Annie Farmer, one of the four accusers who testified against Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, said she felt ‘tremendous relief’ after the jury convicted the socialite of charges related to the abuse and sex trafficking of underage girls.

It’s incredible relief. This day was not possible for me. Farmer, 42 years old, spoke Thursday on Good Morning America.

“I am so thankful that the jury heard us, and that it sent a strong message to all those who have been harmed by sexual abuse or exploitation that they will be held accountable regardless of their power and privilege. 

Farmer was 16 when Maxwell and Epstein lured her to their New Mexico ranch. There, she was subjected to inappropriate fondling. Maria Farmer was Maria’s older sister.

Her testimony revealed that Maxwell was a “really important” part of Epstein’s grooming process. She also noted the fact that the two ‘worked together as a team.”

British socialite found guilty of five of the six charges she was charged with. The other charge, enticing a person under 17 years old to travel with intent for illegal sex acts, is not included. Her fate will be revealed on February 18, 2022. 

Maxwell (60) maintains her innocence of all charges of procuring females – her youngest victim being 14-year-old – for Epstein as well as engaging in sexual assault on them.

Farmer, now a psychologist who treats patients who underwent similar experiences, is the only victim in the case who testified under her real name. 

Her comments come as Epstein accusers Sarah Ransome and Virginia Giuffre are also spoke out about the Maxwell verdict, alleging her role in the trafficking ring was ‘worse’ than that of Epstein.

Annie Farmer (pictured on GMA Thursday), one of the four accusers who testified against Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, said she felt 'tremendous relief' after the jury convicted the socialite of charges related to the abuse and sex trafficking of underage girls

Annie Farmer, one of four witnesses against Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine maxwell on Thursday (GMA), said that she was relieved after the jury convicted her of sexual abuse and trafficking underage girls.

According to Farmer's testimony, Maxwell played a 'really important part of the grooming process' in Epstein's sex trafficking ring, noting the pair 'worked as a team' (Pictured: Court sketch of Annie Farmer testifying on Dec. 10)

Ghislaine Maxwell listens as witness Annie Farmer is questioned by defense attorney Laura Menninger on Dec. 10

Farmer testified that Maxwell was a “really important component of the grooming process” in Epstein’s sexual trafficking ring. He also noted the two ‘worked together as a team. (Pictured, Court sketches of Farmer and Maxwell drawn by Farmer during Farmer’s December 10 testimony).

Farmer said Maxwell’s conviction was an important step in the direction of justice during Thursday’s interview.

She stated that there is still a lot to be done in the country, in terms of holding people responsible and teaching about grooming. 

As a teenager, she found it difficult to balance the giving of lots of attention and gifts with being abused. 

‘I didn’t know when I was 16, I had no idea, I hadn’t heard that term and didn’t understand what was happening to me,’ Farmer explained.

Annie Farmer (pictured as a young girl) says she was introduced to Epstein and Maxwell when she was 16

Annie Farmer, pictured as a little girl when she was 16, says that she was first introduced to Maxwell and Epstein by her mother.

“Looking back on the events, it is clear that Maxwell played a very important role in the grooming process. They worked as a team.

Farmer believes Maxwell’s conviction was a positive step. However, America must take additional action against predators.  

Reflecting on the verdict, she stated, “I believe justice is a complex term.”

“In this case, there are other persons involved. We know that there were others. And we hope they continue their investigation so other abusers will be accountable. 

Elle continued, “I believe we have much work ahead of us and I want to help educate and hold people accountable.”

Farmer is already working to aid other victims of sexual trafficking. She also treats Maxwell Epstein victims who are having similar experiences. 

Farmer explained Thursday, “Having had the pleasure of hearing many stories from people I work with I realized it was a very rare opportunity for me to be able be in court to tell my story,” 

“And to be allowed to see those responsible for the abuse.” 

Farmer (pictured at Epstein's 2019 bail hearing) alleged she was lured to the late pedophile's New Mexico ranch and subjected to unwanted fondling by the Epstein and Maxwell

Farmer (photo taken at Epstein’s 2019 bail hearing). She claims she was lured to the ranch in New Mexico by the late pedophile and then subject to unwelcome fondling by Maxwell and Epstein.

An undated picture of Jeffrey Epstein (right) with Ghislaine Maxwell (left) and a dog that was entered into evidence on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021. The photo was one of several recovered from Epstein's Upper East Side NYC mansion during a 2019 FBI raid

An undated picture of Jeffrey Epstein (right) with Ghislaine Maxwell (left) and a dog that was entered into evidence on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021. The photograph was taken during an FBI 2019 raid at Epstein’s Upper East Side NYC home.

Sarah Ransome reported that Farmer’s assertions were repeated Thursday morning, describing Maxwell as someone who was “supposed” to be a protector/nurturer. 

Maxwell, she claimed, was worse than Epstein. 

It is expected that women look after one another. Ransome said Thursday that human beings should look out for each other. She was shocked by her own reaction to the abuse because Ransome is a woman.

‘She participated. She tortured me and other people, even worse than Jeffrey. She disowned the sisters. This sisterhood was broken. She failed to protect and support us.

She said, “And she will have to deal with that the rest of her lives.”

Ransome joined the sex trafficking rings in 2016, when she was just 22 years old.   

In 2018, she settled her civil lawsuit against Epstein and Maxwell, but noted that the guilty verdict by Maxwell has given her some satisfaction.

Sarah Ransome, also speaking out Thursday morning, alleged Maxwell was actually worse than Epstein and said: 'She tortured me and - and others, and she's worse than Jeffrey. She was supposed to be a protector and nurturer, and she failed us.'

Sarah Ransome spoke out as well Thursday morning. We were supposed to trust her as a protector and nurser. But she did not.

Ransome (pictured outside the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse in New York on Nov. 29, 2021 during Maxwell's trial) was recruited into the sex trafficking ring in 2016 when she was 22. She settled a civil suit against Epstein and Maxwell in 2018, but notes the socialite's guilty verdict has brought her some vindication

Ransome (pictured outside the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse in New York on Nov. 29, 2021 during Maxwell’s trial) was recruited into the sex trafficking ring in 2016 when she was 22. While she settled her civil lawsuit against Epstein in 2018 and Maxwell in 2018, Ransome notes that the guilty verdict by the socialite has given her some satisfaction.

“I feel vindicated.” Ransome said that she felt overwhelmed and never imagined this day.

“It’s important for me to express my gratitude to the prosecutors as well as the four brave and beautiful women who testified. Without them, we wouldn’t have Ghislaine behind bars. We would never have had this verdict.’

She said, “So yes. This is justice. This is only the beginning.

Like Ransome, Virginia Giuffre – the most vocal accuser of Epstein and Maxwell – also alleged that Maxwell was ‘more evil than Epstein’.

Giuffre, who has also accused Prince Andrew of sexual assault, told The Cut Wednesday night the British socialite used her accent and her advantages as a woman to aide the billionaire pedophile in his crimes.   

She stated, “She was the right-hand man of Satan.” These appointments were made for her, and she went actively out looking for girls. Sometimes she was involved in sexual encounters. She is not a house manager. 

Giuffre says Maxwell was able to use her charm and wit, as well as her smile, in order gain the trust of victims. 

Giuffre, who also accused Prince Andrew of sexual assault, said on Twitter that today the jury of six men and six women who found the British socialite guilty had given her the 'justice [her] soul had yearned for years.'

Virginia Giuffre (left), although she was not part of Maxwell’s trial, has been one the most prominent Epstein accusers. On Wednesday, Giuffre called Maxwell the “devil’s righthand man” during an interview.

The infamous photo of Virginia Roberts (Guiffre), Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell that was taken at Maxwell's home in Belgravia

Photo of Prince Andrew (Virginia Roberts), Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Virginia, taken at Maxwell’s Belgravia residence

‘She’s definitely worse than Epstein,’ Giuffre added. 

“Epstein was a bad person who acted on his sick impulses. However, Ghislaine was the one who facilitated this. It was she who brought the girls to him, and participated in the sexual events. She’s worse to me, more evil than Epstein. What Ghislaine did to so many of us, it’s unforgivable.’

Giuffre said, although he was not part of Maxwell’s trial, that justice needs to be done.

‘Let’s just say, it wasn’t just Jeffrey and Ghislaine who participated in this,’ she said. 

“Justice” to me means holding the people who were involved in the sexual ring and those who drove its wheels accountable. I’m sick of carrying around that shame. That shame doesn’t belong to me. I believe justice can come in many forms and I’d like to make the statute of limitations more flexible.

Maxwell trial: Maxwell had four victims who testified, but Farmer was the sole one that did so in her own name.

According to her testimony, she first met Epstein in New York on May 25, 1995. According to her testimony, she lived in Phoenix with her younger sister and mother at that time. Maria, Maria’s older sister who is nine years old, was also living in New York City and worked for Epstein. 

Maria mentioned that Farmer was looking at colleges and Epstein offered to fly the younger Farmer out to New York from Arizona. 

Epstein invited her to his New Mexico ranch for a weekend, and she agreed. She hoped that others students would also be attending.  

The weekend turned uncomfortable when she found out it was Epstein and Maxwell. 

Farmer testified that she was introduced to Epstein by her older sister, Maria Farmer, in New York in 1995. Maria thought Epstein could help Farmer with her college search (Pictured: A courtroom sketch on Annie Farmer dated Dec. 10)

Farmer claimed that Epstein introduced her to Epstein through Maria Farmer (her older sister in New York) in 1995. Maria was convinced Epstein might be able to help Farmer find a college.

Epstein later invited the then-16-year-old to visit his ranch in New Mexico for a weekend and she accepted. Farmer (pictured in court on Dec. 10) alleged she was fondled and abused during this visit

Epstein invited Farmer, then 16 years old, to his New Mexico ranch for a weekend. She accepted. Farmer, pictured at court Dec. 10, 2010, alleged that she was fondled during the visit.

An undated Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Queen's log cabin at Glen Beg, Balmoral. This picture was also submitted as evidence during Maxwell's trial

An undated Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Queen’s log cabin at Glen Beg, Balmoral. Maxwell used the picture to support his case.

Epstein, she claimed, subjected her more intimate touch. She also noted that he once came in to her bedroom and got into her bed to snuggle. 

Maxwell encouraged her to give Epstein one foot massage. She then taught her how to do it. 

Farmer claimed that the encounter made her feel’very uncomfortable and I didn’t want to touch his foot. 

Maxwell repeatedly asked her for a massage, and she wore her down until finally she undressed. Maxwell then groped her naked chest on the massage table. 

Farmer stated that she was in no clothes. Her instruction was to me, “Get undressed” and place my sheet under it. This I did.

“She began to rub me back and body. She then made small talk with me and eventually she got me rolling over so that I lay down on my stomach.

She pulled down the sheet and revealed my breasts. Then she began to rub on my chest, upper and lower breasts.

She added, “I don’t believe there was any reason she should be touching me in that manner.”

Farmer suspected that Epstein was watching but did not take part in the massage.   

Maria Farmer She isn’t a party to this case. However, she has stated that she wasn’t aware of the New Mexico ranch incident with her sister until her abusive encounter with them. 

Maria expressed regret at her inadvertent help to Maxwell, Epstein and their preying on her younger sibling.