Ten teenagers who murdered an 18-year-old ‘for excitement and pleasure’ after attacking him at random as he walked home from a funfair were today sentenced to life.

‘I just want to go home,’ were among the last words of Jack Woodley murdered by 10 boys who stabbed him to death in Houghton le Spring, Sunderland, last year. 

Zoe McGill was Jack’s mom. She said, “We used to always call him our cheeky chappie, blue-eyed son.”

He used to be a light source in any space he entered. He didn’t like to take himself too seriously and was always looking for a laugh. He was happy, go-lucky, and extremely adventurous.

The teen was ‘surrounded and isolated’ by the gang of youths who chased him down an alleyway and attacked him ‘like zombies attacking an animal’.

He was due to begin a job on Monday, the victim was on his way to collect keys to a new apartment when he was assaulted with a 25cm “Rambo” knife. 

Prosecutors claimed that the group went to festival ‘looking to cause serious problems’.

The court heard that one of the teens put Mr Woodley into a headlock, and then punched him.

The jury was told that one of the witnesses shouted “get the chop” in mobile footage. This refers to the knife. 

Today saw the minimum 17-year detention of the 15-yearold boy who attacked Mr Woodley and inflicted the fatal injury by stabbing him in the back. 

Witnesses describe Mr Woodley looking visibly “scared” as he curls up in a ball. He was then subject to a series of punches by the attackers who behaved like a “herd lions.”

The other nine inmates, who were aged 14-18 years old, were sentenced by Judge Rodney Jameson to minimum sentences of eight- and fifteen years detention. They were told by Judge Rodney Jameson QC that they would be kept on license for life if released. He stated that they showed’regret’ and that it was not regret.

For all defendants, the total term of imprisonment is 124 years plus six months.

His mom warned young people against having knives. She asked that they not put themselves in a position to use them.

She added: ‘There is never an acceptable excuse to carry a knife, and don’t hang around with those who do.

“If someone is involved in a knife-run, let them know. Don’t get involved. You will endanger your own life as well as the lives of others. 

Jack Woodley died after being attacked by a group of youths last year in Houghton le Spring.

Today's sentencing was delayed due to a disturbance outside Newcastle Crown Court which led to police being called

The delay in today’s sentencing resulted from a disturbance at Newcastle Crown Court, which caused police to be called. 

Pictured is the 25cm long knife that was used to murder Jack Woodley in County Durham last October after he left the Houghton Feast

Pictured is the 25cm long knife that was used to murder Jack Woodley in County Durham last October after he left the Houghton Feast

Pictured are Supporters of the family of murdered Jack Woodley have gathered outside Newcastle Quayside Crown Court Friday with a banner

Photographed: Supporters of Jack Woodley’s family gathered at Newcastle Quayside Crown Court on Friday, displaying a banner.

The scene in Houghton-le-Spring where Jack Woodley tragically lost his life after he was set upon by the gang of ten thugs

Houghton-le-Spring, where Jack Woodley lost his life to the violence of a gang of ten.

The scene in Houghton-Le-Spring where the attack took place is pictured.

It is possible to see the scene from Houghton-Le-Spring, where the attack occurred. 

Nine of the nine youths were not named because they are too young to identify.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that one of the defendants pleaded guilty for manslaughter. He admitted stabbing Mr Woodley, but denied he wanted to kill him. 

Mark McKone QC, the prosecution’s lawyer had said to jurors Jack had spent the entire evening at the funfair before the attack on The Britannia Inn in Houghton.

McKone stated that the attack occurred outside of the pub, but Jack was also chased down an alleyway to the pub’s side. The attack was witnessed by many people at the pub. 

Prosecutor Mark McKone, QC, stated that only one juvenile stabbed Mr Woodley at the beginning of the March trial. The other nine youths were found guilty by ‘the notion of joint enterprise’.

All 10 murder suspects were convicted by a jury in June.

Devastated mother Zoe McGill, from Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, with her husband, Chris

Zoe McGill (devastated mother), Newton Aycliffe County Durham with Chris 

The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that nine of the defendants intend to appeal their convictions.

The judge sentenced the group and said that he could not restore Jack’s family or loved ones to him, nor reduce their pain in the present and the future.

“It may seem unfair to you that Jack will live in liberty when he is still young, but Jack won’t because of the things you’ve done.”

Judge Jameson stated that the attackers had targeted Mr Woodley “solely for excitement and pleasure in inflicting severe injury on an entirely harmless and randomly chosen stranger”.

A judge informed the defendants that the violence perpetrated on Mr Woodley was ‘albeit short-lived’, ‘appalling’, and that they all ‘played part in Jack’s death.

He stated that six teenagers gave evidence in the trial but no one was able to tell the truth.

He said to them, “You put your interests and those of your co-defendants above Jack’s and his families.” They were denied justice by everything that you did.

“I know you regret the events for many reasons. But regret isn’t remorse.”

Judge Jameson said to the teenager who had stabbed Mr Woodley, “I believe you meant to kill me when you did that second stab.” It is possible that the intention was formed at the spur of the moment.

“It’s, however, the kind of escalation possible when violence is perpetrated mob-handed or when an armed with a deadly weapon.”

Mr McKone stated that Woodley left Houghton Feast when defendants, which he was not aware of, “surrounded” and “isolated” him.

According to the court, one of the teenage boys put Mr Woodley in headlocks and punched the other before they ‘joined together’. The jury was told that one of the teens shouted “Get the chopper” – which refers to the knife in the mobile video footage.

Murdered teenager Jack Woodley's mother Zoey McGilll, pictured outside on Newcastle Quayside Crown Court

Jack Woodley was murdered by Jack’s mother Zoey Mcilll. She is pictured outside at Newcastle Quayside Crown Court.

Jack, who had been due to start a job the Monday after he was attacked and was on the way to pick up keys for a new flat, was punched, kicked, stamped on, and stabbed with a 25cm 'Rambo style' knife during the attack on October 16

Jack, who had been due to start a job the Monday after he was attacked and was on the way to pick up keys for a new flat, was punched, kicked, stamped on, and stabbed with a 25cm 'Rambo style' knife during the attack on October 16

Jack was due to begin a job on Monday, the day after the attack. He was also on his way to collect keys to a new apartment. Jack was kicked and punched along with the attackers.

Jack’s distraught mother advises him against using a knife.

Jack’s mother Zoe McGill told Jack after the hearing that she used to refer to him as her cheeky, blue-eyed boy.

He used to be a light source in any space he entered. He didn’t like to take himself too seriously and was always looking for a laugh. He was happy, adventurous and very lucky.

Jack was making his mom proud, and things were truly coming together. It was like we were in a trance, and I can still remember screaming. It was shock, I believe.

The days following his death were horrible. Just a few days ago, I woke up looking out of my bedroom window. It was only a bad dream.

“I thought of my son in the morgue. It was something you wouldn’t imagine as a parent.

I don’t wish for anyone to suffer the same thing. While no sentence is going to make a big difference, it does send out a powerful message to the other children and families to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

‘My message? Don’t do it. You shouldn’t have a knife in your pocket, and you should not put yourself in a position to use it.

“And don’t believe that because you aren’t the one who carried the knife, you cannot be prosecuted. Jack’s case proved this.

“There were kids there that night who kicked Jack and punched him, held him down and swarmed his body. They think they are innocent of murder because they did not hold the knife.

“But they were involved and chose to be involved.” To contribute to the death of a loved one or be found guilty for murder, you don’t have to hold the knife.

It is not acceptable to have a knife in your pocket.

“If you are aware of someone who is involved with a knife ran, inform them. 

He is survived by his stepfather Chris McGill, Zoey McGill and Jayden and Jenson McGill.

Zoe stated that the entire family will be haunted by Jack’s horrific injuries during a court hearing earlier this week.

Ms McGill stated that Jack was looking to the future and added, “This has destroyed our family’s lives. Life will never be the exact same without Jack.”

She stated that Jack was the reason she lived and succeeded in her earlier testimony. Jack has brought light, love and joy to all of us since the time he was born.

“In the months preceding October Jack had passed English and Math Level 3 and CSCS Operatives Card. He also had a Forklift Truck License. Jack was scheduled to begin his Amazon job on Monday following his death.

“Jack also had his own place of accommodation, and had the keys to it on the day that he was attacked. Jack is a great man. This should have been exciting.

“The loss of Jack has a profound and lasting impact. The trauma of reliving this whole incident over a long trial has had a devastating effect us all. This is the hardest thing we have ever seen.

We feel trapped in our trauma and grief. There should be no one who is unable to bear the pain of someone else going to fair with them. 

“We won’t be able ever to again share precious family moments with our cheeky blue-eyed boy,”

Jack was attacked by the second teenager, 16 years old. He was ‘held in a headlock during the attack.

His intelligence was described as average and he was sentenced for a term of at least 13 years.

15-year-old teen who was convicted of burglary had gone to pick up the knife along with the youth responsible for inflicting the stabbings. His sentence was a minimum of 15 years.

A fourth teenager, now aged 18, had been at the fair with a knuckle brush but didn’t hit Jack.

The court found him to be one of the most senior, but he also had low intelligence. He was also not considered a leader. The court sentenced him to a minimum 15-year term.

A 15-year old girl was the youngest among the defendants. She is said to not have been there to fight.

He was found to be learning disabled and a possible ‘girl’ for not attending school. The sentence was for a minimum eight year term.

A sixth teenager, who was also 15, had consumed vodka and smoked marijuana on the night of murder. He could be heard shouting “Get the chopper out!”

According to the court, his parents and relatives were also involved in crime. The court sentenced him to a minimum term of 13 years.

Supporters gathered outside Newcastle Crown Court today which a banner that read 'Justice 4 Jack. Life for a knife'

Newcastle Crown Court was occupied today by supporters who held a banner which read: “Justice 4 Jack.” A knife is life.

Jack was the seventh teen who tried to fight him at a nearby dental surgery. Jack was 15 years old. Jack was said to be a low IQ person and could be ‘easily led.

His mental and emotional health are poor. He was also unable to manage anger. He is required to serve at least 10 years.

Jack was attacked at a “late stage” by the eighth teen. Jack cried and tried to console him as he was sent back to the dock.

A letter was written by the ninth teenager, 16 years old. It described how he wanted to change his future. The minimum sentence is 11 years.

Tenth teen and second-in-command (18-year old) had a low IQ, ADHD, and was considered to have low self confidence. He was, however, the judge stated that he was most heavily disguised of the bunch at the time. He is required to serve at least 11 years.