Following a vicious attack by her sister on an innocent woman, a prisoner will deliver her third child.

Emma Daly (25) is six months and one half pregnant. Her younger sister Valerie (21), led an all-girl gang which ambushed Natalie Bell as she chatted to a friend in Manchester’s city centre.

Manchester Crown Court heard that Miss Bell suffered at least eleven punches in her face during the attack on November 20, last year. She was then left defenseless and laid down as she took kicks to the body.  

One of the other group members pulled her back as she attempted to move away and then threw more punches in her face.

After suffering a black-colored eye, severe cuts, swelling, and irritation to her right eyes, she also suffered bleeding to her ribs and nose.

Salford’s Daly sisters admitted to inflicting actual bodily injury. Valerie, her girlfriend Chelsea Leary (20), pleaded guilty.

Emma is now six-and-a-half months pregnant and was sentenced to 14 months in jail. She will be giving birth while she is behind bars. According to the court, her two first children were taken away from her.

Valerie, Valerie’s sister was also sentenced to 14 months in prison. Leary, on the other hand, received a 12-month term suspended for two-years.

Emma Daly (pictured), who is six and a half months pregnant, will give birth to her third child while behind bars after leading an assault on an innocent woman in Manchester city centre which saw her jailed for 14 months

Emma Daly (pictured), six and a quarter months pregnant, is due to give birth while in prison after she was sentenced for leading an assault against an innocent Manchester City centre woman.

Her sister Valerie (pictured) was also jailed for 14 months after pleading guilty to the assault which happened in Manchester city centre in November last year

Valerie (pictured) was also sent to jail for fourteen months, after she pleaded guilty to the attack in Manchester in November 2013. 

Manchester Crown Court heard that the brutal assault took place at 2 am on November 20, after Miss Bell and a friend had been in Market Street, Manchester.

Eleanor Myers was the prosecutor. She stated that: “The complainant, while tipsy, but not drunk, and while speaking with her friend, a punch hit her on her back.

“She then was subjected to a physical assault.

“The victim recognized Emma Daly, whom she knew for about five years.

There were also other parties involved. However, she was too lost to recognize them.

“CCTV footage captures Valerie Daly running to the victim and initiating the attack.

The victim is then attacked by Emma Daly. Video footage shows them attacking the victim with vicious blows, including their feet.

Leary and her sisters were both taken into police custody. However, they refused to comment in a subsequent interview.

Following the attack Miss Bell made the following statement: “I’m just thankful that they arrived at the right time.”

“Those women made my life miserable and I will never stop.” I wouldn’t wish this on any other.

David Bentley, defense counsel, stated that Emma suffered from anxiety and depression post-traumatic stress disorder. He also had been diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder.

He said, “She showed genuine regret.” It was believed that she was misunderstood that the complainant had bullied someone in her family. However, this is not true.

The complainant’s injuries are not serious, but they could have been worse. 

“My client was drunk at the time, and this altered her thoughts. The victim was the victim’s second time she met her, said the woman.

“She lost her two children and they have been taken out of her care due to her drinking.”

“She’s currently six-and-a-half months pregnant, and wants to live a happy life to raise her child.

“She claims she has been teetotal ever since the offence. This is a markedly different situation than when she was convicted of the offence.

Brendan O’Leary, defense lawyer for Valerie, said that her guilty plea was ‘accompanied by genuine remorse’. He also stated that she has no excuses.

He said, “She was a young lady with her own problems.”

‘She suffers from anger and undiagnosed mental disorders. After staying out of trouble for one year, her life has stabilized.

Valerie's girlfriend Chelsea Leary (pictured), 20, pleaded guilty to assault and was given a 12 month jail term, suspended for two years, ordered to complete 15 rehabilitation requirement days, attend a women's 'problem solving court' and abide the terms of a three months 8pm to 7am curfew.

Valerie’s girlfriend Chelsea Leary (pictured), 20, pleaded guilty to assault and was given a 12 month jail term, suspended for two years, ordered to complete 15 rehabilitation requirement days, attend a women’s ‘problem solving court’ and abide the terms of a three months 8pm to 7am curfew.

Judge Recorder Jeremy Lasker sent the women to prison for their actions. He called it an ‘unprovoked, ferocious attack against another young lady’.

He stated that he had a grudge against you which lead to the attack. It was an unprovoked, group attack on a defenseless female victim that involved kicks and punches while she was still on the ground.

Valerie, who ran to confront the victim and started punching her several times until she was about 11 inches from the face. When you kick or punch her, she is defenseless.

Emma is seen to have stamped on Natalie while she was on the ground and pulled her back as she attempted to crawl.

“At the conclusion of the attack, when Emma is hurt, Emma made a decision to return. She was straddled by you and she received more punches on her face. You then kicked her numerous times in the back.

“It is not an exaggeration for you to act together as a pack of wild animal around your prey.

“It’s a prolonged, persistent joint attack.”

Lasker also directed Leary of Cheetham Hills, Manchester, that she completes 15 rehabilitation requirements days, attends a women’s ‘problem-solving court’, and adheres to the three month 8pm to 7am curfew. 

The court heard the sisters, from the Little Hulton district of Salford, had a history of violence.

Valerie was with one of her sisters in an attack by a racist gang on a woman walking home from work, and Valerie also participated.

A victim who was a hair- and make-up artist was the target of a torrent of racism, including offensive language and instructions to “go back to my country.”

The court heard that she had her hair cut out in clumps and left with cuts on her face and head.

Emma was convicted of 19 offenses, including an assault on police.