Her father confirmed that a woman was found unconscious in an LA hospital while her friend, a model, was being buried.  

Hilda Cabrales passed away at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, West LA on Sunday. She was just 27 days old and two days after being declared brain dead by her doctors. The Sun received the sad news from her father Luis Cabrales Rivera.

Rivera and Marcela Arzola Rivera made the decision to donate Cabrales organs for their daughter as her ‘last actof love’. 

Rivera said, “My daughter would’ve been 27 today.”

“This was an extremely difficult process for us. It took us sixteen days to get through it. But, I believe God allowed us to have that period to be prepared to face what would happen.

Hilda Cabrales (right), who was left unconscious outside a Los Angeles hospital two hours after her model friend Christy Giles' (left) dead body was dumped outside a different hospital in the area, died the day before her 27th birthday

Hilda Cabrales, right), was found unconscious in Los Angeles Hospital two hours after Christy Giles (left), her friend and model died. She was also left there the night before her 27th Birthday.

The 26-year-old passed away Sunday after doctors at Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles declared her brain dead on Friday

After her Friday brain death, doctors from Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles said that the 26-year old had died Sunday.

Cabrales (26), and Giles (24) went out Friday, November 13 for a “very normal” night with another friend, who would prefer to remain anonymous.

Giles was found dead at the Southern California Hospital, Culver City, at 5.30 pm, on November 14, after Giles had not responded to texts for almost 12 hours. Balaclava-clad men drove a Toyota Prius black with no plates and left his body on the street.

Two hours after Cabrales was unconscious, surveillance footage captured the two men disposing of Cabrales outside Kaiser Permanente in West LA.

Cabrales’ parents flew immediately from Mexico to be at their daughters’ sides when they heard about the tragedy.

Rivera recalls his final moments together with his daughter.

“At 6 p.m., we went with them to the operating table. And the medical staff paid tribute for her incredible act of love by donating her organs. 

Cabrales was honored by her family with a moment in silence and the performance of their favorite song. 

Surveillance footage recorded men dumping Cabrales' unconscious body outside Kaiser Permanente Hospital (pictured) in West Los Angeles

Surveillance footage captured Cabrales being dumped unconscious outside Kaiser Permanente Hospital (pictured in West Los Angeles).

Cabrales died the day before her 27th birthday. Her family decided to donate her organs as a her 'last act of love'

Cabrales passed away the day before she turned 27. As a last act of love, her family donated her organs.

'My daughter would have been 27 today and we are very, very, very sad because it's a loss that we will never forget and nothing will ever be able to fill,' her father Luis Cabrales Rivera (pictured) said

Luis Cabrales Rivera said that his daughter, who would have turned 27 on today, is very, very, sad. It’s a loss we’ll never forget, and there’s no way to make up the difference.

A heartbreaking letter was also written by him to his daughter before the donor process started. The letter said:

“My sweet daughter, my beautiful girl, I love and will always cherish you. I have loved you always and will continue to love you, my sweet girl.

“Go to Heaven without worrying. Although your physical departure may hurt us, we all know that you will be in a better place. You don’t have to worry my queen. One day I will be able to hug you again.

‘My love. Thank you so much for your years of teaching me so many things. I’ll take care of your brother Tomas (the Cabrales dog), and your sister Fer.

“Caro and me will always remember you, I love and cherish your memory, Rest in Peace, My Hiyi, (Cabrales’ nickname).

Cabrales was soon taken to the operating room. 

“We left 7pm for some sleep, with the assurance that our girl is in God’s presence and in rest, while we wait for justice to be done in her case,” he stated.

“At midnight, the organ transplant team called us to let us know that the process was complete and to express our gratitude for the choice to live. 

Rivera was informed by doctors that at most nine Cabrales organs would be donated.

He stated that he could meet the recipients of the organs in a year. “As a family we want to find our little girl, but we respect other people’s privacy.

In four to six weeks they will receive her ashes. The family then plans to take her to Monterrey, where she had lived the past ten years. After that, she will be transferred to Durango where her final resting place is. 

Rivera (left) said they were able to donate at least nine of Cabrales' (right) organs

Rivera (left), said that they could donate at most nine Cabrales (right) organs

Rivera wrote a final farewell to his daughter, in which he said they would take care of her dog, Tomas (pictured)

Rivera gave his last farewell to daughter. In it, he stated that they would be taking care of Tomas the dog.

Cabrales was an interior designer who had just moved to Los Angeles from Mexico in July to take a job as project manager for a design company. Monterrey University gave her a degree as an architect cum laude two years ago.

Giles, she and Sheila went out to SoHo House in Downtown LA. On the night of their death, they attended a party at a nearby warehouse.

Two women, who were allegedly with two men from downtown LA left the party and ended up in West LA. The third friend left earlier.  

It was previously reported that Giles and Cabrales had heroin in their systems – something friends and family believe neither of them would have done voluntarily.

Rivera stated: ‘Hilda would smoke marijuana occasionally to aid her sleep, but the drugs found in Rivera’s system weren’t drugs she would take herself.

“Her stepfather and mother are both doctors. They have told her repeatedly that opioids could lead to irreversible damage, or even cardiac arrest.  

Jan Cilliers (41), Giles’ husband assumes the women were given a ride to an après-party, but they never took it.

At 1:30 AM, he tracked Giles’ mobile phone and shared the location of her apartment at 8641 West Olympic Boulevard. The address was posted by him to his social media accounts. He asked: “Do you know anyone who lives there?”


Giles's husband Jan Cilliers told DailyMail.com the two women left the party with the men they met to head to an afterparty but apparently never made it

Video and photographs taken at night just before women left the hospital show Giles dancing at a warehouse party and Cabrales laughing.

Giles and Cabrales are seen dancing and laughing at a warehouse party in East LA with friends

Hilda Marcela Cabrales

Cabrales, Giles, and their friend went out to dinner on Friday night.

While both Giles (left) and Cabrales (right) were found with heroin in their systems, their family and friends insist the women never would have willingly taken the drug

Cabrales (left) was found to be high on heroin, while Giles (right) had no problem. However, friends and family insist that both women wouldn’t have chosen the drug.

Two of the three remaining Cabrales-Giles men were interviewed by detectives who found them at an apartment.

Giles recorded Giles’ last location on her phone as West Hollywood. The men rented an apartment in West Hollywood and allegedly confessed to police that they brought the girls home after the party. They also claimed that the women had taken drugs and overdosed and they then took them straight to the ER. 

However, texts from Giles’ phone reviewed by DailyMail.com cast doubt on the men’s alleged account – leading her husband to believe they forcibly drugged both women.

Cabrales received a text from Giles, who was apparently uncomfortable upon arriving at the house. It included a wide-eyed emoticon and the words “let’s go” at 5:05 am on Saturday. 

Cabrales replied ‘Yes. Call an Uber. It’s only 10 minutes.

Texts between the two women showed Giles sent a message to Cabrales at 5:30am when they were at the apartment, reading: 'let's go.' Cabrales replied: 'Yes. I'll call an Uber' and then '10 minutes away'- however, the two were never picked up

Two texts between Giles and Cabrales showed that Giles had sent Cabrales a text at 5:55am while they were still at their apartment. It read, “let’s go.” Cabrales replied: ‘Yes. Cabrales replied: “Yes.”

Four minutes later at 5:36am, a friend called Eddie who was at the official afterparty the girls had planned to go to texted Giles: 'Where you at?' - but that message was never read

A friend named Eddie was there at the official afterparty that the girls were planning to attend at 5.36am and texted Giles, “Where are you at?” However, that text was not read.

Eddie, a friend of the girls who had been at the afterparty at 5.36 am, texted Giles asking: ‘Where are you?’

Giles didn’t read the text. Read receipts also show that Giles was not able to follow any other instructions. Uber records reveal that Giles and the women did not get in the cab. 

Cilliers believed that his wife and friend were incapacitated when something happened in just six minutes.

But it wasn’t until 12 hours later, at 5pm on Saturday, that CCTV at Southern California Hospital in Culver City showed men in masks and hats pulling up in a black Toyota Prius with no license plate and dumping Giles’ body – and another two hours before Cabrales was left at nearby Kaiser Permanente hospital in West LA.   

Cilliers claimed that hospital staff informed him that both the women were still cold at their admissions, suggesting that his wife was dead hours before he died.

He said though his wife led a glamorous life, being signed to Wilhelmina Models age 14 and traveling the world for photoshoots, she ‘kicks a** and is very street smart.’ 

Giles' (left) husband Jan Cillers (right) says he knows the name of the men who were last seen with the two women. Cillers (pictured) and Cabrales' father, Luis Cabrales Rivera, have confirmed that many women have made complaints to them and police about the suspects

Jan Cillers (left) and Giles (right) say they know the names of the men last seen with them. Cillers and Cabrales’ father Luis Cabrales Rivera have both confirmed to police that several women had made complaints about these suspects.

Giles’ husband claims that he knows the names of Cabrales and his wife. Sandy Evangelista Robinson (Giles’ best friend) reportedly received messages from Giles sharing similar stories with other men. 

One of his ex-girlfriends shared their names on social media. She wrote: “He’s dangerous, I’ve been contacted many women who have also suffered abuse from him. 

Rivera confirmed that there are suspicions about Rivera. While the names of the suspects are not publicly available, complaints have been made about Giles’ husband and friends as well as the Los Angeles Police Department.

Rivera stated, “We want people continue to be aware about this case until the perpetrators of what happened to Hilda or Christy are behind bars.”

He confirmed that detectives had spoken to him several times. They told us this was personal for LAPD because they have done this before, but never as far as this.

The investigations into Giles’ and Cabrales deaths are ongoing. Rivera stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation could be involved.

He told The Sun that he heard the FBI may be involved in the case by the LAPD to try and get the criminals behind bars.

“If the federal agencies need to accelerate their process, they should obtain it. That way, we can close this chapter.”