Australia has been ranked the most drunken country on earth. A survey shows that we are plastered twice as often as any other nation.

  • The average Australian drank almost double the amount of global averages.
  • Global Drug Survey found that Australians drink twice as much per week, on an average.
  • Above the global average, 24 percent of Australians regretted intoxication

New research has revealed that Australians have the highest levels of drinking in the world. They drank almost twice as often during Covid-19 lockdowns, which took place in 2020.

The Global Drug Survey included more than 32,000 people from 22 different countries.

These findings, which were revealed by this week’s unveiling, show that Australians consumed an average of 27 cups of alcohol per year in 2020. That is nearly twice the global average.

A new survey has declared Australians as the biggest drinkers in the world. Pictured are Sydney race goers on Melbourne Cup Day

 A new survey has declared Australians as the biggest drinkers in the world. The Sydney race-goers at Melbourne Cup Day are shown in the photo

The next largest drinkers were Sweden and Denmark, where the average person drinks 23.8 times per year. 

According to the survey, Australians consume booze on average twice per week.

Also, it found Australians 24% of people who have been intoxicated regret it – this is compared with the global average of 21%. Women are more likely than men to regret being drunk.

Researchers believes extending Covid lockdowns contributed to the results

Researchers believe that Covid locks downs being extended contributed to these results.

Australians were among more than 32,000 from 22 countries who participated in the Global Drug Survey (pictured, Brisbane race goer enjoying a beer on Melbourne Cup Day)

The Global Drug Survey included more than 32,000 participants from 22 nations (see photo, Brisbane racer enjoying a drink on Melbourne Cup Day).

RMIT University researcher, Dr Monica Barratt led the Australian section of the global survey. She believes that Australia was helped by the extensive lockdowns during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This could be because we have the most drunken country in the world,” she explained.

“Although drinking culture plays a part, we also have the Nordic, British, and North American countries reporting high rates of drunk episodes.

While Kiwis are second in the world for overindulging, the average number of times that they get drunk was 10.3 per year. Mexico is 8.9, while the country’s most drunk citizens were 9.9.

France is the leader in the number of beverages consumed per year. It consumes more than 132 glasses, New Zealand has 122 and Australia, 106.

Australians drank alcohol two days per week on average in 2020, according to the survey (pictured Western Australians enjoying a beverage)

According to the survey, Australians consumed alcohol on average two days per week in 2020 (pictured: Western Australians sipping a drink).