The Covid booster is available to eligible Britons for two weeks if they desire maximum protection against the virus. 

The NHS has issued a plea to the roughly 7million — or three in 10 — eligible people who have yet to have the crucial third dose. 

The UK’s real-world data indicates that Covid protects against becoming sick up to 90% within two weeks of the injection. Even higher immunity against death and hospitalisation. 

Officials stated that this means people who get a booster before Christmas 11th will have a’very good protection against Covid’ by Christmas Day. 

All people over 40 are eligible for boosters, as long as they have not had their last dose in six months. However, people are able to book an appointment for the five-month anniversary.

The figures show that 23,000,000 people received a double dose of Covid vaccines by May 25, which was six months ago.

Presently 16 million boosters are being administered. This suggests that an additional 7 million (30%) have yet to be made. 

After the sudden increase in Covid cases over the past few weeks, UK officials are expecting a fairly normal Christmas. 

Covid boosters are now being offered to the over 40s in the latest expansion of the campaign. Pictured: Doctor Abhi Mantgani administers a Covid-19 vaccine booster to Joanne Coombs at Birkenhead Medical Building in Birkenhead

In the most recent expansion of the campaign, Covid boosters will now be offered to over-40s. Pictured: Joanne Coombs is given a Covid-19 booster by Doctor Abhi Manntgani at Birkenhead Health Building, Birkenhead

16 healthcare charities that represent people living with conditions that render them more susceptible to the virus and their caregivers have backed the NHS’s new appeal.   

These charities are for people at high risk of getting a flu or Covid infection. 

These organizations will reach vulnerable persons to obtain their vaccines. They can also reassure them about any questions they may have. 

The EU has ruled that all adults should receive Covid boosters

To combat Europe’s fourth wave of ferociousness, everyone above 18 years old should get a Covid booster injection. This was the advice from the EU’s public healthcare agency.

ECDC, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said in a stunning turnaround that the priority should not be given to people over 40, but rather countries with a sufficient supply of the disease.

The ECDC announcement — which comes just two months after it advised against third doses for young adults — is a response to soaring Covid cases and admissions that have forced five countries back into some form of draconian lockdown.

Yesterday night, the World Health Organization warned 700,000 Europeans that Covid will continue to rise if it isn’t stopped.

The ECDC director, Dr Andrea Ammon, pointed to data in Israel and Britain that shows booster jab recipients have 90% more protection from Covid symptoms as well as higher protection against death and hospitalization. 

Europe is experiencing a prolonged wave of Covid-related cases. Austria has had to put lockdowns in place, especially for those who are not vaccinated.

Nikki Joule, policy manager at Diabetes UK, said: ‘It is clear that the pandemic is still posing a very real threat, so it’s incredibly important that people with diabetes stay well and stay out of hospital.

“Our recommendation is straightforward: If you have diabetes and are a caregiver, you should consider requesting a COVID-19 vaccine booster. Coronavirus vaccines save lives.  

Helen Walker, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said: “From our contacts with carers we know that getting the vaccination has not only improved their immunity but also provided relief from stress.

‘As we head towards Christmas, we know that this can be a busy time, particularly if you’re providing unpaid care to an ill or disabled relative or friend.

‘We encourage any unpaid carers who haven’t yet had their boosters to come forward and get one as soon as they can, to further protect themselves and their loved ones.’

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary thanked charities for supporting the Covid booster campaign and the flu jab campaign. 

‘With winter approaching it’s so important that those who are at risk from the virus are protected in order to keep themselves safe,’ he said. 

“The vaccines have proven safe and effective in helping to build an arsenal against COVID-19. We ask that you apply for the vaccine as quickly as possible.

People in their 40s were invited to join the Covid booster program. Online bookings are possible. 

Following a spike in Covid cases, and the return to Europe’s lockdown restrictions, the Government has urged eligible Britons get their jabs.

The NHS needs as many people as possible to protect themselves from the winter bugs and to reduce pressure on the NHS in the months ahead.    

After a surge in cases, and the return to lockdown restrictions in Europe in Europe, eligible boosters have been encouraged to accept the offer as quickly as possible in order to help reduce pressure on the NHS and protect their family members. 

Although it was slow to get off the ground since its September launch, the UK’s Covid booster program has been gaining momentum in the last few weeks.

As compared to the initial two doses, there have been less locations that offer Covid booster walk ins. There has also been less public demand for the jabs from the general population.  

Covid cases have continued to rise across the UK but deaths and hospitalisations are still trending downwards, official data shows.

Yesterday saw another 43,676 cases, which is an increase of 14.1 Percent on last Wednesday’s confirmed positive cases. 

Daily Covid deaths fell 25%, and today there were 149 additional deaths. This is the fifth consecutive day of falling deaths.

722 Britons who were infected by the virus sought NHS healthcare on Saturday. This is a drop of 7.3% week-on. For the eighth consecutive day, admissions have fallen.

The trend is two to three week behind in both cases because of a delay between the time a person gets Covid and becomes severely unwell. 

Since the end of February, cases have trended upwards in Britain after schools returned from their half-term break.  

The majority of infections are found in younger people, but booster jabs can reduce the number among those over 60. 

The situation is much more serious on the continent with the the World Health Organization warning another 700,000 Europeans could die from Covid this winter.

 WHO officials suggested the continent’s death toll was set to spiral from 1.5million to 2.2million by March amid a ferocious fourth wave.

The figure covers 53 European countries, which includes the UK, Kazakhstan, and Russia. 

If the prediction is true, this means Europe faces a winter that is only marginally better than last year despite vaccinations being readily available.

Bodies are already ‘piling up’ on hospital wards in Romania, with Bucharest’s main hospital morgue now almost three-times over-capacity.

According to the WHO, the new Indian variant of the ‘Delta’ virus was responsible for the gloomy forecast.

66% of European Union citizens are double-jabbered, with many other countries now offering booster doses.

Many countries have been forced to resign from their positions due to the escalating cases.  

As a sign that the crisis is growing, today’s Netherlands moved Covid patients to Germany in an effort to relieve pressure at its hospitals.

Are there any charities that are encouraging their members?

  • African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust
  • Anthony Nolan
  • British Heart Foundation
  • British Liver Trust
  • Cancer Research UK
  • UK Carers
  • Diabetes UK
  • Epilepsy Action
  • Epilepsy Society
  • Kidney Care UK
  • Kidney Research UK
  • Macmillan
  • Parkinson’s UK
  • Think about Mental Illness
  • Sickle Cell Society
  • Terrence Higgins Trust