Annick Girardin France’s maritime minister threatening Jersey’s electricity supply – May 4

‘As you know, the [Brexit]Agreement includes retaliatory steps… Jersey’s situation is not good. I remind Jersey of submarine cable transport. We have the means, and, even though I’m sorry it has come to this, we will do so if we have to.’

Clement Beaune Europe minister following announcement of the Aukus submarine deal between Australia, US and UK – September 18

‘Our British friends explained to us they were leaving the EU to create “Global Britain”. We can see that this is a return into the American lap and a form of accepted vassalisation.’

Jean-Yves Le Drian Foreign minister on the Aukus deal – September 18

‘Great Britain in this matter is a bit of a fifth wheel on the carriage… We know [their] constant opportunism.’

Clement Beaune on deteriorating UK-France relations – October 8

‘Stop telling us you do not need us any more, stop being obsessed with us, stop believing that we will solve your problems.

‘They made a mess of Brexit. It’s their choice and their failure, not ours. Today, it was a terrible choice.

‘It’s not by badmouthing our fishermen, threatening us every day, being bad players and creating red tape or problems for Europeans, the French, and our fishermen in particular, that you will solve turkey shortages at Christmas.

‘We will hold firm. Britain needs us to sell their products – including from fishing. They depend on us to provide their energy and financial services. We are also essential for the operation of their research centers. All this gives us pressure points.’

Clement Beaune following the seizure of a British fishing boat by French authorities amid licences row – October 28

‘We need to speak the language of force as I’m afraid it is the only thing this British Government will understand.’

Jean-Yves Le Drian on Boris Johnson – November 21

‘Boris Johnson is a populist who uses all elements at his disposal to blame others for problems he faces internally.’

Gabriel Attal French government spokesman after the Prime Minister urged France to take back migrants who cross the Channel – November 26

‘Enough with the double-speak, enough with the constant externalisation of problems… It makes you wonder if Boris Johnson doesn’t regret having left Europe because every time he has a problem he thinks that Europe should handle it.’