After Max Verstappen won the World Championship, the controversial unlapping decision that gave Max Verstappen the World Championship was a win for Max Masi.

After one of the most thrilling Formula One races ever, race director Michael Masi found himself in the middle of an intricate plot that will grip motorsport for many days.

Lewis Hamilton, who led the race from the first corner but was still on the verge of winning a new world record eighth title, lost to Max Verstappen. This happened because Masi called Masi to complain about Nicholas Latifi’s crash which resulted in a safety car being used.

The decision by Verstappen not to permit the cars of Hamilton and Verstappen unlapped themselves placed the rivals side-by-side for the final lap. Verstappen was able to win because he had better tyres that Hamilton.

Formula One Race Director Michael Masi finds himself at the centre of the talk around Max Verstappen's dramatic World Championship victory over Lewis Hamilton

Michael Masi, Formula One Race Director, is at the center of all the discussion surrounding Max Verstappen’s thrilling World Championship win over Lewis Hamilton

Verstappen overtook Hamilton on the last lap after Masi called for the cars between them to unlap themselves after the safety car had been out on the track

Hamilton was beaten by Verstappen on the final lap. Masi had called for cars to unlap after the safety car left the track.

Hamilton was gracious in defeat despite the agonising nature of losing the race on Sunday

Hamilton, despite losing Sunday’s race in agony, was kind and gracious.

However, the Masi call regarding unlapping caused anger in Formula One and many fans called for his resignation as race director.

One angry fan posted on Twitter that he believed Masi, FIA’s race director Michael Masi, should be fired regardless of the winner of the F1 Championship.

Another said: “No matter your support for Max or Lewis I think that both sides can agree Masi should be fired.

“The guy is just as consistent as the UK lockdown rules.”

Another fan stated that Michael Masi should be fired immediately. You should never again be responsible for another F1 race.

While most have been captivated by the duel between Hamilton & Verstappen, one follower called it a ‘complete joke’ and demanded that Masi be thrown out immediately. 

Toto Wolff of Mercedes was heard having a heated exchange with Masi after the race.

Masi’s abrupt reply to Wolff wasn’t surprising. Masi replied abruptly to Wolff, saying “It’s known as a motor-race.”

Hamilton, on the other hand, was gracious despite his agonising defeat. He stated, “Firstly, congratulations to Max’s team. We did an incredible job in this year’s competition, both my team and everyone at the factory. All the women and men who worked hard throughout the year. 

“It has been the hardest of seasons. They are so proud and I am so happy to have been there. It was a journey that we gave everything and never stopped trying. That’s what is most important.

“Of course, I feel great in my car these past few months, especially at the end. 

“But, I have to be honest, the pandemic is still going on. So, I want everyone to feel safe, enjoy Christmas, and then we will see what happens next year.