In a viral snap, a father shams the poor school cafeteria meal served to children at New York’s School of Management. It shows four dry chicken nuggets, plain rice and dried carrots.

  • Chris Vangellow, whose children attend the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District, took to Facebook to share a photo of his son’s school lunch
  • Lunch included four chicken nuggets shriveled, and side dishes of carrots that looked dry. White rice was also served, as well as a carton of fat-free chocolate milk.
  • Vangellow stated that the food was not appealing to students and that it did not provide energy for them.
  • His kids complained to him that since lunches were now for free, their portions had dropped. This he claimed was ridiculous.
  • In response to the post Superintendent William E. Collins shared a public message on Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District’s website
  • Dr. Collins explained that, in fairness towards the school cafeteria students may have more than one cup of fruits and vegetables as well as one nugget.
  • Dr. Collins explained that he is collaborating with the cafeteria manager in order to establish a group for people who are unhappy with their meals to come up with better options. 
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An angry dad has shamed his children’s New York school district over their pathetic cafeteria lunches.

Chris Vangellow complained that Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District, in upstate New York, was ‘failing’ students with such an ‘unappetizing’ food.

Also, he posted a picture of his son’s lunch. This included four crispy chicken nuggets and dry-looking vegetables.

He wrote, “I believe the Parishville School lunches might have a little too much.” He wrote on Facebook that even a child who isn’t as tall and muscular as Ash was, on January 12, “I think the Parishville School Lunches might be a bit lacking in a few things,” “If this were a game day, I don’t believe any member of the team would get enough energy from such a thing.”

Vangellow posted a picture of a meal provided to students, which included four shriveled chicken nuggets, a side of dry-looking carrots, along with white rice and a small carton of fat-free chocolate milk

Vangellow uploaded a photograph of students being served a meal that included four pieces of chicken nuggets and some dry carrots.

He stated that one of his kids had no ‘dry tasteless’ carrots because they were not available at his arrival later. And that the child didn’t attempt plain rice, as it was ‘not very appetizing’. 

His children complained to him that since lunches were now available for all, their portions had dropped. He called this absurd.

Vangellow said that even though the food was free, it doesn’t have to be so bad. He added that although his family can still provide him with an alternative meal if necessary, there are students who rely on school food and that what they offered was unacceptable. 

The dad said, “Don’t try to come at me with the you get what your pay for’ attitude or the ‘just send them food” crap. We can make that work, and the kids will sometimes bring something home with them or buy more food to last them the day.

Chris Vangellow (pictured) wrote that he did not think any student could get energy from the meal and said the school was 'failing' students with such an 'unappetizing' food

Chris Vangellow (pictured), wrote that the food was not appealing to students and that it did not provide energy.

He continued, “The problem is not all families are able to do that.” We don’t live in an extremely wealthy area. Some children may not have the means to get enough at home, but this is how they survive. These children rely on the food provided by school. They get what they deserve. This is, in my opinion the greatest failure of these children.

He also uploaded photos of lunches that were served at the school, which looked equally unappetizing and meager. 

Superintendent William E. Collins replied to the article by admitting that “many parents and students are dissatisfied about school lunches.”

He said that, “in fairness for the cafeteria students are allowed to have one more portion of fruits and vegetables as well as one more nugget than what appears in the photo.”

He said that he was creating the group with the cafeteria manager at the school to discuss the issues and to help them improve. 

Vangellow said that students deserved better than what the school was providing

Vangellow claimed that students deserve better than the school’s offering 

Vangellow shared photos his kids sent him of other unappetizing meals

He also uploaded photos of lunches at the school, which looked equally unappetizing and meager.

Dr. Collins told Fox News that the school contracts through the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services for their food.

Collins stated that “We are subject to the same nutritional guidelines for every public school in America, so there is a limit on the variety of school lunches one school can offer,”

Collins explained that some of the meals in the pictures are misleading because they don’t show enough servings and do not include all options for students. But, many parents and students want to see the change.

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