Amazon surveys reveal our Christmas favourites, from Twiglets to turkey – but crispy roast potatoes top the list

  •  From turkey to Twiglets, Amazon survey reveals our Christmas food favourites
  •  A survey asked 2,000 people what’s on their shopping list for a good Christmas
  • Surprisingly crispy potatoes took the top spot, beating turkey by just 5% 

Christmas Day does not include a turkey dinner with all its trimmings. However, it doesn’t end without Bucks Fizz and Quality Street.

A study on Christmas eating habits found that chocolate coins and mini sausage rolls are top of the Christmas list.

An online survey asked 2000 people to list the items they would like to buy for Christmas if it were their best day.

Surprisingly, crispy roast potatoes topped the charts with 65%, beating even turkey’s 60%. Next came gravy, mince pie, and stuffing. 

Also on the list of festive essentials are chocolate coins, mini sausage rolls and Twiglets (pictured), according to a study of Christmas eating habits

According to an analysis of Christmas eating habits, chocolate coins and mini sausage rolls are also high on the festive list.

Pigs in blankets were placed third, followed by gravy, mince pies and stuffing. While a turkey dinner and all the trimmings are the staples of Christmas Day, it is not complete without a tin of Quality Street and a cold glass of Bucks Fizz

The third place was won by pigs wrapped in blankets. Next came gravy, mince pie, and stuffing. Christmas Day is complete with a traditional turkey dinner, all of the trimmings and a glass of Bucks Fizz.

Even though they are often criticized, the poll for Amazon Fresh UK found that Brussels sprouts scored 50%.

Looking further down the list of 25 essentials, Quality Street (36 per cent) pipped Cadbury’s Roses (32 per cent) to the post when it comes to the top Christmas day chocolates.

For 23 per cent the day would be seriously lacking if they didn’t have a glass of Bucks Fizz. Mini sausage rolls, Mini Cheddars and Twiglets are all considered essential by 31%, 16% and 15% respectively.