At her trial for sex-trafficking, a picture of Ghislaine Maxiwell and Jeffrey Epstein was shown.

The British socialite, wearing a checked blue shirt, rests her arm on Epstein’s as she sits in exactly the same spot at Glen Beg where the Queen was photographed relaxing.  

It is unclear when this image was taken but it has been reported previously that Prince Andrew invited the couple to Balmoral in 1999.

Yesterday’s image of Maxwell and other images were displayed to the jury at Maxwell’s New York trial. Prosecutors called them ‘partners-in crime’.  

A second image depicts Maxwell massaging Epstein’s feet in his private plane, the Lolita Express. 

One third of the photos showed her kissing him cheek and wrapping her arms around him. A fourth photo featured them riding a motorcycle together. 

In 2019, the FBI took Epstein’s Manhattan residence and seized the entire collection of photos. He was being held on charges related to sex trading. In prison, Epstein committed suicide while waiting for his trial.  

A picture of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein relaxing in the Queen's log cabin at Balmoral has been shown at her sex trafficking trial. Wearing a blue checked shirt, the British socialite is seen resting her arm on Epstein's knee as they sit in the exact same spot in the hut in Glen Beg that the Queen has been pictured relaxing in

The Queen has shown a photo of Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein in Balmoral, where they were seen relaxing. The British socialite, wearing a checked blue shirt, rests her arm on Epstein’s knee while they sit at the same place in Glen Beg where the Queen was photographed relaxing.

The Queen is pictured above in the cabin with her friend Margaret Rhodes. The pair are sitting in the same sun-exposed spot that Maxwell and Epstein enjoyed

Above, the Queen and Margaret Rhodes are seen together in the cabin. Both of them are sitting on the same spot in which Maxwell as Epstein enjoyed sun exposure.

Prince Andrew, who was friends with both Epstein and Maxwell, has been mentioned three times in the high-profile trial so far: by Epstein’s pilot who said he flew with the disgraced financier; alleged sex trafficking victim Jane who said she remembered Andrew on the plane; and by his former housekeeper who said Andrew was ‘always polite and a very nice guy. We were the only ones who received a tip from him. 

Last week, Andrew was pictured horse riding with a companion near his home at Windsor Castle while bombshells continued to flood out of his old friend’s court case. 

The Royal was also seen with a stony expression as he drove through the gardens in his Range Rover before getting into the saddle to ride alongside his friend.  

New York’s Prosecutors claim that Maxwell “served up” girls for Epstein and took part herself in child abuse. They deny the claims.  

Virginia Roberts is one of Maxwell’s accusers. She claims Epstein loaned Virginia to Prince Andrew when she was 17 for sex, allegations that he refutes. 

Carolyn Maxwell was Maxwell’s second accuser. She said she had seen Maxwell in Epstein’s home and that it looked ‘nude’ and pregnant.

Maxwell has not been identified as a mother. Court records do not contain any further information about the pregnancy.

Kimberly Meder, an FBI analyst, identified photographs taken by FBI agents during the 2019 raid on Epstein’s Manhattan home.

As 19 photographs of Epstein or Maxwell were shown to the court, she testified. The CDs contained photos taken at the Manhattan residence.

Although it is not clear when the image was taken, it has previously been reported that the former couple were invited there by Prince Andrew in 1999. Above: Andrew arriving at Windsor Castle last week

While it’s not known when the photo was taken, reports have previously indicated that Prince Andrew had invited Andrew and his wife to the castle in 1999. Above: Andrew arrives at Windsor Castle last Wednesday

A much younger Maxwell and Epstein are seen on a motorcycle together. The undated photo was submitted into evidence by the prosecution in the sex trafficking case against Maxwell

Maxwell, a younger version of Epstein can be seen riding a motorcycle with Epstein. In the Maxwell sex-trafficking case, the prosecution submitted the undated photograph as evidence 

The pair are seen in an undated photo flying around on a helicopter together. This was one of many never-before-seen photos submitted into evidence

They are shown together in an undated photo, flying on a helicopter. One of several never-before-seen photographs submitted as evidence. 

The couple appear in one photo in what appears to be a European city. Ghislaine is seen kissing Jeffrey on the cheek. Many have testified that they believed Epstein and Ghislaine were boyfriend and girlfriend

They are seen in one photograph in what looks like a European town. Jeffrey can be seen being kissed by Ghislaine on one cheek. Many witnesses have said that Ghislaine kissed Jeffrey on the cheek and Epstein was their boyfriend/girlfriend. 

Meder stated that she didn’t know whether the images were altered during cross-examination.

The nature and character of Maxwell-Epstein’s relationship is being questioned throughout Maxwell’s trial. Prosecutors have described them as “partners in crime”, while others testified they appear to be a married couple or that they had a business relationship.

This was after another picture of the two kissing had been submitted.

Maxwell was seen with her arms wrapping around Epstein while they passionately kissed. The animal sat at a Palm Beach table.

On Tuesday morning, Stephen Flatley from the FBI was the computer analyst and he spoke with the jury to go over hard drives taken during the FBI raid in 2019.

Maxwell, who was the owner of a computer with Maxwell’s registration number, created one Microsoft Word file in October 2002.

While it wasn’t clear for whom the document was meant, Maxwell seemed to be writing it.

According to the document, Jeffrey and Ghislaine had been married for 11 years. Contrary to popular belief, they are rarely apart. They always appear together, I see.

“Ghislaine is a highly intelligent, great company with an open smile and infectious laughter.

It stated that Maxwell was a friend and that Epstein is a good companion.

According to the document, Jeffrey and Ghislaine complement each other so well that I can’t imagine either of them without the other. These two are best friends and great partners.

Another photo shows Maxwell sunbathing on a yacht in an unknown tropical location. Several of the photos show the couple in European cities posing for pictures together

Maxwell is also seen sunbathing in a photo taken at an unidentified tropical spot. Many photos of Maxwell and his wife in European cities pose for photographs together. 

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile's cheek with her arms wrapped around him. They appear to be on vacation somewhere warm

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile’s cheek with her arms wrapped around him. It appears they are on holiday somewhere warm 

The striking photos were submitted into evidence in Maxwell's sex trafficking trial and show the British socialite massaging Epstein's feet on the Lolita Express - Epstein's private plane where he's believed to have shuttled underage girls and high-powered figures

These photos, which were captured by Maxwell during Maxwell’s trial for sex-trafficking, show Epstein massaging his feet on the Lolita Express. This private aircraft is Epstein’s. It’s thought that Epstein shuttled high-powered women and underage girls. 

A treasure trove of never-before-seen photos show a loved up Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell jet setting and flaunting their opulent lifestyle. One of the most shocking photos shows Maxwell massaging Epstein's feet on the Lolita Express

Unseen photographs show Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxill jetsetting and living the high life. Maxwell is seen massaging Epstein’s feet aboard the Lolita Express. This shocking photo was taken in the middle of the night.

Maxwell also created a Word document from the same drive that contained an advertisement she had written in September 2001.

You can read it as: “Help desired.” Do you want to be a massage therapist. Palm Beach is your home. Excellent pay. Most weekends. For more information, please call 351 1000 Send a message

Maxwell sent emails to Juan Alessi (Palm Beach House Manager) on the same hard drive in May 2001. She referred back to him as John.

Maxwell had written to Sally that Alessi was “doing an absolutely awful job.”

Maxwell lamented the filthy pool and Epstein’s massaging creams that were not neatened up.

Maxwell stated that she was unable to figure out how to get John on her side.

A photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein kissing was shown Tuesday as FBI analyst Kimberly Meder testified

Kimberly Meder from the FBI showed a photograph of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell kissing on Tuesday. 

The photo of Maxwell massaging Epstein’s feet was portrayed by the sketch artist inside the New York courtroom on Tuesday

The photo of Maxwell massaging Epstein’s feet was portrayed by the sketch artist inside the New York courtroom on Tuesday  

Maxwell also inquired about the status of the “household handbook”, which Maxwell believed to refer to the booklet of 58 pages with numerous checklists for managing the house, and which had already been admitted to evidence.

Maxwell created another document, titled “Palm Beach new shampoos and massage products” in September 2002.

There were 16 types of shampoos on the list, and there were 13 products that could be used at home. Some even came from high end brands like Kiehls.

Maxwell’s second accuser Carolyn also testified on Tuesday. She is using her first name rather than a pseudonym. Carolyn said that Virginia Roberts, Maxwell’s 14-year-old daughter, introduced her to Jeffrey Epstein and she went to Epstein’s Palm Beach house where she gave Epstein a massage.

Maxwell arrived at the door to meet Carolyn wearing a orange, black and white stripe sweater with red shoulder hair.

Carolyn explained that Maxwell had come in to feel my boobs. She said she believed I would be a perfect body for Epstein and his buddies.

Maxwell took pictures of her nude and also snapped ‘the stuff she was doing with Epstein’, said She.

Carolyn was emotional when Maxwell asked Carolyn to take off her clothes and Carolyn refused. Carolyn then said that Maxwell had left Carolyn her bra and her underwear. Carolyn stated that Virginia Roberts was also present.

Carolyn stated that Epstein began to have sex after about 45 minutes of massages on his back. She stated that she watched the whole thing from her couch, and was able to make $300.

Carolyn explained that her decision to return to Epstein’s place was because she was young, and $300 is a large sum of money.

Maxwell’s seven-day trial began on Day Seven. Carolyn gave a bombshell testimony.

In seventh grade, she said that she quit school and has never returned. As a young girl, she moved from New York to Florida. Her mother was an addict and an alcoholic.

Maxwell is seen aboard a private plane. It's unclear if it is Epstein's infamous Lolita Express jet

Maxwell was seen in a private airplane. The identity of the plane is not known.

Prosecutors have characterized Epstein and Maxwell as being 'partners in crime'. Maxwell is seen in this evidence photo cuddling up to Epstein

The prosecution described Maxwell and Epstein as “partners in crime”. This evidence photo shows Maxwell cuddling up to Epstein. 

Epstein appears with his arm around Ghislaine as he takes a phone call in this evidence photo

Epstein is seen with Ghislaine wrapped around his arm as he makes a call to this evidence photo. 

The prosecution can use this information to prove that Maxwell and Epstein were targeting young girls coming from dysfunctional homes.

Carolyn stated to the jury that her grandfather had been abusive from the time she was four.

Epstein was her 14th birthday. She was introduced to Epstein by Shawn, Shawn’s boyfriend.

Shawn had been friends with Tony Figueroa while he was with Virginia Roberts. Virginia Roberts is the Epstein victim, who claimed that Shawn forced her to have sex at 17 with Prince Andrew.

Carolyn claimed that all four of them used tinkering until Roberts suggested Epstein.

Carolyn stated: “Virginia asked if I would like to make some money.”

Carolyn added that Roberts said: ‘We were going to go to her friend’s house in Palm Beach island…I would give him a massage. It was going make me a lot more money.

Carolyn stated that she met Maxwell when she visited Epstein’s Palm Beach residence for the first time after entering through Roberts’ kitchen.

She described her as an older lady, with an accent and shoulder-length black hair. Carolyn called her Maxwell as her difficulty in pronouncing her name.

Roberts stated to Maxwell that Carolyn was her friend.

Maxwell replied, “You could bring her upstairs to show her how it’s done.”

Carolyn stated that Roberts showed Carolyn where the oils were by taking Carolyn up to Epstein’s bath.

Carolyn stated: “Virginia had removed her clothes and asked me if it would be okay for me to take off my own.” Her, I said that I’d like my bra and bottoms to remain on.

Carolyn explained that Epstein came in and laid down face first on the massage table. For the next 45 minutes, Carolyn and Epstein massaged the backs and buttocks of each other.

Virginia climbed on top of Virginia after he turned around for 45 minutes. They were having sexual sex.

Carolyn said, “I was sitting on a couch right infront of them.”

Carolyn received $300 cash in 100 dollars and, on her way out, gave Maxwell her number. She told the jury.

Carolyn stated to the jury that she planned to continue to visit Epstein’s house “over 100” times between the ages 14 and 18, where some type of sexual activity would occur every time.

Maxwell used to call Sarah Kellen, her assistant at times, in order to make an appointment.

Carolyn claimed that Epstein was often the one she called to schedule an appointment for her because she was young and $300 was too much money.

Maxwell might call Carolyn sometimes, her mother answering the phone and shouting to her that she had a message.

Carolyn stated that she paid for marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol to block out her emotions in order to get to Epstein’s next appointment.

Also, she said that she was addicted painkillers.

Carolyn stated that Maxwell would be there every time Carolyn visited the house. Epstein would have to be out for her, she said.

Maxwell, and then Epstein, admitted Carolyn that her mother had been an alcoholic. Carolyn also told Epstein that she was abused as children.

Maxwell asked Carolyn once if she’d like to travel to an Island. Carolyn assumed that Maxwell meant Epstein’s private Caribbean island.

Carolyn said, “I told her that there was no way my mom would let me leave the United States. I said that I was 14.

Carolyn replied that she was fourteen years old when asked by Maurene Comey, the prosecutor.

Carolyn cried uncontrollably after a long, exhausting afternoon of cross-examination. Comey asked her why she was giving evidence.

She stated that money will not fix the wrongs done to her by this woman.

“I am terrified that my daughters will be sold”

Maxwell’s lawyers revealed to Carolyn that Carolyn had received $446,000 for settling her civil case against Epstein.

After filing an additional claim to the Epstein victims compensation fund, she also received $2.8 million.

Maxwell’s lawyer Jeff Pagliuca tried to get Carolyn to answer a question about Carolyn’s statements with prosecutors.

He said: “You claim you saw a photo of her at Epstein’s home, pregnant?”

Carolyn responded: “Nude and pregnant”.

The photograph she was given was not what she wanted, however.

Prosecutors indicated that they would be able to rest their case by Thursday, meaning Annie will likely be the next accuser.

These six charges are against Maxwell 


Conspire to lure minors to illegal sex acts (maximum sentence 5 years)  

 Incentive to a minor travel for illegal sex acts (age 20 years).

Conspiracy for minors to be transported with the intent of engaging in criminal sexual activities (20 years).

Transportation of a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

The Sex Trafficking Confessional

Sex Trafficking in a Minor 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

She was accused of giving testimony in defamation proceedings in which she testified in 2016.  


Prosecutors allege that Maxwell groomed 3 girls in 1994 to 1997 for Epstein. 

Although they aren’t named in the indictment she did allegedly target them in London and New York.

Maxwell, according to rumours, would make friends with the girls, asking about their childhood and schooling. They would be made to feel at home by Maxwell taking them out to see the movies or taking them shopping. She won their trust and later delivered them to Epstein.

Prosecutors say that she first undressed the girls in order to ‘normalize the later abuse,’ and then asked sexual questions. 

Prosecutors say she then assisted Epstein in their abuse, and even took part herself. 

The group massages are allegedly sex-abusive. 

According to the indictment, Maxwell also encouraged Maxwell to make Maxwell feel ‘debted to Epstein’ by encouraging Maxwell to give money to him to pay for his education and travel.