Rail strikes have caused more than half the train cancellations that were due to arrive at Glastonbury Festival.

Tens to thousands of revellers may have to take alternative routes to Pilton in Somerset.

Great Western Railway (GWR) is operating just five services from London Paddington to Castle Cary on Thursday, with a total of 24 between Wednesday and Friday.

Nearly 200k music lovers will need to find alternative ways to travel to Pilton in Somerset for the 50th anniversary celebrations of this renowned festival.

According to a study, the average Glastonbury festival goer has traveled 169 miles in order reach Glastonbury. 

Fans will see the Festival’s most anticipated headliners, Billie Eilish (aged 20), and Sir Paul McCartney (80), once they have made it through rail strikes.

GWR stated to passengers, “We intend to maintain timetabled trains from Castle Cary to London Paddington throughout Glastonbury Festival.”

“Some train services may have to be rescheduled and customers who already purchased seats will still be able to travel on these trains.

Festival-goers have a good option: temperatures are forecast to remain warm, at 24 degrees Celsius in Glastonbury (75.2F on Wednesday) and 44 degrees Celsius in Glastonbury (42.2F on Thursday), with the possibility of rain showers Friday.

Tens of thousands of Glastonbury Festival revellers will be forced to find alternative routes to the site in Pilton, Somerset

Glastonbury Festival attendees will need to look for alternative routes from Pilton in Somerset.

The typical Glastonbury festival-goer travels 169 miles to reach the location, according a survey, with around 175,000 people slated to attend this year

According to a survey of around 175,000 attendees, the average Glastonbury festival-goer has to travel 169 miles in order to get there.

The largest greenfield festival in the world Glastonbury Festival is now a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts

Glastonbury Festival, which is the biggest greenfield festival anywhere in the globe, now hosts a festival that celebrates contemporary performing arts for five days

Festival goers got out their umbrellas in 2017 after rainfall and face the possibility of showers on Friday despite othrwise sunny weather

After the 2017 rains, festival-goers pulled out their umbrellas and were subject to showers on Friday.

Glastonbury 2017 proved to be memorable for all the wrong reasons after partygoers got out their raincoats and wellies

Glastonbury 2017 was memorable, but not for the right reasons. Partygoers made sure to get out their wellies and raincoats.

Great Western Railway (GWR) is operating just five services from London Paddington to Castle Cary on Thursday, with a total of 24 between Wednesday and Friday

Great Western Railway (GWR), with just five trains running from London Paddington and Castle Cary, on Thursday. There are 24 services between Wednesdays and Friday.

People gather in front of the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival - which attracts 175,000 people each year

The Pyramid Stage is where people gather at Glastonbury Festival, which draws 175,000 visitors each year.

GWR told passengers: 'We plan to maintain timetabled trains between Castle Cary and London Paddington throughout the course of the Glastonbury Festival'

GWR stated to passengers, “We intend to maintain timetabled trains from Castle Cary to London Paddington throughout Glastonbury Festival.”

Billie Eilish will become Glastonbury Festival's youngest ever solo headliner when she takes to the Pyramid Stage on Friday night

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney will mark his second time headlining the Pyramid stage on Saturday after a performance in 2004

Fans will be able to enjoy highlights such as the 20-year-old and 80-year-old festival headliners Billie Eilish, and Sir Paul McCartney, both Beatles legends.

The Somerset dairy farm plays host to one of the largest music festivals in the world

One of the biggest music festivals takes place at Somerset’s dairy farm

Luckily for festival goers, the climes are expected to stay relatively warm throughout this week, reaching heights of 24 Degrees Celsius in Glastonbury (75.2F) on Wednesday

Festival goers have a lucky escape. The temperatures are forecast to remain relatively high throughout the week. They will reach 24 Degrees Celsius in Glastonbury (72F) Wednesday.

Members of the public are also advised to top up their sun cream as UV rays will be at their peak this week, with the summer solstice due to take place tomorrow on June 21

Public members are advised to apply suncream as ultraviolet rays will peak in this week’s weeks, ahead of tomorrow’s June 21st summer solstice.

Hay Fever sufferers are in for misery as pollen levels are very high across most of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Hay Fever sufferers can expect misery because pollen levels in most areas of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are high.

GWR spokesperson said that other parts of GWR were likely to be worse affected than the strike action, and customers might need to find alternative travel options to reach a Station serving Castle Cary.

The rail strike is being held in Britain on Tuesday and Thursday. But services will be interrupted from Monday night to Saturday.

The roads serving Glastonbury Festival are expected to be extremely busy. Motoring groups will advise drivers to avoid this area if they can.

Festival-goers reported that they faced a travel nightmare on the way to Glastonbury Festival due to rail strikes which cancelled services.

Sujeong Yoo travels from Seoul to South Korea for the festival. She first flew to London Heathrow on Tuesday, then took a coach trip to Bristol. After staying over night she caught a train that day to Castle Cary at around 11 AM on Wednesday.

According to the 37-year old, she said that although her train was not cancelled at present, she’s’very concerned’ about it after receiving a warning from Great Western Railway (GWR), which warned against travel by rail.

According to the TV director, “It is very concerning right now…” Train was once the best option. But now there are no safe alternatives.

Ms Yoo stated that she worries about delays and may not be able to pick up her ticket at Glastonbury’s Box Office, which is open from Wednesday through Friday from 8pm to 8.

These events might see disruption this year 

People who plan to attend major events such as concerts or test match cricket will be affected by the strikes that begin on Tuesday and last until Saturday.

Glastonbury opens on June 22nd, and will run until June 26, when many Glastonbury festival-goers are planning to travel by train.

The week also includes England hosting New Zealand at a Test Match in Leeds and British Athletics Championships in Manchester. There are gigs by Elton John and the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, London, on June 24 and 25.

On June 24,/25, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting will take place in London. Also, it’s Armed Forces Day.

Strikes could cause problems for the voters in two upcoming byelections. Both seats will be decided June 23 and GCSE students will sit exams this summer.

She stated that if there’s a delay in or cancellation of train, it will be a disaster.

Rosie Jacot (aged 30) purchased a coach ticket for London to 2020 Festival but moved to Wincanton in Somerset. She is only a short drive from site.

She must travel by bus to get her ticket to Glastonbury.

The coach will take her to London Tuesday night, and she’ll stay there with her brother until Wednesday when she returns to Somerset.

According to the PA news agency, she stated that due to rail strikes, she would spend the entire day tomorrow and Wednesday traveling by coach to London in order to reach the location less than 10 miles away from her home.

‘I don’t mind about strikers; they have every legal right to strike… But Glastonbury needs to be more flexible regarding tickets, and coach people should have normal tickets.

“I have friends in London that really want my coach ticket… because there is no train to get there.”

The warm summer weather will continue for the next few days, as revellers gear up to attend the Glastonbury Festival starting Wednesday.

Britons were treated to a heatwave during the last week. Friday was the hottest day in the country, reaching 32°C (89.6F)

Festival-goers are fortunate to have relatively mild temperatures throughout the week. The mercury will rise as high as 24 Degrees Celsius at Glastonbury (75.2F on Wednesday) and 14 Degrees Celsius at Glastonbury (65.2F on Thursday).

Today’s weather, according to Met Office, will be dry and bright. There will also be plenty of sun and light winds. For most, it will be warmer than Sunday. It is more cloudy with scattered rain to the northwest.

Public members are advised to apply suncream as ultraviolet rays could be peaking this week. The summer solstice is due to occur tomorrow, June 21.

Hay Fever sufferers will be in misery because pollen levels can reach very high levels across the majority of England, Wales, Northern Ireland. 

Met Office said: “On Wednesday, there will be highs around 24 degrees throughout and high UV levels throughout. So it’s a little warm to start the festival.”

“It will again be the same on Thursday. The weather will remain dry and sunny with sun throughout the day. Temperatures may rise to 25-26 degrees and possibly high UV levels.

The festival will begin with a warm and pleasant start, however it is possible that the weather will change by Friday.

Sunbathers were pictured enjoying the scorching hot sunshine and clear blue skies today at the seaside resort of Lyme Regis in Dorset

Sunbathers can be seen enjoying scorching heat and clear skies at Lyme Regis, a seaside resort in Dorset.

Sunbathers set up windbreakers and umbrellas as they enjoyed the warm sunshine today in Lyme Regis

Today’s sunbathers set up umbrellas and windbreakers while they took in the warmth of Lyme Regis.

Lyme Regis on the Jurassic Coast looked like a picture postcard today as swimmers cooled off in the warm temperatures

Lyme Regis, on the Jurassic Coast, looked stunning today as the swimmers took a dip in the warm waters.

The warm summer spell is set to continue over the next few days as revellers get in gear the Glastonbury Festival from Wednesday to Sunday (Pictured: The Met Office's weather forecast for Glastonbury throughout this week)

As revellers gear up for the Glastonbury Festival, which runs from Wednesday through Sunday, the warm summer weather spell will continue (Pictured – The Met Office’s Glastonbury Weather Forecast throughout the week).

There will be more showers. The temperature will begin to drop below 20 or 21 degrees by Friday, and even into Saturday.

“But it will still feel pleasant when we get sunshine, but there may be an increase in showers especially into the weekend.”

Glastonbury will feature new acts like Arlo parkss, Doja Cat and Fontaines DC, as well as more familiar names such Crowded House and Primal Scream.

Pet Shop Boys will headline The Other Stage, the festival’s second-largest stage in an ‘expectant’ performance.

Robert Plant (former frontman of Led Zeppelin) will perform alongside Alison Krauss in America, bluegrass and American country after the album’s second collaboration.

Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek and other experimental musicians will perform.

Skin, Skunk Anansie frontwoman, said she will perform at Glastonbury festival’s 50th anniversary after a pandemic.

54 year old trailblazing rocker made history in 1999 as the first British black headliner at the festival. Stormzy was unable to achieve this feat until 2019. After playing for the NME stage in 1995, the band will be returning to the festival this year for the third consecutive time.

Jamala (2016), the Eurovision 2016 winner, and three Ukrainian bands will deliver an anti-war message. Talks will take place about Russia, Black Lives Matter, and climate change. The tickets have sold out.

Billie Eilish will make Glastonbury Festival the youngest-ever solo headliner. She’ll be taking to the Pyramid Stage this Friday, and Sir Paul McCartney on Saturday. 

Eilish, a 20-year old American singer has set many records during her brief career. Her debut single Ocean Eyes was her breakthrough hit, written by Finneas O’Connell.

Sun-worshippers can rely on relatively warm weather throughout this week while partygoers in Glastonbury can expect climes to reach a height of 26 Degrees Celsius (78.8F)

The weather will be relatively mild for Sun worshippers this week, but partygoers to Glastonbury should expect temperatures of 26° Celsius (78.8F) during the week. 

Members of the public are advised to top up their sun cream as UV rays will be at their peak this week, with the summer solstice due to take place tomorrow on June 21

It is a good idea to apply suncream to your skin, since the sun’s rays are at their strongest this week. The summer solstice will take place on tomorrow, June 21st.

Hay Fever sufferers are also in for misery as pollen levels are very high across most of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Hay Fever sufferers also face misery, as the pollen levels in most areas of England and Wales are extremely high.

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell is a Los Angeles native who was raised in musical families. Eilish, a fan of Linkin Park and The Beatles, began songwriting at age 11.

Eilish, a homeschooled singer, also joined Los Angeles Children’s Choir. Eilish’s Ocean Eyes singles were followed by a number of singles that reached the top spot in America with Bad Guy.

After her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep”, Where Do We Go?” topped charts in the US, UK, and other countries.

According to reports, it was the most-sold debut album in 2019 and also the largest North American debut of the decade with 313,000 sales within the first week.

Although she has spoken out about her struggle with depression and body dysmorphia in interviews in September 2020, she stated that her happiness was the best thing in her life.

Elle US magazine edition: “Two years back, I felt that nothing really mattered. Everything was meaningless.”

“Not only in my own life but in all of the world. Completely clinically depressed. It is insane to think back and not be.

Following a show in 2004, Sir Paul, the former Beatle, will make it his second visit to Pyramid. He will perform the show exactly one week after his 80th birthday.

In May, he stated that his Glastonbury concert and tour will feature songs from his days in Wings and Beatles as well as his greatest solo material.

He joked that the majority of his audience had paid good money and brought their parents and did not want to hear his “deep cuts” during rehearsals.

The performance of Sir Paul is anticipated to draw a large audience and rival that of The Rolling Stones’ in 2013 or Adele’s 2016 performances.