers in November.  

Mayorkas stated in September that the investigation would take a few days, and not weeks.

The Office of Personnel Responsibility of Border Patrol has since reviewed photographs and interviewed witnesses and agents.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott stated Thursday that he has authorized Texas National Guard to arrest migrants and take them to Mexico’s border. 

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, said that the apprehending of migrants is federally governed and charged Abbott with meddling.  

Magnus stated in an earlier statement, that the “hateful images” on the “deeply offensive” coins both angered and distracted him from the important work of Border Patrol.