Gardeners’ gifts

  • It is only 20 more shopping days before Christmas 
  • Nigel Colborn has some gift ideas for those who garden. 
  • His picks include a set for growing edible mushrooms and gloves that can be used as hands-free gloves

Christmas is approaching quickly and this should not be interpreted as a joke. There are only 20 days left to shop so don’t lose heart. These are suggestions for those gardeners in your life.


Felco products are the best among the wide range of snippers. Swiss-made, models can be used by all. The Felco 7 model comes with a rotating handle which reduces fatigue and muscle cramping. It is also compatible with Felco 10 for users left handed. Available in good garden centres. is an online supplier. Prices from £43.82. 


These culture packs allow you to grow tasty mushrooms at home. Windowsill kits and spawn plugs are available for everything from white button mushrooms to unusual oyster fungi, or the bizarre-looking Lion’s Mane. Prices from £9.99 though most products are £13.99 from Suttons seeds ( 

UK-based gardening expert Nigel Colborn shares suggestions for gifting those who enjoy gardening this Christmas (file image)

Nigel Colborn, a UK gardening expert shares his suggestions on gifting people who love gardening at Christmas. (file image).


You will need a sturdy, large sieve to make your own potting compost. A variety of mesh sizes may be required for various tasks. However, a quarter-inch is the most versatile. Prices run from £7.99 for a coated metal sieve to £19.59 for wooden-framed sieves from


Bramley Gardener’s Greenhouse Beauty Set will provide a touch of luxury in your garden. This hand-crafted, greenhouse-shaped set contains lotions, creams, and handwashes. Priced £38 from


Flymo Easilife 150-GO robotic lawnmower is quick and easy to use, cutting 150 sq. m. of lawn in one charge. The mower comes with a wire enclosure with adjustable boundary fencing. It’s equipped with safety sensors. Prices range from £384.99 to £700. You can purchase them from Amazon or other suppliers. 


With a heated window propagator, even without a greenhouse you can grow cuttings and seeds. Garland Super7 Electric Windowsill is equipped with everything that a propagator should need. The base is 30 inches in diameter and can accommodate seven mini-propagators. At just 13watts, energy, running costs are low, £37.95, 


Arthur Parkinson’s Flower Yard (Kile Books): For adults. Parkinson launches a remarkable container revolution with illustrations of his beautiful, private garden. Widely available from £15.41.

Alys Fowler illustrated Grow, Forage and Create for Children (Kew Publications). Alys explains fun ways to use plants. Paperback from £7.72.

For all: The RHS Encyclopedia Plants and Flowers (Royal Horticultural Society and D&K). A must-have reference for all gardeners. Priced £35 from


The most versatile gardening gloves are Gold Leaf Tough Touch. They are sensitive for delicate tasks, yet they have the toughness and flexibility of deerskin to make them suitable for all garden chores. They are ideal for trimming thorny trees because of their long gauntlet-like design. From £26 in garden centres and online.


A 3 kilowatt fan heating unit is a great choice for small and medium-sized greenhouses. Thermostatically controlled, with three heat settings, it can keep your greenhouse frost free, £63.39 at