French soldiers are under investigation after a video of them driving a jeep at Calais settlement shows the troop’s migrant-camp stunt

  • Un viral video shows French soldiers repeatedly skidding in a jeep close to migrants 
  • Calais terminal is located near camp, from where migrants can climb in lorries to the UK.
  • Following the accident in which the jeep was stuck in the water, troops needed to be assisted by migrants 

Last night, French soldiers underwent an investigation after they were caught on video repeatedly driving their jeep in Calais migrants camp.

This footage went viral online and shows the 4×4 moving in circles across a field before 500 migrants.

After getting stuck in the mud, it was embarrassing for the troops to have to be assisted by asylum seekers.

A group of French soldiers were under investigation last night after a video (pictured) showed them deliberately skidding their army jeep repeatedly in a Calais migrant camp in France

After a video showing them repeatedly skidding in their army jeep in Calais, France’s migrant camp Calais (photo), a group of French soldiers was under investigation

Authorities have said the stunt was 'unacceptable' and that the behaviour is 'at odds' with the value of the armed forces. Pictured: French soldiers skidding the jeep at the Calais camp

Officials have declared that the act was unacceptable and is against the values of the Armed Forces. Pictured: French soldiers at Calais, skidding in the jeep

Top brass said the stunt was ‘unacceptable’.

Spokesman Herve Grandjean added: ‘This behaviour is totally at odds with the values of our armed forces.’

The astonishing scene will prompt fresh allegations that France is failing to do enough to combat illegal immigration – despite £54million in aid from Britain.

Nearby is a Calais freight terminal. Here migrants can climb aboard lorries bound for the UK.

Over 27,000 migrants have crossed the Channel into Britain this year. They often attempt the risky voyage in inseaworthy inflatable dinghies.

On Thursday and Friday, more than 900 people crossed the border.

Pictured: The soldiers needed help from the migrants after they got the jeep stuck in the mud

Picture: Soldiers needed the help of migrants to rescue their Jeep from the mud.

Louis Witter, a French photographer and photojournalist posted later photos to Twitter showing migrants helping the vehicle in need.

Local authorities have spent the past three weeks moving to dismantle so-called ‘Jungle’ camps all over the city and nearby Dunkirk.

Military officers have regularly been deployed across the country to secure the public’s safety since 2015 after a series of deadly attacks by Islamist terrorists.

Last week, the Mail spent time on the north coast between Dunkirk & Boulogne -sur-Mer. There were patrols carried out day and night and sometimes with hi-tech drones.