BREAKING NEWS: A Fox News reporter is hurt while covering Ukraine

  • Fox News producers and reporters identified a colleague in Ukraine who had been injured as Benjamin Hall 
  • Irina Venediktova, Ukraine’s General prosecutor, stated in a Facebook posting that the journalist sustained serious injuries to his extremities. He was admitted to ICU. 
  • Hall reported in Kyiv during the Russian military’s increasing assault 
  • Hall is dual-national citizen of the US and UK. He has been working at Fox News since 2015. 
  • John Kirby (Department of Defense Press Secretary) confirmed that Hall had been hurt in Ukraine 

Fox News journalist was severely injured reporting from Kyiv on the invasion in Ukraine. 

Fox News correspondents and producers Monday recognized their wounded colleague Benjamin Hall as the Fox News producer. He had been reporting on the conflict outside Kyiv, amid an increasing assault from Russian troops.

Irina Vediktova, Ukraine’s General Prosecutor stated that the journalist was suffering from severe injuries and was admitted to the ICU.

She also shared partially obscured photos of Hall’s US Senate/House of Representatives press ID.  

John Roberts from Fox News said live: This is not news we want to give to you. But it’s what happens when there’s a conflict.

Fox news’s journalist injured during newsgathering in Kiev. We have very little information, however teams are doing their best to collect more details.

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall was seriously wounded on Monday while covering the war in Ukraine

Fox News’ Benjamin Hall sustained serious injuries Monday as he covered the conflict in Ukraine. 

Ukraine's General Prosecutor Irina Venediktova shared an image showing Hall's press ID

Irina Venediktova, Ukraine’s General Prosecutor, shared an image of Hall’s ID press release

Fox News journalist John Roberts said live on air: 'This is news that we hate to pass along to you, but it's obviously what happens sometimes in the middle of a conflict'

John Roberts, Fox News’ journalist said on-air: “This is news we hate to share with you but it’s clearly what sometimes happens in the middle of conflict.”

“A reminder that we are in a warzone and that information can change very rapidly. “We are doing everything we can to obtain the most accurate information and all the details about what happened.

He said, “The safety of our Fox team is obviously of paramount importance and our highest priority.”

According to his biography of, Hall joined the network in 2015 and currently serves as a State Department correspondent based in Washington, D.C.

John Kirby from the Department of Defense confirmed Hall was injured in Ukraine while he was receiving treatment at a hospital during Monday’s news briefing.   

In a Twitter, Sean Langille (Fox News Producer) praised his colleague who was wounded for covering the conflict and asked for his prayers for his speedy recovery.  

Hall was a correspondent for the network during multiple conflicts overseas in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. 

Recently, he was live-broadcasting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and anchoring primetime specials from Lviv (Ukraine). 

Hall attended Duke University, where he earned both a Bachelor’s degree from Richmond American University in London and a Post Graduate Diploma in Television Journalism from the University of the Arts London. Hall can be considered a dual citizen in the UK and the US.