Your secret guilty pleasure? You can reveal all the strange things you do privately, from chewing on crisps and making soft soap operas.

  • British Mumsnet user said she heated a Chewit in her bra when alone
  • Then, she asked fellow users to send her pictures of unusual activities they have done in privacy.  
  • Some pet owners have conversations with their dogs, while others practice ‘karate at home’. 

People have shared their strangest secrets online, ranging from doing impersonations in mirrors to staging soap operas using stuffed animals. 

British Mumsnet user started the conversation when she shared that she had been warming up a Chewit inside her bra at home before eating it. She then asked other Mumsnet users to tell their stories. 

Many of them shared their full conversations with pets and they did not disappoint. 

From staging soap operas with stuffed animals to doing impressions in the mirror, people have revealed their most unusual secret habits in a hilarious online thread. One woman admitted to licking the flavouring off crisps. Stock image

Many people reveal their weirdest secrets in hilarious internet threads. One lady admitted that she licked the crisp flavouring. Stock photo 

A British Mumsnet user kicked off the discussion when she revealed she was sitting at home warming a Chewit in her bra before eating it, and asked for other people to share the weird things they do in private

British Mumsnet user started the conversation when she shared that she had been warming up a Chewit in the bra at home before taking it to her. She then asked other Mumsnet users for their weird experiences in the private sector. 

One reader wrote that she had a lot of silly conversations with her dog.  She can’t answer me, so she speaks for us both.

“Sometimes, I find myself doing it while we’re on a walk. Fortunately no one has ever overheard me. I live in quiet surroundings so it’s only a matter time until I look around and see someone behind me.

One added, “I greet my cat every time she comes in and I ask her if she is alright.” It’s a family tradition.

Many commentators said their strange habits involved talking to animals - and often responding too

Commentators often said that their bizarre behavior involved speaking to animals and sometimes responding.

One said that they used a certain accent to talk to their dog companion. She wrote: “I speak for my dog like she is speaking to me. And she has an American accent. When we are having visitors, I must stop doing that.

“I’m leaving the country, now that I have admitted to how strange I am!”

Other people’s secret life revolved around their love of food. 

Multiple respondents shared culinary habits they have which they think are strange, from liking unpopular foods, to having strange food prep methods

Many respondents shared their culinary preferences, ranging from unusual food preparation methods to liking unfamiliar foods. 

One person wrote, “I have a secret and shameful love of Fray Bentos pizzas. I don’t do it often but sometimes if I’m home alone and I know everyone will be out for bit, I go buy one, cook it and eat it. The packaging is then thrown away so that no one will know.

Another revealed: ‘I can’t eat kitkats or bounties in public as I nibble all of the chocolate off them first and then just eat the middle.’

Another commentator stated that he toasted the pancakes until they were crispy and let them cool before adding butter to them. 

Some commentators like to perform secretly - whether that is dancing, having small private concerns, or voicing a cast of soft toys

Some commentators love to dance secretly.