With box sets, streaming, catch up channels, hidden delights on Freeview and other options, it’s been another year of being glued to our TVs. Are you paying enough attention to the news? 

Take CHRISTOPHER STEVENS’ quiz to find out… 

1. Who is the actress who, after playing forensics experts in BBC dramas since 2004, became a real-life police detective for In The Footsteps Of Killers on Channel 4.

Emilia Fox, Silent Witness

Gillian Taylforth from EastEnders

Rosie Marcel from Holby City

Tamzin Outhwaite of New Tricks

2. Laurence Rickard is one of two characters in Ghosts, a BBC1 sitcom about haunted houses. Name one.

A. Julian Fawcett MP

Robin the Caveman

c. Humphrey, Headless

Lady Fanny Button

3. Channel 4 quickly picked up Dave’s most-watched show and screened three series. The show is called What’s the deal?

a. Meet the Richardsons


c. Comedians Giving Lessons

Late Night Mash

The Tudor drama, Anne Boleyn, stirred controversy, with a black actress cast in the title role and a lesbian kiss between the Queen and Jane Seymour

Anne Boleyn was a Tudor drama that caused controversy. A black actress played the title role, and Jane Seymour and the queen shared a kiss.

4. Lady Pamela Hicks, Lord Mountbatten’s daughter, recalls her pet Mongoose Naola stealing chocolates from guests. Who was this guest?

Judy Garland

Margaret Thatcher

Johnny Rotten


5. Omid Scobie (biographer of the Duke and Duchess) dropped some clues on A Very Royal Baby regarding the identity of Archie’s godparents. . . Who could that be?

a. Sarah Ferguson

b. Richard Branson

c. Oprah Winfrey

Donald Trump

6. Anne Boleyn was a Tudor drama that caused controversy. It featured a black actress as the lead role, and Jane Seymour and Anne Boleyn kissing. Who was Anne?

Thandiwe Nut

b. Sophie Okonedo

c. Jodie Turner-Smith

Gugu Mbatha–Raw

7. Which chef’s daughter was on Strictly?

A. Ramsay

b. Monica Galetti

c. Jamie Oliver

d. Gino D’Acampo

8. What was the former Strictly judge doing on Scotland’s Wild Coasts?

a. Bruno Tonioli

b. Len Goodman

c. Arlene Phillips

Darcey Bussell

Pictured: Nikita Kuzmin and Tilly Ramsay perform in this year's BBC Strictly Come Dancing

Pictured: Nikita Kuzmin and Tilly Ramsay perform in this year’s BBC Strictly Come Dancing

9. Louis Theroux, after reviewing the past interviews during lockdown found that one of his interviewees is now a celebrity worldwide. Louis remarked, “It was strange to see how much he seemed to me to some extent.” It was who?

a. Jordan Peterson

b. Tiger King Joe Exotic

c. Chris Whitty

d. Piers Corbyn

10. Gregg Wallace is everywhere. In January, where did he travelogue?

a. South Africa


C. Greenland


11. Bridgerton was Netflix’s most popular show of 2017. The voiceover is provided by Lady Whistledown, a beloved British Dame.

a. Judi Dench

b. Prue

c. Maggie Smith

d. Julie Andrews

12. Which Bridgerton star has been hotly predicted to become the first black 007

A. Martins Imhangbe

b. David Oyelowo

c. Rege-Jean Page

d. IdrisElba

13. Secrets Of The Krays was a BritBox documentary in which a cousin described the time Ronnie brought a celebrity home…and ordered her to sing Over The Rainbow. It was who?

a. Barbra Streisand

Judy Garland

c. Greta Garbo

d. Ella Fitzgerald

14. Cherish Finden is a judge on which food show Benoit Blin.

a. Celebrity MasterChef

b. The Stars of Cooking

c. The Pros

d. Crazy Delicious

15. This actress is best-known for her period dramas but was praised by critics as a hardened detective in small U.S. towns.

a. Helena Bonham Carter

b. Keira Knightley

c. Anya Taylor-Joy

Kate Winslet

16. Joanna Lumley played a monstrous mother in two shows —one a murder drama, the other a comedy. You can name either one.


b. Alice

C. Hitmen


Joanna Lumley played a monstrous mother in two shows this year ¿one a murder drama, the other a comedy...

Joanna Lumley played a monstrous mother in two shows this year —one a murder drama, the other a comedy…

17. The baby picture of the former Prime Minister shows him wearing a lacy shirt on The Great British Sewing Bee.

Winston Churchill

b. David Cameron

C. Gordon Brown

Boris Johnson

18. Shaun “The Dark Destroyer” Wallace, Anne “the Governess” Hegerty, and Mark “the Beast”, Labbett traveled across America on the Chasers Road Trip. Katie had a stronger memory than them, and they met her. What or who was Katie then?

a. Toy robot

b. A mongoose

c. A goldfish

d. An orangutan

19. Darragh Ennis, an Irishman is the new Chaser. Which is his nickname?

a. Psychological

b. The Menace

The Hipster

d. Leprechaun

20. Rose Matafeo, who played an actress who fell in love and didn’t realize who he was, had echoes from Notting Hill. Was it called “The Show”?

a. Almost Famous



You’ve Never Heard Of It

21. Fern Britton, pony-trekking with her horse, said, “Rita! I’m happy to meetya!” Fern was reliving her childhood holidays — in which county?

a. Caithness

b. Gwynedd

C. Co Down


22. We never really found out who the corrupt ‘H’ was in Line Of Duty — but who played DCI Jo Davidson in the sixth and final series?

Keeley Hawes

Kelly Macdonald

c. Vicky McClure

d. Jessica Raine

23. Filmmaker Michael Waldman window-shopped in a London street where rents are £2 million a year. Is he still there?

a. The Old Kent Road

Street, b. Coventry

c. Mayfair

Bond Street

24. What comic joined Susan Calman at Great Yarmouth to compete in sandcastle building?

a. Joe Pasquale

b. Alan Carr

c. Tom Allen

d. Michael McIntyre

Phoebe Dynevor and Ruth Gemmell in the biggest hit of the year for Netflix 'Bridgerton'

Ruth Gemmell & Phoebe Dynevor star in Netflix’s biggest success story, ‘Bridgerton.

25. Ken Burns, documentary maker, paid tribute to an author in World War I who managed to avoid being crushed by a mortar bomb. What was the name of this writer?

a. Ernest Hemingway

b. F. Scott Fitzgerald

John O’Hara

d. Dashiell Hammert

26. Gyles Brandreth celebrated a literary heritage when he visited Ponden Hall, a B&B in Yorkshire that partly inspired a 19th-century classic. Is the novel a literary genre?

Vanity Fair

b. Great Expectations

c. Wuthering Heights

Pride and Prejudice

27. What former Young Ones actress played Julie Hesmondhalgh’s horrible hubby in The Pact? Lizzy McInnerny was Julie Hesmondhalgh’s vicious spouse in Back To Life.

a. Alexei Sayle

b. Nigel Planer

Adrian Edmondson

Christopher Ryan

28. Suranne Jones was an investigator with claustrophobia, fear of water and claustrophobia who got stuck on a submarine nuclear. Was the program and sub named?

a. Take Out


C. Watcher


29. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen revitalized Changing Rooms. Is Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen the new hostess at Naked Attraction?

Anna Richardson

b. Sue Perkins

C. Mel Giedroyc

Miriam Margolyes

30. Sophie Okonedo has joined the cast for which highly hallucinogenic drama Sky Atlantic, co-starring Mackenzie Crooks and David Morrissey.

a. Game Of Thrones

b. Succession


d. Westworld

31. Which quiz-show host has topped the UK fiction bestsellers charts throughout the year?

a. Alexander Armstrong

Bradley Walsh

c. Anne Robinson

d. Richard Osman

32. Iblis, the Zoo’s most popular attraction at Chester, won’t go out when it is raining. He is what type of animal is this?

a. A mongoose

b. An Asiatic Lion

c. The snow leopard

d. Giraffe

33. BBC1’s Sort Your Live Out and Channel 5’s Big House Clearout have both encouraged us to throw out unnecessary clutter. You can name either one of these presenters.

a. Nadiya Hussain

Bradley Walsh

c. Stacey Solomon

Nick Knowles

34. South Korea is the importer of Squid Game, the Netflix superhit. Name one of these Saturday night music contests that is based in Korean.

I Can See Your Voice

b. The Masked Singer

c. Masked Dancer

The Hit List

Pictured: Netflix's mega-hit Squid Game

Image: Netflix’s smash hit Squid Game

35. BBC America’s Low-budget Fantasy Drama The Watch, starring Richard Dormer as Commander Sam Vimes. The series was inspired by which book?

a. Neil Gaiman

Terry Pratchett

c. J. K. Rowling

d. J. R. R. Tolkien

36. Piers Morgan, who presented the last issue of Life Stories, interviewed the woman who will succeed him. Who?

a. Kirstie Allsopp

b. Sandi Toksvig

C. Mel Giedroyc

d. Kate Garraway

37. Lorraine Bracco from New York plays the mother who is foul-mouthed in Tim Renkow’s comedy Jerk. What role did she take in The Sopranos?

Dr. Jennifer Melfi

Janice Soprano

c. Big Paulie

d. Carmela Soprano

38. Blankety Blank’s presenter said to Sheila Ferguson, The Three Degrees: ‘If ever I get you into that dressing room it’ll only be one degree under.’

a. Les Dawson

Terry Wogan

Paul O’Grady

Bradley Walsh

39. The former football manager shared an EastEnders pint with Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), the landlord.

a. Sven-Goran Eriksson

b. Harry Redknapp

c. Bryan Robson

Kevin Keegan

40. Bertie Carvel portrays DCI Adam Dalgliesh, in this new adaptation of the detective novel by which literary dame?

A. Agatha Christie

b. Hilary Mantel

James, c. P. D.

d. Ngaio Marsh

In a clip unearthed for a tribute show, which Blankety Blank presenter told Sheila Ferguson (pictured) of The Three Degrees, 'If I ever get you in that dressing room, it'll be One Degree under!'

Blankety Blank presenteder Sheila Ferguson (pictured), said in a clip, “If you ever get me into that dressing room it’ll only be one Degree below!”

41. What novelist translated Crime into a BritBox serial that starred Dougray Scott playing alcoholic DI Ray Lennox

a. Will Self

Jo Nesbo

C. Lee Child

Irvine Welsh

42. Name and shame the chef, who insisted that we add cheesy Wotsits to a dish of macaroni with cheese.

Mary Berry

Gordon Ramsay

c. Nadiya Hussain

d. Nigella Lawson

43. Alan Cumming, actor drove this actress across the Highlands in a Lost In Scotland road trip.

Joanna Lumley

Miriam Margolyes

c. Penelope Keith

Felicity Kendal

44. Matt Berry portrays vampire Laszlo in the comedy What We do In The Shadows. Is there a name for the washed up thespian who will be returning next year to a series set in the States,

a. Steven Toast

b. Richard Bacon

c. Alan Weetabix

d. Nigel Cornflake

45. Although many believed that Jurgen, a German baker, was eligible to win The Great British Bake Off’s crown in Germany the title went to another contestant. He was who? Which country is his homeland?

Colombian artist a. Pablo

Donald, U.S.

Russia: c. Vladimir

Italy: d. Giuseppe

The Answers 

1. A Emilia Fox of Silent Witness

2. b Robin, the caveman and 3. c Headless Humphrey

3. b Taskmaster

4. d. The Queen

5. c Oprah Winfrey

6. c Jodie Turner-Smith

7. A Gordon Ramsay

8. Darcey Bussell

9. b Tiger King Joe Exotic

10. South Africa

11. d Julie Andrews

12: c Rege-Jean Page

13. b Judy Garland


15. d Kate Winslet, Mare Of Easttown

16. b Finding Alice and the Motherland

17. A Winston Churchill

18. d An orangutan

19. b The Menace

20. c Starstruck


22. b Kelly Macdonald

23. d Bond Street

24. a Joe Pasquale

25. a Ernest Hemingway


Emily Bronte

27. C Adrian Edmondson


29. Anna Richardson

30. c. Britannia

31. d Richard Osman




35. b Terry Pratchett

36. d Kate Garraway

37. A Psychotherapist Dr Jennifer Melfi. (After turning down Tony Soprano’s role as his wife, Carmela)

38. a Les Dawson


41. c P. D. James


42. c Nadiya Hussain


44. Steven Toast

Italy: 45.


Under 10 — Ask for a licence fee refund. 

10-20 — You’ve got a good balance between TV and the rest of your life. 

21-30 — Better replace the batteries in your remote. 

31-40 — Your viewing habits are out of control. 

41-45 — You’re after my job.