Germany forces all Britons to enter the country in TWO WEEK quarantine even though they’re fully-vaccinated

Germany said tonight that it will quarantine all Britons who enter the country for two weeks even though they have been fully vaccinated. This is to stop the Omicron variant spreading. 

The state’s health authority, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), announced late today that Britain had been added to its list of Covid high-risk countries as a ‘virus variant area’. 

The transport of British tourists to Germany by air carriers is banned starting Sunday at midnight (or 11pm UK Time).

Only German nationals and residents, along with their spouses and children, are allowed to enter the country via the UK. 

A negative PCR test is necessary for anyone entering Germany from Britain. They must also be quarantined for 14 days regardless of their vaccination status.

RKI released the updated rules because it considered the UK to be a virus variant region of concern. The highest Covid risk levels.  

This comes amid growing concerns about the rising rates of Covid-19 due to the Omicron variant’s spread in the UK.  

Germany has reimposed its own health restrictions following high case numbers due to Omicron, barring unvaccinated individuals from restaurants and non-essential commerce. 

France has also imposed similar restrictions. They came into effect at 11pm Friday.

The rush to France by British tourists to escape the ban led to an increase in freight traffic. This resulted in lengthy queues for lorries.

On Saturday, there were long tailbacks at Dover’s entrance and on Kent’s M20 motorway.

The queues were at Port of Dover one day earlier, after people brought ahead their Christmas travel plans in order to avoid new regulations.

A spokesperson for Eurotunnel stated that there was congestion in Dover over the weekend and along the A20 to Dover today, which led to freight traffic being transferred to Eurotunnel.

“There’s slow traffic at the Eurotunnel exit on J11A, however freight flows through the tunnel at regular rates. This will soon disappear.”

She stated that all those who had wanted to travel to France via the Channel Tunnel prior to the deadline were able to do so.

The new regulations resulting from the Omicron coronavirus strain’s spread have made it mandatory that UK citizens present a compelling reason to travel to France. This includes trips to France for business or tourism.

French nationals, hauliers and transport workers are exempted from the new rules.