As part of your wedding plans, it is always nice to take a break from picking invitations and choosing flowers, and instead focus on your honeymoon. No matter where you decide to go, this is the part of the wedding where you finally get to relax on your own, after a hectic few months. Despite what many think, the honeymoon is not a 24/7 love-in which sees you staring into each other’s eyes, there is also a lot of much needed downtime, on the beach or by the pool. When you do get that downtime, here are some great travel tips to help you enjoy your honeymoon more.

Playing Games

Usually, when we are at home or work, playing games on our phones or tablets may seem to be something of a waste of time. In fact, there is always that pressure that you should be doing something else. When you are away from it all, however, you can indulge in some mobile gaming to keep you busy as you soak up the rays. You can play retro games, arcade games, or anything you want to pass the time with a smile on your face.

Read The Classics

There is a list of 100 books which is widely considered to feature the classic novels of literary history. Many of these are fun and light reads, but there are also some which are pretty meaty. Of these books, many of us will have read them in school, and likely studied them too. As we grow up, we either slow down with our reading or we simply shift our focus onto more modern books, but the classics are still something which a lot of us would like to read. This is the perfect time to break out a classic novel and enjoy as you relax on your honeymoon. There are plenty of love-based novels, ideal for this special time in your life.

Make The Perfect Playlist

Music has the amazing ability to create memories and to remind us of events and moments which have gone by in our lives. Instead of creating the perfect playlist ahead of your honeymoon, however, the best thing you can do is to create it on your honeymoon. This is an activity which you can do together, making sure that you each have an input in creating your own honeymoon playlist. This can be listened to for many anniversaries to come.

Life Planning

Life planning actually can be a very enjoyable activity, but when we do so in the midst of life’s chaos, it can become rather stressful. Given that you have both just made a solemn vow to each other, what better way to spend your honeymoon than mapping out the plan for the next 5-10 years? This will give you some energy to get back and start your new chapter together, both on board with what is on the horizon.

These are just some ideas as to how you could spend your honeymoon downtime, you could actually take them all on.