Man, 31 years old, traveled length of Britain in his small car, going from John O’Groats and Land’s End. His top speed was just 23 mph

  • Alex Orchin, the driver of the world’s smallest vehicle, drove across Britain.
  • The Peel P50 covered over 1,400 miles at an average speed of 23 mph.
  • His height was 5ft 11ins. He had to be able to drive while his knees were jammed against the steering wheel.
  • He raised more than £8,000 for Children in Need across the unique journey

Even if you are just going to the shops for a quick trip, it is possible that your entire journey will leave you with sore knees and a stiff back.

But imagine spending hours every day for three weeks behind the wheel of the world’s smallest car as you drove the length of Britain.

Alex Orchin, 31, did just that, setting off in the Peel P50 from John O’Groats in Scotland on November 13 bound for Land’s End.

After covering over 1,400 mile at speeds of approximately 23 mph, he reached his destination on Saturday.

The 5ft 11in Mr Orchin from Wivelsfield in East Sussex had to squeeze into his car, with his knees jammed on either side.

Alex Orchin, who is driving the worlds smallest car, a Peel P50 from John O'Groats to Land's End, to raise money for Children in Need

Alex Orchin drives the world’s smallest vehicle, a Peel P50 car from John O’Groats and Land’s End in order to raise funds for Children in Need

Mr Orchin, who is 5ft 11in tall, had to drive with his knees jammed either side of the wheel due to the confined space

Due to the tight space, Mr Orchin (5ft 11in) had to drive the car with his knees jammed on either side.

After seeing Top Gear’s 2007 P50, he bought the car.

‘I can’t believe that little car has managed it,’ he said. ‘What an achievement.’

He raised more than £8,000 for Children in Need through his journey.

Peel Engineering Company from the Isle of Man created the P50 in 1962 and 1965. 

Production resumed in 2011 and a new one costs around £14,000.