White House claims Joe Biden CAN win in 2024 despite low polling: Chief of Staff Ron Klain points to French President Emanuel Macron’s reelection with just 36% approval rating

  • Soon after Macron was elected president of France, Klain took to Twitter. Marine Le Pen was her far-right opponent.
  • The announcement comes just as Democrats voice concern over Biden’s low approval rating, along with other issues like age, which makes him a poor 2024 candidate
  • According to a recent poll, Biden’s approval ratings are lower than those of almost all his postwar II predecessors except Donald Trump.
  • Le Pen winning would have meant a major shakeup in Europe, already struggling to deal with worrying waves of authoritarianism/nationalism.
  • Le Pen, who is very close to Viktor Orban (Hungary’s extreme-right leader) and previously expressed admiration of Vladimir Putin 
  • Mario Draghi, the Italian Prime Minister, praised Emmanuel Macron’s victory as a ‘wonderful development for Europe’ after he received just over 58 per cent of the votes

Ron Klain, White House Chief Of Staff pointed to the low approval ratings of French President Emmanuel Macron in his comment on the European leader’s re-election. This was at a moment when his boss is under fire for not being supported in multiple polls.

This appears to be an indirect reaction to critics that President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings, among others, might prevent him being viable candidate for 2024. 

Macron was the first French president elected to re-elect himself in twenty years. He defeated Marine Le Pen with 58 per cent of the vote, to make it 42.

Klain tweeted, “An Interesting observation, Just FYI,”

At a time his approval rating stands at 36%, Macron seems to have won a victory double over LePen. Hmmm….’

The tweet was accompanied by a Morning Consult Weekly Tracking Poll of the favorability of various world leaders within their countries. 

According to the survey, Biden received a 41% approval rating from American adults. That’s four points more than Macron. It also puts him eight points above Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, who is at 32 per cent support.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain took an indirect jab at people who think his boss Joe Biden's low approval numbers could stop him from running for office again in 2024

It's the first public response to France's election out of the Biden White House

Ron Klain, White House Chief Of Staff (left), took a direct jab at those who believe Joe Biden’s low approval ratings could prevent him running again for office in 2024. The Biden White House is now the only public reaction to France’s election.

Macron became the first French president to win re-election in 20 years when he beat his opponent Marine Le Pen by roughly 58 percent of the vote to 42 percent

Macron beat Marine Le Pen to become the first French president to win the re-election election in over 20 years.

Some Democratic operatives are concerned about Biden’s low poll scores and whether he will drag down the remainder of the party during November’s midterm elections. 

Gallup’s last week survey found the president’s approval rating to be at 41%, which is less than his post-WWII White House predecessors except Donald Trump.

Biden’s Republican challenger in the 2024 rematch is in worse shape. Recent head-to–head matchup polls show him in second place. 

He reportedly said to ex-President Barack Obama that he will seek reelection. 

The president ‘wants to run and he’s clearly letting everyone know,’ sources told The Hill.  

Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. In a Sunday Meet The Press interview Senator Elizabeth Warren (D.Mass.) said, “President Biden is running in 2024. And I’m supporting.”

Following her defeat to Biden in 2020’s primaries, she ruled out a presidential run.

Klain’s tweet was the first to react to Macron winning in public.

Leaders in Europe and the west generally breathed a sigh relief, as France has at least temporarily halted the rise of far-right influences that have engulfed parts of Europe. 

Klain's tweet referenced a Morning Consult poll that regularly ranks world leaders with polls of their own people. The latest update showed Biden with four percent more favorability among Americans than Macron has among French adults

Klain tweeted about a Morning Consult poll which regularly ranks world leaders using polls by their own citizens. Biden was rated four percentage points more favourably among Americans than Macron among French adults, according to the latest update.

Macron's fellow European leaders, particularly those in the West, hailed his victory as a win against far-right nationalism that's been rising in parts of the continent

Macron was hailed by his fellow European leaders and especially those from the West as an victory against the far-right nationalism rising on parts of the continent.

Le Pen’s criticisms of NATO and EU could have caused major changes at a time that these alliances is being tested by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On Twitter, Charles Michel, President of the European Council wrote “Bravo Emmanuel”,

“In this difficult period, we require a stable Europe and France fully committed towards a stronger sovereign and strategic European Union.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that Macron’s win was an expression of his’strong commitment to Europe’.

“I am happy that our good cooperation will continue!” Scholz wrote. 

Johnson, Britain’s Prime Minister wrote that Macron was one of his closest allies and most valuable friends. We look forward to working together again on those issues that matter to us both and the entire world.

Mario Draghi, the Italian Prime Minister, praised Macron’s victory as “wonderful news all across Europe.”

Biden is yet to react publicly to Macron’s win. Cedric, the president’s senior advisor, has been golfing on Sunday.

Additionally, Biden spoke via phone to Israeli Prime Minster Naftali Bennett. Following the phone call, the White House stated that Biden would be invited to Israel “in the next months.”