Ghislaine Maxill’s case against sex-trafficking was delayed because a lawyer became ill. 

After Judge Alison Nathan informed the court, the jury was sent home on Thursday morning. She said that the lawyer needed treatment. It was not clear which lawyer became ill, and she asked that the jury be treated in private. 

Judge said that the illness was not Covid-related. 

Jurors will hear Annie Farmer’s testimony, Maxwell’s last accuser in this case. Annie claims that she was 16 when Maxwell and Epstein groped her. 

According to the Southern District of New York, a statement was issued stating that the trial will resume tomorrow. 

Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking was delayed Thursday after a lawyer in the case became sick and needed treatment

Ghislaine Maxill’s case against sex-trafficking was delayed by a doctor who became ill in her absence.

Annie Farmer was Maxwell’s last accuser and only person who chose to testify before the jurors.

Maxwell's defense team is seen walking into court Thursday before promptly being dismissed

Maxwell’s defense teams are seen arriving at court Thursday. They were promptly dismissed. 

Annie Farmer told the New York Times about Epstein’s first encounter with her. She revealed that Epstein, in sweatpants, welcomed her to his house with champagne and discussion about her college plans. 

She went along with Maria Farmer, her sister and Epstein to see a film. The financier started rubbing her lower leg and hand.  

A trove of never-before-seen photos were submitted into evidence and speak to Maxwell and Epstein's close relationship

Maxwell and Epstein have a treasure trove of unpublished photos that were presented as evidence.  

The incident was described by her in January 1996 journal entry. It reads, “It just gave me weird feelings but wasn’t really weird + probably normal.” 

“The only thing that really irked me about the whole situation was how he released my hand while he spoke to Maria.”

Epstein offered Annie a place at his New Mexico Ranch for a weekend, and Annie accepted.  

After she arrived, and discovered that it was Epstein, Maxwell and her alone, the weekend became uncomfortable. 

Epstein, she claimed, subjected her more intimately to touching. He also came into her room one morning and asked to get into her bed to kiss her. 

Maxwell convinced her to give Epstein an foot massage, and she showed Annie how it was done. 

Maxwell repeatedly asked her for a massage, and she wore her down until Maxwell finally got her off the table. Maxwell then groped her naked chest.  

Annie replied, “I don’t see any reason why she would be touching my body that way.”

Annie suspected that Epstein was watching but he didn’t take part in the massage.  

Annie Farmer has claimed she was groped by Maxwell and Epstein when she was 16

Annie Farmer claimed that Maxwell and Epstein groped her when she was sixteen

Isabel Maxwell, Maxwell’s younger sister, was seen at the courtroom Thursday. To support Ghislaine, she’s been showing up to court every day. 

On Wednesday , the court heard that Epstein was once in a relationship with a blonde Norwegian heiress who also dated Donald Trump.

It was claimed that the pedophile had been seen by Celina Midelfart around the same period he was getting into relationships with other women.

Midelfart is the heir to her family’s cosmetics fortune and flight logs show she took at least 13 trips on Epstein’s private jet. 

The claim was made by one of Maxwell’s lawyers during cross examination of Epstein’s former pilot on Day Eight of the trial of Maxwell, who denies recruiting and trafficking underage girls for Epstein. 

Pilot Dave Rodgers testified to the fact that Maxwell and Epstein initially dated, but then broke up. 

Rodgers took the jury through flight logs of Epstein’s private plane, infamously known as the Lolita Express. 

Maxwell, along with Virginia Roberts who was also on those flights, has been charged criminally and civilly against Epstein as well. 

Roberts flew 32 times with him in total during the 2000s, according to his claims. Maxwell’s accuser Jane also flew with him on four of his flights. 

The log book included 2001 trips to Spain, Morocco and Morocco where Roberts was aboard. Prosecutors used this log book as evidence. 

Christian Everdell, a lawyer asked Rodgers questions about Epstein’s relationships with women in the 1990s.

Jeffrey Epstein and Celina Midelfart at Mar-a-Lago in 1997

Celina Midelfart and Tor Olav Troim attend the wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O'Neill hosted by King Carl Gustaf XIV and Queen Silvia at The Royal Palace on June 8, 2013

According to some claims, Epstein had been seeing Celina Middleelfart during the 1990s while he was also dating other women. 

Midelfart later dated former President Donald Trump and is allegedly the woman he dumped to be with his eventual third wife, Melania

Midelfart dated ex-President Donald Trump, and is said to be the woman that he dumped for his eventual third spouse, Melania.


A treasure trove of never-before-seen photos show a loved up Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell jet setting and flaunting their opulent lifestyle. One of the most shocking photos shows Maxwell massaging Epstein's feet on the Lolita Express

Unseen photographs show Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxill jetsetting and living the high life. Maxwell is seen massaging Epstein’s feet aboard the Lolita Express. This shocking photo was taken in the middle of the night.

As prosecutors stated, it appeared that the attempt was to distance Maxwell from Epstein.

Shelley Lewis was one of the girlfriends. She was a British lady who had dated Epstein in 2002. Rodgers said that he believed they were a couple.

Everdell asked if Rodgers was aware Epstein was in a ‘romantic relationship’ with Midelfart around 1996, and he said yes.

Rodgers replied that she was either in her early 20s or late 30s when he asked.

Midelfart was said to be the woman Donald Trump left to meet Melania Trump.

Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of sex trafficking, attends her trial as Epstein pilot David Rodgers testifies in a courtroom sketch

Ghislaine, the Jeffrey Epstein associate, testifies at her trial while Epstein pilot David Rodgers demonstrates in a sketch.

Epstein was a regular at Mar-a-Lago resort. He is pictured with Midelfart at Mar-a-Lago in 1995

Epstein used to frequent Mar-a-Lago. In 1995, he is shown with Midelfart at Mar-a-Lago. 

Celina Midelfart, Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump attend Valentine's Day Birthday Party for Trump's first wife Ivana in 1998

Donald Trump, Celina Midelfart and Ivanka Trump at Valentine’s Day Birthday Party to Trump’s First Wife Ivana.

After Epstein had been with her, the former president apparently left her.

Trump and Midelfart were apparently out on a night at New York’s Kit Kat Club when Trump saw Melania, and asked for her number. Trump refused, but he persisted and eventually she agreed.

Midelfart is the granddaughter of the founder of the Midelfart cosmetics company and in 2000 became the company’s chairman.

She is now married and has one child.

She has also been with pop singer Robbie Williams as well as Haakon, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway.