Blackpool forward Jake Daniels is being widely praised for coming out to be gay. Gary Neville called it “a big, great moment for football.”

The only openly gay professional male player is the 17-year old. 

Daniels was the first British professional athlete to be openly gay, since Justin Fashanu (90)

A host of players and clubs have shown their support for Jake Daniels after he came out as gay

After Jake Daniels came out, a host of clubs and players showed their support.

Gary Neville ex-defender at Manchester United stated that Daniels made him ‘incredibly proud’ and called the moment ‘a big big moment for football.

Neville spoke on Sky Sports and said that he was incredibly proud to have seen a 17-year old interview at that quality. He has shown incredible courage. It would have seemed impossible back then. [15-20 years ago]. It is difficult to imagine. This day is very important for both him and English football. This is an important moment in football.

“I used to be on the PFA Management Committee 15-20 years back, when this was a big issue. There wasn’t any player who was comfortable enough to make it public.”

Sky Sports' Gary Neville praised Daniels and said that it is 'a big, big moment for football'

Gary Neville of Sky Sports praised Daniels, saying it was a ‘big, big moment’ for football.

Neville said that Daniels’s talk on the topic is “absolutely fantastic” considering the difficulty it presents for the players in the dressing rooms. 

He stated that the game had not addressed this problem well. We know that now it is something that is acceptable from a fan point of view but a dressing room can be an evil place…you have the initiation ceremonies, peer pressure, things like that. Think about how 16-year olds would feel if they were forced into an ego-driven environment like this.

“His style of speaking was amazing, but it is extraordinary to hear him talk about such a topic. His maturity was amazing to me.

“What options do we have?” We want this to be normal. In 10-15 years, it will not be seen as an announcement. This will make it a success in 10 years. It is important that the players accept it as part of their everyday life.

Neville stated that Daniels' announcement could have a major impact over the next 10-15 years

Neville said that Daniels’ announcement might have an important impact on the next 10-15 year.

I think that he stated it even though he isn’t a professional footballer.

“It’s a significant day for football, and it requires incredible courage.

Jamie Carragher was highly impressed by the manner in which the situation had been handled.

He said: ‘I think it is important that they see how they have gone about it. They will be able to do that moving forward. As a player, we wish him the best. That is just one example. [the way the club have handled it]For moving forward’ 

According to the Justin Fashanu Foundation, Daniels’s announcement may be an important turning point for gay footballers.

A statement read: ‘Jake’s announcement will come as a huge comfort to the many footballers at all levels of the game – from grass roots to the professional leagues – still secretly living as gay and who still feel unable to come out. This announcement will be a significant turning point for other footballers who want to openly discuss their lives off the pitch. 

Rio Ferdinand, former Manchester United star said that he has immense respect for Daniels’ ‘brave choice’.

Ferdinand tweeted: “Massive respect to this brave decision. We can all work together to create an environment that is safe and supportive for LGBTQ+ footballers and others!’.

Kevin Stewart, a Blackpool teammate, showed support for Daniels.

17-year-old Daniels is the only active openly gay male professional player in Britain

 17-year-old Daniels is the only active openly gay male professional player in Britain

Thomas Hitzlsperger came out to be gay shortly after retiring and wished Daniels “a wonderful career”.

“Well done @Jake_Daniels11, have a great career!” he wrote. Great to see the support of @BlackpoolFC and @stonewalluk to make this possible!’.

Piers Morgan wrote: ‘Well done @Jake_Daniels11’.

Manchester United wrote: ‘We’re proud of you, Jake. Your inspiration is a source of strength for us all. 

Manchester City also added “Proud to be you Jake!”‘.

Chelsea said: “We are proud of Jake!” Football is for everybody.

Tottenham Hotspur stated: “Your bravery and courage are inspiring, Jake.”

Blackpool’s rivals Preston wrote that they admired Jake Daniels’ courage. We hope Daniels’ bravery inspires others to try to emulate his example. Football is an open sport for all.

FA said that Daniels has been an inspiration for all.

The words were: “Jake! You are an inspiration to all of us and we support your choice to openly discuss this aspect of yourself.

“Football can be played by all and has diversity as its core. This is an important step in our efforts to create an inclusive sport that everyone can enjoy.

Premier League said that they support Jake and that football is good for all. 

MK Dons described Daniels to be’so inspiring and so courageous’.

Kelly Cates stated that Kelly feels great about herself now.

Jacqui Oatley, commentator wrote that there is so much love and support for @JackDaniels11s decision to make public. It’s truly heartwarming. He’s only 17, and has seen very little of the first team, but he still wants to inspire others. He will, I’m sure. Jake, go!

Bury AFC stated: “So brave! All of football is here for you Jake.