Two of the girls in a gang that attacked a woman living alone in Manchester’s centre were sentenced to prison yesterday. 

Sisters Emma Daly, 25, and Valerie Daly, 21, and Valerie’s then-girlfriend Chelsea Leary, 20, viciously set upon a woman they found talking to a friend who was sleeping rough in a tent.

Valerie attacked the woman as she sat down in front of the tent’s opening. She then pushed her forwards with the hood, before they launched an attack on her.

Manchester Crown Court saw CCTV footage of Valerie from Harpurhey punching the woman repeatedly and then dragging her to the floor. Emma “stamped” on Emma’s head and body while Leary kicked her.

Chelsea Leary, 20, Emma Daly, 25, and Valerie Daly, 21, (pictured, left to right) were called 'a pack of wild animals around their prey' as they were sentenced for a brutal attack on a lone woman in Manchester

Chelsea Leary (age 20), Emma Daly (age 25,) and Valerie Daly (age 21) were sent to prison for brutally attacking a Manchester woman.

At 2am, on November 20, the incident came to an abrupt halt when all three of the girls left and the woman walked in the other direction.

Eleanor Myres, prosecutor said that Emma Leary was then seen returning to the scene to kick and punch the woman once more as she fell to the ground.

“The woman recognized Emma Daly as one of the people, but she was unable to recognize the others.

“She said she was too confused to remember what had happened.”

Prosecutor stated that the three girls were acting in a group and the Daly siblings playing a leadership role.

However, the woman refused to seek medical attention and was left with cuts and bruising on her right eye.

The victim gave a personal statement to the court in which she stated that she was very thankful for the arrival of the police. If they hadn’t, I have no idea what would’ve happened.

“These people made me miserable.”

All three women pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The Daly sisters were both jailed for 14 months, while Leary was given a suspended sentence at Manchester Crown Court

All three women pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Each of the Daly sisters was sentenced to 14 months in prison, and Leary was handed a suspended sentence by Manchester Crown Court.

“I would not wish an attack on anyone else.”

Chelsea Leary and Valerie Daly earlier pleaded guilty for assault occasioning actual bodily damage.

The Daly sisters were both jailed for 14 months, while Leary was given a suspended sentence. 

Emma Daly is a victim of eight prior convictions. Her sister Valerie was convicted twice for assault inflicting actual bodily injury and for assaulting a police officer. Leary has a previous conviction for theft.

David Bentley, who was acting as an advocate for Emma Daly said that she had misunderstood her and was informed by the complainant that the victim had bullied another family member. It was also accompanied by the alcohol she had drank.

This information is not correct.

The injuries suffered were only minor. The injuries could have been worse, as Ms. Daly understands.

“She has PTSD, anxiety and depression due to a history of abuse. Her behaviour was affected by her intoxication.

His client is currently six and a half months pregnant, he said.

Brendan O’Leary, who was there to help Valerie Daly said that she is a woman facing significant personal problems. The woman was also homeless.

“She’s now an adult and has not had the opportunity to meet with probation officers to address these matters.

“The relationship between Chelsea Leary and I is finished.”

Thomas Worsfold stated that Leary was being mitigated by Thomas Worsfold’s statement: “This incident was unprovoked. It is an unpleasant matter. Her upbringing was difficult.

Recorder Jeremy Lasker stated that “She played only one part in this. There was one punch, and one kick.”

Mr Worsfold said he would ‘respectfully agree’, adding that Leary had described her own behaviour as ‘shocking and disgusting’.

“She truly regrets this.”

Recorder Jeremy Lasker sentenced them. He said, “Your victim was a young lady, known to your and clearly someone who bore at least one grudge or other feelings that lead to this attack.”

She was standing on Market Street, engaging in conversation, when the attackers struck, with an acquaintance she had who was living rough.

“It was an unprovoked attack on a defenseless woman.

“It was no exaggeration at all to state that you behaved as a team of wild animals surrounding their prey.

Emma Daly, Valerie Daly, and Emma Daly both were sentenced to fourteen months imprisonment.

Leary received 12 months in prison, suspended for 2 years. He was also given a 3 month electronic monitored curfew from 8pm to 7am and 15 days rehabilitation activities. Sessions at the Women’s Problem Solving Court were held.