Six men and six ladies charged with convicting Ghislaine Maxiwell of sex traficking face the prospect of spending New Year’s Eve in their jury rooms, as they continue to deliberate at an ebb snail’s speed.

On Tuesday, Judge Alison Nathan advised them that they would have to stay over the weekend because she fears that Covid’s rapid spread could cause injury to one or more members of the panel. This may lead to an ineffective trial.

Although jurors claim they are “moving ahead” and are progressing in the case, they did not reach a verdict by the end of the fifth day.

On Wednesday, they returned to Manhattan’s courthouse to check if the six-day wait would be over. 

Before the jury came in late Tuesday, Judge Nathan said that if a verdict was not reached by the end of Wednesday she would  tell the jury it would have to sit on the weekend until reaching a verdict. 

Judge Nathan originally planned to be present until Wednesday, then the jury could go on holiday. However, the Omicron variant has disrupted those plans.

 On Tuesday morning the judge said that the rising number of Omicron cases was ‘putting at risk our ability to complete this trial.’ 

Ghislaine Maxwell lowers her mask to take a drink of water during the fifth day of jury deliberations Tuesday

Ghislaine Maxwell lowers the mask in order to drink water on Tuesday, the fifth day of jury deliberations 

Judge Alison Nathan is growing increasingly concerned that the spread of Covid could scupper Ghislaine Maxwell's sex-trafficking trial

Judge Alison Nathan becomes more worried that Covid’s spread could disrupt Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial for sex-trafficking.

The jury of six men and six women (seen in a court sketch) went home for the holidays after the third day of deliberations and will once again have a short week due to the New Year holiday

After the third day’s deliberations, the jury consisted of six men (shown in court sketches). They returned home to celebrate the New Year and have one week off.

Isabel Maxwell comes out with a pizza for the media after the fifth day of deliberations for the jury in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial on December 28 without a verdict

Isabel Maxwell arrives with a pizza and a drink for media members after five days of jury deliberations in the Ghislaine Maxwell case trial.

Lead defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim and attorney Christian Everdell leave court on Tuesday after the jury failed to reach a verdict

Bobbi Sternheim, the lead defense attorney, and Christian Everdell, an attorney for Christian Everdell, left court Tuesday following a jury’s inability to reach a verdict

 According to Judge Nathan, none of the jury panel had objected to sitting an hour extra each day to deliberate – a ‘request’ she made on Monday -meaning they finish at 6pm instead of 5pm.

She explained that there was an “astronomical rise” in Covid positive New York City cases. 

This was done to “avoid mistrials due to Omicron variant” of coronavirus.  

Judge Nathan stated that there was a “high and increasing risk” that jurors or other participants would need to be quarantined, which could put at risk the trial’s ability to go ahead.

She said that it was time to reflect on jurors’ plans for continuing to deliberate until the verdict is reached.

Although Judge Nathan didn’t elaborate on the matter, she did offer the jury another day of deliberation during the week that led up to Christmas. They declined. 

Maxwell experienced a setback Tuesday when Judge Nathan refused to grant her additional instructions for the jury regarding one count in relation to transporting ‘Jane.

Ghislaine Maxwell's sister, Isabel, was in court to support her sister for the fifth day of jury deliberations

Ghislaine Maxwell was present in court as Isabel, her sister, to help support her sister during the fifth day’s jury deliberations

Isabel was standing in front of a person with a gas mask and sign that states: 'Les Wexner, Donald Barr, this has gone way too far'

Isabel was standing before a man wearing a gas mask. The sign read: ‘Les Wexner Donald Barr, this is too extreme’

Judge Nathan plans to sit throughout the New Year's weekend unless jurors come to a decision before then

Judge Nathan will sit through the New Year’s weekend, unless jurors reach a verdict before then

Maxwell’s request to clear up a charge to the jury by Maxwell’s legal team was rejected.

The jury received a Monday note from Maxwell asking if it could convict Maxwell of one charge relating to Jane, assuming that Maxwell helped Jane book a return flight from New Mexico.

Judge Nathan had previously instructed the jury.

Maxwell’s attorneys argued in a court letter that the argument was incorrect and prejudiced to Ms. Maxwell.’

They stated that jurors were confused about count 4, namely transporting minors in the intention of engaging in criminal sexual activity. But count 2, namely entice minors to travel and engage in illegal acts, was also being considered.

Judge Nathan denied the request to address count 2, as it was not raised by the jury. 

Third paragraph of suggestion was rejected by the judge and she said it was “just wrong” under law.

Bobbi Sternheim, Maxwell’s lawyer, patted her back as she read the ruling. 

Maxwell was dressed in a black turtleneck sweater, black pants, and she gave two lawyers a big hug.

Her brothers Kevin and Christine, her sisters, were present at the public gallery. 

On Monday the jury sent a note asking whether they could convict Maxwell on one of the charges relating to the accuser Jane if they concluded Maxwell aided in booking her a flight back from New Mexico

The jury received a Monday note from Maxwell asking if it could convict Maxwell of one charge relating to Jane, assuming that Maxwell helped Jane book a return flight from New Mexico.

Ghislaine's sisters, twins Isabel and Christine Maxwell, are seen arriving at the Manhattan courthouse Tuesday morning

Ghislaine’s twins, Isabel and Christine Maxwell arrive at the Manhattan Courthouse Tuesday morning. 

Defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim speaks with twins Christine and Isabel

Bobbi Sternheim (defense attorney) speaks with Christine and Isabel

Defense attorneys Laura Menninger and Jeffrey Pagliuca arrive as jury deliberations continue

Jeffrey Pagliuca and Laura Menninger, the defense lawyers, arrive at jury deliberations.

Maxwell's defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim arrives to the courthouse Tuesday morning as deliberations continue

Bobbi Sternheim, Maxwell’s defence attorney arrives at the courthouse on Tuesday morning while deliberations go ahead 

On Monday, the jury did not reach a decision when it sought a transcript from the testimony of an ex-boyfriend to one victim and a definition for ‘enticement’ which was one of two charges against that victim. 

This week’s proceedings will be shorter than last week. The jury will be deliberating today and Wednesday due to the New Year holiday. If they do not reach a decision, they will have a short break until Monday.

Surprise move by Judge Alison Nathan on Monday: She urged jurors to remain an additional hour every day. Instead of closing promptly at 5, sessions will end at 6pm. 

Laura Menninger, Maxwell’s attorney, had claimed that the instruction to the jury was beginning to resemble urging them to hurry.

Alison Moe stated that it was “within the court’s discretion” to ask the jury for more time.

Menninger was initially informed by Judge Nathan that he had the right to determine the time and could do so without your approval.

Later, she stated that she would include the qualification to the jury that the jurors should be allowed to take as much time as they need.

A jury note asking if Maxwell was involved in Jane’s flight arrangements from New Mexico to her home, and whether they should convict Maxwell of one count related to Jane also caused intense debate.

The prosecution wanted the jury to follow their orders, while Maxwell’s legal team argued the opposite.

Judge Nathan stated that the note was unclear and said to the court, “I don’t understand what the question is asking. It’s too hard to interpret factually or legally.”

The jury was referred to the appropriate section of her instructions, which she read before the start of their deliberations.

The jury requested transcripts from Epstein’s former pilot Dave Rodgers as well as Gregory Parkinson, the ex-Palm Beach police officer who recorded Epstein’s raid in 2005.  

The jury requested the transcript and stationery materials of one accused’s testimony.

One hour and half later, the jury had begun on Monday. They sent a letter asking for colored Post-it Notes and white paper boards.

Jane was also asked to testify by Matt, her boyfriend, which corroborated Jane’s account that she was abused and recruited by Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell aged 14.

They wanted a definition for enticement. Jane was charged with Maxwell inviting her to sexual abuse by Epstein.

After Maxwell’s lawyers were question by Judge Alison Nathan, the prosecution and Maxwell themselves asked questions. The judge directed the jury towards two portions of the jury instructions to determine what enticement was.

They were also given the instruction to attract, induce or lure using hope and desire.

Ghislaine Maxwell has worn a number of different colored turtleneck  sweaters throughout her trial, now in its fifth week

Ghislaine Maxwell has worn a number of different colored turtleneck  sweaters throughout her trial, now in its fifth week

After taking questions from Maxwell's lawyers and the prosecution, Judge Alison Nathan directed the jury to two parts of the jury instructions for a definition of enticement. She gave them the additional instruction that it could mean: 'Attracting, inducing or luring using hope or desire'

After answering questions from Maxwell’s attorneys and the prosecution, Judge Alison Nathan instructed the jury to refer to the two sections of the jury instructions regarding a definition for enticement. The additional instructions she gave were: “Attracting or inducing hope or desire to lull others”

They also asked for a definition of enticement - one of the two charges which relate to Jane is Maxwell enticing her to be sexually abusing by Epstein

The two also requested a definition for enticement. Jane was charged with Maxwell’s intoxication to sexually abuse Epstein.

Maxwell, who had spent Christmas and her 60th Birthday in prison, walked into court feeling relaxed.

The blonde turtleneck sweater she was wearing with a dark brown mask, and the black mask that her older sister Isabel wore while sitting in the public gallery.

Jeff Pagliuca, Maxwell’s attorney, told Maxwell that he wished him a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas.

Bobbi Sternheim Maxwell’s lawyer asked that Maxwell can wear a KN95 face mask throughout the day and not just when she is in court. Maxwell, however, had another mask on her prison cell.

Judge Nathan stated that anyone who entered the courthouse must wear either a N95 or KN95 mask. This was in accordance with a Monday ruling. It is due to an increase in cases of coronavirus.

The jury of six men and six women ended their first week of deliberations Wednesday without reaching a verdict  forcing the British socialite to spend Christmas behind bars. 

Maxwell faces 80 years prison time if convicted. Maxwell has been kept in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, where she describes as a “hell hole”, since her July 2020 arrest. 

The jury began deliberating her fate Monday after the hearing of closing arguments during the three week trial. It deliberated for two consecutive days until going home to the holidays.  

In this courtroom sketch, Maxwell, center, hugs her defense attorney, Laura Menninger, immediately after walking out of lock-up Monday

This courtroom sketch shows Maxwell (center) hugging Laura Menninger her defense lawyer, shortly after she walked out of lockup on Monday

The jury received a note on Wednesday requesting three transcripts. However, they failed to reach a conclusion. 

Maxwell insists on her innocence, and Maxwell’s lawyers denounce her accusers for having false memories and being motivated by money. 

Maxwell stated in legal documents earlier this year that her prison treatment is so terrible it’d be “fit for Hannibal Lecter”.   

Maxwell’s lawyers claimed they weren’t appropriate for Maxwell, a 59-year-old woman that poses no threat.


In this photograph of the alleged abuse she received in prison, you can see a battered Ghislaine Maxiwell 

Maxwell was accused of putting a cart full of legal documents inside the video conference area in prison. Maxwell, according to prosecutors, was considered a security risk by blocking the doors and keeping guards out. 

A close to Wednesday’s end, the jury demanded another copy the transcript from the accused known as Jane’s testimony.

The accusers also requested the testimony of Kate and Juan Alessi, Epstein’s ex-Palm Beach House manager.

They were given the opportunity to decide on Thursday, but they decided not because they had made plans. 

Maxwell (60) denies six charges of transporting and recruiting underage girls to her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein.

The jurors seemed to have zeroed in on the two accused during Tuesday’s second day of deliberation. 

 They deliberated for the whole day Tuesday and sent four notes to the judge including one which related to Annie Farmer, the only accuser publicly identified in court.

They wanted to see if the girl could be used to give her evidence for two charges of conspiracy to transport or entice an unmarried girl to perform sex acts.

Pictured: The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) where Ghislaine Maxwell is being held

Pictured: Ghislaine Maxwell being detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC).

Judge Nathan stated that she would inform them.

The jury requested earlier that the FBI take notes on a 2007 interview Carolyn conducted with the FBI. This was the first time Carolyn spoke publicly to authorities about Epstein’s abuse.

Judge Nathan stated that the evidence had not been filed so they couldn’t see it.

But the jury may refer to Carolyn’s mention during cross examination by defense. 

Defense attorney Menninger said that Epstein was a ‘master manipulator’ who ‘abused his money and his power’ but said Ghislaine had nothing to do with it 

Four of Maxwell's siblings - Kevin, Isabel, Ian and Christine - arrived to court to support their sister Monday

Maxwell’s sisters, Isabel (Kevin), Ian (Ian) and Christine arrived in court Monday to help their sister.

The jury received its first note on Tuesday at 10.10am, after having deliberated for just over an hour.

Judge Nathan stated that the jury was asking for transcripts from Jane, Annie, and Carolyn’s testimony – but didn’t mention Kate.

Ghislaine Maxiwell was charged  

Count OneA conspiracy to persuade a minor from traveling to perform illegal sex acts

Maximum sentence: 5 years

Jane, Carolyn, and Annie are the three Accusers

Count twoTo encourage a minor travel for illegal sex acts

Maximum sentence: 5 years

Jane, the Acuser

Count ThreeThe conspiracy to transport minors with criminal sexual activities in mind,

Maximum sentence:  Five years in prison

Jane, Carolyn, and Annie Farmer are the accusers

Count FourRansporting of a minor in order to engage criminal sexual activity

Maximum sentence is 10 years imprisonment

Jane, the Acuser

Count Five: A conspiracy to commit minor sex trafficking.

Maximum sentence: 5 years imprisonment

Carolyn and Virginia, the Accusers

Six Count: Minors are being sexually abused

Maximum sentence in prison: 40 years

Carolyn is the Accuser

Kate is not the only accused whose claims aren’t crimes and should be dismissed from the indictment. 

Judge Nathan stated that the jury was not called out, and she would provide them with the transcripts during the deliberation.

Maxwell entered court in black turtleneck sweat, black pants and a green folder.

She hugged her attorneys and waved to a young lady in the public gallery. 

Maxwell’s defense presented closing arguments Monday afternoon. She stated that Maxwell was innocent and wrongfully accused for crimes she didn’t commit.

In her closing remarks, Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger said: ‘The government has failed to prove any charge beyond a reasonable doubt and the only correct verdict in this case is not guilty on each count.’

Menninger asserted that again, the defense attempted to discredit statements made by the accusers. In this instance, however, the reverse is true. They brought their money to the FBI, where they were accompanied by personal injury attorneys.

Menninger stated that Maxwell had been transformed into a combination of Cruella de Vil, Devil Wears Prada and Cruella De Vil.

Menninger claimed that this portrait was “as old and as Hollywood”

Menninger stated, “The lawyers altered their stories and government accepted them without ever corroborating them.”

Menninger claimed that the accusers “suddenly” rediscovered memories many years later.  

She stated: “The recovered memories that Ghislaine had been involved, that Ghislaine existed, that Ghislaine, the perpetrator, were there.”

Menninger claimed that Epstein spent much of the prosecution’s time discussing his lifestyle, his property, and private planes “just like a sensationalist tabloid.”

The couple appear in one photo in what appears to be a European city. Ghislaine is seen kissing Jeffrey Epstein on the cheek

They are seen together in one photograph in what looks like a European town. Jeffrey Epstein can be seen on one cheek kissing Ghislaine

Members of the prosecution team at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial walk out of the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse with boxes of papers as the jury deliberates

As the jury deliberates, members of the prosecution team for the Ghislaine Maxiwell trial leave the Thurgood Marshall United State Courthouse carrying boxes of paper. 

Menninger stated that Epstein was an’master manipulator’ and abused both his money (and his power)

She replied, “We aren’t here to defend Jeffrey Epstein. He is not my client.” But she also said that, “Ghislaine maxwell isn’t Jeffrey Epstein.”

Menninger said that Epstein was killed by the prosecution and they ‘pivoted to go after Maxwell.

It was a simple idea that “Ghislaine must have known” because she was there.

Menninger was critical of Epstein’s New York City home for stealing 38,000 photos in 2019.

She replied: Is there another 31,960 photos? Was it other women? Were there other women? Did it involve other women?

The jury should not draw any conclusions from Epstein’s keeping of Maxwell photos. Menninger suggested to the jury, “If an ex boyfriend/girlfriend had photos of them would that render them a sex offender?”

Menninger condemned images like these as “straight up sensationalism.”