Gatecrasher! As a woman tries to fix it in Thailand, a moment rusty gate is thrown at her

  •  A rusty metal gate fell on a woman as she tries to mend it in Chai Nat, Thailand
  •  Tipa Yangtin, 49, noticed her friend’s sliding gate was jammed because of rust
  • CCTV captured the gate falling off its rollers, and colliding into an unacquainting Tipa

Here’s the frightening moment when a rusty gate broke and fell on a woman trying to fix it.

Tipa Yangtin (49) noticed that the sliding gate had become slightly stuck due to rust when she visited a friend in Chai Nat, central Thailand on November 15.

The elderly homeowner was unable to get the doors open due to difficulty.

She fetched a bottle of oil to loosen up the gate’s rail track, poured the liquid on the track and pushed the gate back and forth to lubricate the rollers. 

Tipa Yangtin, 49, was crushed by a rusty metal gate she was trying to fix for a friend in Chai Nat province, central Thailand

Tipa Yangtin (49), was killed by the rusty gate made of metal she tried to repair for a friend.

The woman used a lubricant to oil the gate's rollers

She then slid the gate back and forth to try to fix it

Left: The woman applied a lubricant on the rollers of her gate. The woman then moved the gate forward and back to attempt to fix it.

The gate came off its roller tracks and fell on an unsuspecting Tipa, injuring her  in the ribs

The gate came off its roller tracks and fell on an unsuspecting Tipa, injuring her  in the ribs

Luckily there were people around to help Tipa after the accident. She said she was in pain and was monitoring her injuries

Tipa was able to get help from others after the accident. Tipa said that she was still in pain, and was currently monitoring her injuries.

But sliding the gate was difficult. Tipa then pulled the gate hard back, dislodging it.

CCTV footage captures the iron gate falling onto her, as she shouts for help.

Rapeetat Teerachaichinnakon, the homeowner said that this has not happened in seven years of our time living here. 

“Fortunately, people were available to my friend at the scene of the accident.

Tipa managed to get up after the accident, but her ribs were still painful. 

She assured her that she was keeping an eye on her condition and would take her to the hospital in case her pain got worse.