Ghislaine Maxill files for a RETRIAL, after a jury member told he had not disclosed his child abuse in the questionnaire.

Ghislaine’s attorneys requested that the conviction she received for sex traficking is overturned. They also asked for the case to be retried because a juror may not have disclosed that he suffered from sexual abuse as a child.  

Maxwell’s legal team stated that Friday’s court filing referred to Juror No. Maxwell, Scotty David. 

We request all submissions regarding Juror No. 50 be sealed for the reasons stated in the Motion. Bobbi C. Sternheim, attorney wrote a letter to Judge Alison Nathan requesting that 50 be kept under seal until the Court makes a ruling on the Motion. 

Maxwell hopes for a retrial of her case in sextrafficking after David, the juror revealed that he had told the jury his abuse as a child. This could have an impact on the verdict.

Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers are today expected to formally request that the British socialite's sex abuse conviction be overturned, due to a juror's possible failure to disclose before the trial that he was sexually abused as a child

The lawyers for Ghislaine Maxill are expected today to request the revocation of the British socialite’s sex-abuse conviction. It is possible that a juror may not have disclosed that he was subject to sexual abuse as a child before the trial. was his first statement. He said that he hadn’t revealed any of his past during jury selection, as it wasn’t asked in the questionnaire.

He claimed that he didn’t remember the question but that he had replied all of them ‘honestly’ when it was made clear that 48 question out of 50 asked it.

Maxwell’s attorneys stated earlier in the month that there was ‘incontrovertible ground’ to a fresh trial due to David’s admissions.

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