Ghislaine Maxill, a sex trafficker, will be tried for perjury in a case involving Virginia Giuffre. She allegedly lied under oath at a 2016 defamation trial.

British socialite and ex-socialite Elizabeth Epstein was found guilty late December in procuring young women to Jeffrey Epstein’s benefit. She has yet to respond to allegations that she lies to investigators concerning her involvement with this infamous sex fiend. 

Maxwell’s case for sex-trafficking was a major national story last month. Five convictions were handed down in connection to Maxwell’s role in the scandal that allegedly involved high-profile politicians, billionaires and at least one British monarch. 

Although she could spend up to 65-years in prison, additional time may be added after the perjury cases are resolved. The New York Post reports that Alison Nathan, Manhattan federal Judge, asked her attorneys for their schedules.

These charges were filed in 2020 and relate to Giuffre’s now settled defamation suit. Later, Maxwell’s lawyers released many documents that they claim proved Maxwell had lied to investigators in the deposition.   

Maxwell was 60 when he said that everything he said about Maxwell could be disproved by the legal team using photographs and flight manifests. 

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, pictured in a November 30 sketch, will now stand trial for perjury charges related to a 2016 sworn deposition

Ghislaine Maxiwell, who was sentenced to life in prison for sex trafficking, is shown here in a sketch from November 30.

The deposition was part of a defamation lawsuit filed by accuser Virginia Giuffre (center), who claims she was victimized by Prince Andrew (left) and that Maxwell (right) helped orchestrate the abuse

Virginia Giuffre, the accuser (center), filed the deposition as part of a lawsuit for defamation. She claims that she was victim to Prince Andrew (left), and Maxwell (right).

Maxwell claimed under oath to have only visited Epstein’s Palm Beach Home ‘once’ in 2005, but flight logs showed she flew there at least 11 times, Giuffre’s lawyers said.

Maxwell told lawyers that she never remembered being on Epstein’s private plane with Giuffre, but a flight manifest shows the pair flew together at least 23 times when Virginia was underage, according to Giuffre’s legal team. 

Also, she claimed that Giuffre was not in London with her despite the photograph of them together in Maxwell’s house during a 2001 visit.

Giuffre is a mother of three aged 38 years old and sued Duke last July in New York federal court for battery and infliction emotional distress.

At Epstein’s request, she claimed she had to have sex in the Duke’s presence three times in 2001.

Andrew strongly denied her claims, and said that she was after “another payday at His expense”.

He’s hopeful that a newly-unsealed settlement signed by Giuffre – which shows Epstein paid her $500,000 to resolve the sex abuse case against him – will lead to the dismissal of the sexual lawsuit against him. 

Andrew’s lawyers claimed Giuffre would no longer be able to continue the battery case she had filed in 2020 against him.

Maxwell (pictured with Epstein and Michael Bolton) claimed in the deposition that she only visited Epstein's Palm Beach Home 'once' and that she never remembered being on Epstein's private plane with Giuffre

Maxwell (pictured in deposition with Epstein, Michael Bolton) stated that she visited Epstein’s Palm Beach Home only ‘once’. She also claimed she doesn’t recall ever being on Epstein’s private plane with Giuffre.

Giuffre signed a 12-page agreement releasing Epstein’s “agent(s), attorney (s), predecessor(s), successor[s], heir[s], administrator(s), assign[s], and/or employee[s]”.

Giuffre also agreed to release ‘any other person or entity who could have been included as a potential defendant (‘Other Potential Defendants’) from all, and all manner of, action and actions of Virginia Roberts, including State or Federal, cause and causes of action (common law or statutory), suits…and demands whatsoever in law or inequity for compensatory or punitive damages’.

Andrew Brettler, Andrew’s attorney, responded to Giuffre’s accusations. He argued that Andrew had been identified in Epstein’s complaint as “royalty” and therefore qualified for the settlement.

Brettler was speaking about Giuffre’s claim that she was “required” to be sexually exploited. [Epstein’s]Adult male male peers include royalty, politicians academicians businessmen and/or any other professional or personal acquaintances.

Maxwell (pictured with Epstein) faces up to 65 years in prison, but more time could be tacked onto her sentence after her perjury charges are tried

Maxwell is pictured together with Epstein. She could face up to 65-years imprisonment, although she might get more time if her perjury accusations are resolved.

She is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, which she has described as a 'hell hole'

She is currently being held in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center.

Virginia Giuffre is pictured with her attorneys during a 2019 news conference. Maxwell's perjury charges are related to testimony she gave during a now-settled defamation suit filed against Giuffre, now 38

Virginia Giuffre with her lawyers during a 2019 news conference. Maxwell is charged for perjury in connection to the testimony Maxwell gave at a defamation lawsuit filed against Giuffre.

Brettler claimed that Giuffre had dismissed the battery claim against Alan Dershowitz’s lawyer, after which he brought the same agreement. She should also do so for Andrew.

While Maxwell waited to be sentenced in the prison that she calls a “hell hole,” a judge granted Maxwell’s request last week for a Covid-19 booster shot. 

Bobbi Sternheim, an attorney for the client of Judge Alison Nathan asked if the vaccine was feasible. She was told that the vaccine was readily available at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center. 

She has already spent over 500 days at the Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn, but she will most likely live the remainder of her life in federal jail in the United States.