Ghislaine Maxwell’s siblings already appealed her conviction in sextrafking and stated: “We strongly believe that our sister is innocent…and we believe she’ll ultimately be vindicated.”

  • Ghislaine Maxwell’s siblings are already appealing against her conviction for sex trafficking
  • Maxwell was convicted on five of six  counts related to recruiting and grooming four teenagers for Epstein between 1994 and 2004
  • Maxwell was supported by her siblings throughout the trial. 

The siblings of Ghislaine Maxwell have already begun appealing her sex trafficking conviction, saying that they ‘firmly believe’ in their sister’s innocence and are ‘disappointed’ in the U.S. jury’s guilty verdict delivered Wednesday. 

‘We believe firmly in our sister’s innocence—we are very disappointed with the verdict. We have already started the appeal tonight and we believe that she will ultimately be vindicated,’ the Maxwell’s siblings wrote in a statement released to independent journalist Jay Beecher.

Maxwell was found guilty for helping Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse teenage girls. Five of the six charges she was found guilty on were related to her recruiting and grooming four teenage girls for Epstein between 1994-2004. Epstein, who was awaiting trial for sex abuse allegations against him, committed suicide while in Manhattan prison. 

Maxwell’s siblings have been outspoken in support of her innocence throughout the trial After the verdict, she simply poured herself a glass of water and leaned into her lawyer, Jeffrey Pagliuca, who put an arm round her. While her sister Isabel, Christine and Kevin stared at space from behind her, Maxwell sat with her head down.

Ghislaine Maxwell 's siblings have already begun appealing her sex trafficking conviction. Her siblings Christine (left), Isabel and Kevin are above leaving the trial following the guilty verdict

Ghislaine Maxwell has already appealed her conviction in sextrafficking. Christine Maxwell (left), Isabel Maxwell, and Kevin were not afraid to leave the trial in the wake of the guilty verdict.

Sources close to Maxwell’s family stated that her defense team will challenge any guilty verdicts even before the jury rendered its verdicts. Last night Maxwell’s family wrote on Twitter that the court should have given additional instructions.

Referring to an earlier debate about one of the jury questions, they wrote: ‘Request that the Court give the jury additional instructions to correct apparent errors in the jury’s understanding of Counts Two and Four, and the law applicable to those counts, that were highlighted by the jury’s note this afternoon.’

Earlier today, they also quote the Wall Street Journal in a tweet that read, “”Juries are also only as good as the information and guidance they receive.”

The closing argument in Manhattan’s federal court was held by a prosecutor who claimed Maxwell was Epstein’s “partner-in crime”

“Ghislaine Maxill made her own decisions. Jeffrey Epstein committed the same crimes as her. Alison Moe, Assistant U.S. Atty. Alison Moe stated that she was a mature woman who was aware of exactly what was happening.