Social media users were furious at Tony Blair’s decision to be made a Sir. The former Prime Minister was also branded as a war criminal.

Sir Tony is long facing backlash for leading the UK in Iraq and Afghanistan. This decision cost the lives of many other civilians as well as 179 British troops.

It was however announced that he has been made a Knight Companion in the Order of the Garter.  

Every prime minister, except one, was appointed within a few years of leaving office. However, Sir Tony was able to wait for 14 years.

There was speculation that Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with George W. Bush during his 10 years of power could have led to this’snub.

On Twitter today, many made their feelings clear following the ennobling.

Liam Young was a political commentator and wrote, “The man ought to be in The Hague’s dock.” It is a terrible day.

John Smith – the son of Second World War veteran and writer Harry Leslie Smith – said the decision suggested ‘it’s okay to kill brown people in their hundreds of thousands.’

George Galloway, an ex-Labour MP, said: “Arise Sir Tony Blair. The mass-murdering War Criminal. Liar. Mountebank. This literally is the best.

Other users demanded an overhaul in the honours system. One person described it as the favour for friend’ list.

Sir Tony has long faced a backlash over his decision to lead the UK into Iraq and Afghanistan, which cost the lives of 179 British personnel as well as many more civilians

Sir Tony was long in the crosshairs for leading the UK into Iraq/Afghanistan, which resulted in the death of 179 British troops and many other civilians.


Sir Tony is a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. It’s the oldest and highest British Order of Chivalry.

This appointment is given by Queen Elizabeth II. Sir John Major was Sir Tony’s predecessor.

Sir Tony is a Labour ex-leader who said, “It’s an enormous honor to be named Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. I am deeply thankful to Her Majesty the King.

“It was an honor to be the prime minister. I want to thank everyone who worked alongside me in politics and public service for their commitment and dedication to this country.

New Labour was led by Sir Tony to victory in 1997. New Labour won the next two general elections. Then, Tony quit Westminster a decade later to make way for Gordon Brown, who became prime minister.

Famously, Diana Princess of Wales (68 years old) was referred to as the ‘peoples princess’ and she led the UK during the Allied invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After leaving politics, the former barrister was made a Middle East ambassador and established his non-profit organization, The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

Annually, Royal Knights of the Order of the Garter (Ladies of the Order of the Garter) gather at St George’s Chapel to celebrate a beautiful procession.

As a crowd watches, the State Apartments residents walk the State Apartments’ hillside chapel in their blue velvet mantles and red velvet hoods. They also wear white ostrich plumes.

Three new positions were announced by the palace for Sir Tony, who left Downing Street over 14 years ago.

The decision to ennoble the former prime minister – or Sir Tony, as he will now be known – has been much debated in recent years. It had been suggested that the Queen's strained relationship with him during his ten years in power may have contributed to the 'snub'. (He is pictured with the Queen in 2005)

The decision to ennoble the former prime minister – or Sir Tony, as he will now be known – has been much debated in recent years. The Queen’s relationship with him over his 10 years of power was a factor in the “snub”. He is seen with Queen Elizabeth in 2005.

Appointments to Garter are under the Queen’s Gift and can be made without prime ministerial approval. They are generally announced on St George’s Day April 23rd, but the monarch has decided to announce it during the New Year’s Honours.

They will be with you for the rest of your life, unless they are abused by a Lady Companion or Knight.

The Garter was established in 1348 by Edward III and is bestowed by the sovereign to recognize outstanding public service or achievement.

The king and Joan of Salisbury attended a northern French ball that inspired the idea.

It is thought that the countess dropped her garter, which caused laughter and embarrassment.

However, the chivalrous King took it and put it on his leg. He then said the following: “Honi soit qui Mal y penser” – “Shame on anyone who thinks such evil.” This is now the motto of the Order.

An emblem of the Order is a blue ribbon, or garter, worn below the left knee by men and on the left arm by women.

Out of maximum 24 companions, there are 21 non-royal ones.